The Fives Downtown Residences Playa del Carmen

propertie playa del carmen in sale

The Fives Downtown Residences Playa del Carmen is a new concept of full-ownership second home residences. It offers Loft, 1 and 2 Bedroom Residences with an excellent location and an exclusive Sky Lounge Terrace for owners. Enjoy a world-class level of quality backed by a renowned international hotel brand. Being strategically planned to operate as branded hotel luxury residences, The Fives Downtown assures a return on investment and a carefree maintenance and management program

Prices starting at $129.000USD | Reserve your unit from &5.000USD

How to attract more Chinese tourists to your tour & activity business

How to reach the Chinese market

Lately, there has been a lot of focus on the Chinese market: the fastest growing source of tourism in the last decade. However, it’s often difficult for tour operators to successfully tap into this market.

The good news is that we’ve published an article about it on our blog. We’ve condensed all you need to know about the Chinese tourism market to get more bookings for your tour or activity company. 

We hope this helps you tap into this huge market that doesn’t show any signs of stopping


Monkeys at Riviera Maya visit the jungle

There is a p;ace at Chemuyil buy not open to the general public for walk-in visits, and sanctuary visits must be scheduled via advance reservations.

Other place is at Puerto Morelos Crococun or Botanical Garden open daily.

The emotional experience of seeing these remarkable animals is likely to be something you will remember
for the rest of your life. Some have told us it changed their lives, changed their outlooks and even inspired them to
give something back to the earth in their own way. Whatever you take from the experience we hope it includes a new
understanding of the dangers these and other animals face due to illegal pet trade, habitat destruction and poaching.

Motor or Sail Yacht 66 ft for tour or overnight Cozumel Isla Mujeres

Best boat to navigate the Mexican Caribbean, sprawling and shallow, rise from the sea and greet visitors with cays surrounded by barrier reefs and delightful island culture, where under the water walls of coral and schools of tropical fish provide divers an excellent opportunity to experience the vibrant sea life at its best.
Countless activities, ranging from visiting historic sites to snorkeling to taste testing local dishes, will fill your days with unforgettable memories. Look around, what you’re searching for may be closer than you think. Place to visit on a weekly trip: Cozumel, Contoy, Cancun and Isla Mujeres

Overnight boarding is an option when checking in after 3:00 pm. Once you check in you will still have plenty of time for provisioning and to get in some sightseeing. We can supply all your needs and you pay ticket only
Your vessel orientation will be scheduled for  6 am the following morning.
WEATHER! This is single most important factor when planning a trip along Mexican caribbean. Our prevailing south and southeast winds usually make for an easy crossing of the Gulf Stream. In the spring, summer and fall months you may find yourself motor sailing simply to maintain an average speed of five or six knots across the Stream.

Contoy Island
Step into the middle of a 2,100-acre preserve where diverse species of birds, fish, and plants have made their home. About 20 nautical miles north of Isla Mujeres, Contoy Island and Sea Park is a nature-lover’s paradise. In the center of the preserve are the delicate coral reefs and tranquil undersea caves.
Go below the surf to snorkel and scuba dive in the nearby waters that feel worlds away. Gentle winds and curving beaches call you from the deck of your yacht to sunbathe or walk in this Caribbean haven.

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