Tulum Xtreme adventure tour

Riviera Maya Playa del Carmen: February 2008

La Madonna Restaurant, Cancun

La Madonna, Cancun


La Madonna represents a new concepts of restaurants in Cancun due to its unique architecture offering a refined, romantic and yet timeless ambiance. Fine tablecloth, European silverware, porcelain and Italian crystal making the appearance of a world-class restaurant perfect.

The Italian dishes with a Swiss twist are everyday carefully prepared with the freshest imported and local products, by our Swiss chef. You may enjoy your lunch or dinner either in our main dining room, with sits up to 120 persons, the outdoor terrace or at our "Mezzanine" reserved for couples overlooking the restaurant. Quality not only in the food and ambiance but also in service is our principals; the staff is well trained to make a dinner in La Madonna a truly unforgettable experience.


Not to forget to mention our wine cellar which offers the finest wines from all the continents, carefully selected by our sommelier. At the superior part of La Madonna you will find our exclusive Martini Bar, where you have the choice out of 150 different martinis or just enjoy a Cognac and a Cuban cigar out of our fine selection.

Later in the night the music chances to invite you to stay a little while longer and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.


Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret

Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret


The Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret is located 34 miles south from Cancun's international airport on the way to the Mayan city of Tulum. In an extension of about 60 acres, the resort is the gate to the eco-archeological park of Xcaret where many endangered species are protected and very important remains of the Mayan civilization can also be seen.

The resort has an eclectic character. It has a minimalist architecture combined with Mexican style, the natural surrounding allow the guests to enjoy nature and at the same time enjoy the comfort of a five star hotel. The heart of the project is the main lobby. From there, there is an amazing sea view with crowning it with Mayan ruins.


Thinking of those who desire more privacy, the Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret offers the Occidental Royal Club. A totally independent area with its own reception. Brakfast and lunch served in private areas, private bar, pool and Jacuzzi as well as private concierge services. There are twelve master suites, connected to twelve luxury rooms and twelve junior suites. The rooms are fully equipped with whirlpool bath tube as well as music equipment included.

The facilities include: five swimming pools, the river mingled with the elements, one kid's pool, two tennis courts, two paddle courts, one target shooting court, two shuffle boards, diving lessons at the pool. Spa with sauna, massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, mud and seaweed treatments. It also offers a beautiful beach club with restaurant services, coves and sandy beaches.

Kinan Spa in the Riviera Mayan

Kinan Spa at Maroma Resort and Spa


Kinan is the Mayan word for the energy of the sun. Similar to the Asian concept pf Chi, Kinan it is often used to refer to the individual inner energy. Opened officially in March 2005, this fabulous addition to the luxurious Maroma on Mexico's Riviera Maya offers a full range of spa services in unique environments ranging from treatment rooms with private gardens, open-air massage palapas and a rooftop yoga pavilion with 360-degree views of Maroma's dual ecosystem – the jungle and the sea.


The Kinan Spa in the Riviera Maya was handcrafted by the same family of Mayan stonemasons that has been working with Maroma founder and architect, Jose Luis Moreno, for over three decades. Each building ant treatment room has been aligned to the stars to ensure positive energy flow so the body, mind and spirit are in harmony. White and cream stucco finishes, carved niches, handmade floor tiles with river stone borders, hand-hewn beams made from the native zapote trees and mahogany furnishings and gurgling fountains and pools surrounded by tropical gardens provide the authentic and soothing environment, while strategically placed windows and thatched alfresco corridors bring sunbeams, fresh ocean breezes and bird songs from the jungle.

Healthy Yucatan-inspired cuisine is prepared by Maroma's chef, which can be enjoyed poolside, in the open-air Cilantro Café or in the privacy of your treatment room.

Spa packages that combine luxurious spa room accommodation with daily spa and fitness programs are available and can be custom built based on client preferences and needs.

The Mayans in the Mexican Caribbean

The Mayans, a mysterious and enigmatic culture


Present through the Mexican Caribbean, its impressive remnants reveal architectural, astronomic and engineering achievements of this great civilization.

In Quintana Roo, on a cliff above the Caribbean is Tulum, the walled city, looking toward the horizon. Coba rears the head above the jungle and its pyramid, Nohoch-Mul, is the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula. Nearby is Muyil and to the south are impressive, barely explores sites such as Kohunlich, famous for its beautiful stucco masks, Chacchoben, Kinichna and Dzibanche.


In Yucatan, Ek' Balam is a fusion of architectural styles, with unique details such as the winged stucco statues which appear to be angels. Chichen Itza impresses all with its majesty. The Ball Game, the Snail, an astronomical observatory, and the Castle of Kukulcan, are its principal attractions. During the equinox, numerous visitors observe as Kukulcan, with plays of light and shadow, descends to fertilize the earth. Uxmal is the most beautiful example of the Mayan architectural art. Legend says it was constructed by a dwarf magician in a single night.

In Cancun one can visit El Meco, with fans incrusted in facades, and El Rey, whose facades show vestiges of painted murals. In Isla Mujers, the shrine to Ixchel, goddess of the moon and fertility, rises from a cliff. In San Gervasio – on the island of Cozumel – El Alamo shows remnants of red paintings.

The Mayan Culture is still present in many communities in the Mexican Caribbean, whose inhabitants conserve the traditions of this millennial culture, and await your visit to show you all of their secrets. Come and discover the past and the present in the same place!

Nature in the Mexican Caribbean

Getting Back to Nature in the Mexican Caribbean

The practice of ecotourism and adventure tourism is a return to the original state of man in the natural world, getting re-acquainted with nature. All human activities have an impact on the environment, and for this reason hosts and gust in the Mexican Caribbean make and effort to find a balance between the enjoyment of nature and its conservation, so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean, both in and out of the water.

From Cancun, the gateway to the Mexican Caribbean, you can explore the largest system of subterranean rivers, caves and cenotes (natural wells) in the world, or the enigmatic jungle full of Mayan communities and barely explores archeological remains. You can also swim with dolphins, observe the beautiful flora and fauna both on land an underwater, watch birds such as the pajaro pendulo, or flamingoes which paint the sky pink at sunset, be awed in the presence of a whale shark, kayak by starlight looking for crocodiles in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an, walk down trails lined with bromelias and orchids, snorkel in the second largest barrier reef on the planet, scuba dive or snorkel  in the islands of Holbox, Contoy, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Banco Chinchorro. But this is only the beginning of the adventure. Further south, you can take boat trips to see manatees, crocodiles, iguanas and beautiful water lilies, or glide suspended over the turquoise water of the Caribbean.
Don't miss the opportunity to open the door to the natural beauty and the wonderful experiences of ecotourism and adventure travel offered in the Mexican Caribbean. You will quickly realize that we offer a new and unexplored world. At the end of the day you will discover that you too have evolved along with Mother Nature and all her marvels.

We recommend rent a boat to take a day trip between islands and enjoy the trip and many times you find dolphins. turtles, whales and spend time snorkeling and fishing, you can do it all year every day.

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The Small Hotels of Cancun

The Small Hotels of Cancun


In Cancun there exists a group of small resorts which distinguish themselves for their personalized service and the meticulous attention offered by their staff. They exist in all categories in the hotel zone – ocean front or on the lagoon – or in the center of the city. There are true oases of peace which invite you to relax, each one with distinct personality and comfortable facilities.

The Small Hotels of Cancun have become the favorite of business men and women who need to have access to all services: internet, meeting rooms, banks and money exchange in the centre of the city, or the convention centre in the hotel zone. Families can feel as comfortable as in their own houses, close to the picturesque artisan market, traditional foods and shops of downtown. And frequent travelers can be close to the bus terminal, with easy departures to all interesting points in the Mexican Caribbean.

Fun in Cancun

Lights and Color in Cancun


In addition to spending pleasant afternoons by the turquoise sea swinging in a hammock while I watched the passing families and couples, my trip to Cancun turned out to be a culinary and recreational exploration.

Nature's beauty is part of the inspiration for the artists of the kitchen. Cancun has become very cosmopolitan, with chefs from all over the world directing kitchens in both hotels and restaurants. I was lucky that my visit coincided with the Third Gastronomy Festival of the Mexican Caribbean – celebrated every other year during the first two weeks of November – which is recognized both nationally and internationally. About 30 restaurants participated in this delicious competition: Professional Chefs, Up-and-Coming young chefs and Bartenders.


I couldn't miss the Beer Festival, which took place in a huge nightclub, or the Wine Festival, in one of the most luxurious hotels in Cancun. I have to confess that half way through my vacation my clothes started to feel a little tighter than usual, but nothing I couldn't counter by taking healthy walks along the beach. I had to discipline myself of I wanted to enjoy the Paella Festival, prepared by both professional and amateur chefs, and Expo Tequila, in which an expert tequilier gave a presentation on the most popular drink in Mexico, its history, the principal producing regions, the distillation process and the differences between the various types of tequila.


Nightlife is an adventure in Cancun; you find very famous nightclubs, with modern, sophisticated sound and light systems, different shows every night, world-famous DJ's live music, performances, etc. The streets are filled with light and color, as well as artisans, photographers, street performers and people coming and going, trying not to miss a thing. After a night of dancing, the lounges were waiting for us with gourmet snacks and mellower music.

Cancun is a world-class destination for gastronomy and entertainment. Its not surprising that this should be the case in the number one tourist hotspot in Mexico and Latin America. As far as restaurants are concerned, there's always something new and exiting. And the nightlife of Cancun is without a doubt one of its greatest attractions. And why not, since every year Cancun receives more than 3 million visitors from all over the world who want to be pampered and have fun like nowhere else!

Relax in Cancun

Beauty, tranquility and health


Other one of the great advantages of this region is that local natural resources are used: plants, fruits and alternative medicine, as well as herbal lore inherited from the Mayan civilization. Cancun has therapist from all over the world, professionals whose qualifications are constantly renewed as they travel to every corner of the world to learn from authentic shamans about treatments that provide both physical and spiritual balance.

The experts confirm that these sanctuaries have great potential for growth, since the idea of looking better and feeling younger and healthier is a desire that is shared by everyone worldwide. These centers for health, beauty and harmony offer the key to attaining this balance. Some of Cancun's spas are listed amongst the best in the world, including the best in the US, Europe and Asia.


I was impressed by the variety of techniques combined with the most recent scientific advances, and most of all, the vast catalogue of treatments available for all tastes, needs and budgets. I tried out several treatments and beauty techniques for the body, face and relaxation: massages on the beach, thalassotherapy, sauna, steam bath, hydromassage, and of course one can not forget the Mayan temazcal under the moonlight facing the ocean.

A delicious foot wash was recommended – it simulates the nerve endings – followed by a steam bath to prepare the body for therapy. Afterwards, I received a jade and roses sculpture massage, which consisted on a full body exfoliation, following a thermal wrap that drains toxins and fat from the body. Jade quarts to open the energy channels were places at strategic points on my body, and finally I received a massage with am mixture of rose petals while listening to new age music and looking out at the blue sea throughout a large window; an experience for all the senses.

The perfect wedding in Cancun

The perfect place for a wedding


Cancun is the perfect place for secret, sophisticated, and elegant weddings. The elegant hotels have witness countless weddings and honeymoons, not only of the famous, but also eccentric business tycoon from all over the world. Today, the glamorous city of Cancun is no longer an unattainable location, and although it still preserves its air of sophistication, it is now a preferred venue for all types of travelers due to the large broad of wedding and romance options it offers for all tastes and budgets.

There are many companies that specialize wedding coordinating that can take care of everything – from judges, information regarding paperwork requires, videos, florists, cakes – and that offer a wide variety of options such as the classic beach wedding, the wedding in a hotel ballroom facing the sea, or in locations with different design concepts like chapels, gardens, terraces, foyers, gazebos and piers.


It's still fashionable to marry on a boat, either at the sea, on the lagoon, or sailing towards the nearby islands. Other common requests are the typical Mexican Wedding and the Mayan Ceremony. Other popular one, although much less frequent is the wedding under the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Anything you can think of is within reach, especially since Cancun is renowned for making dreams come true; mote than 500 suppliers have everything you need to make a wedding special.

Each year, about 500,000 North American couples marry in a tourist location, and Mexico is among the five favorites, along with Hawaii, Las Vegas, Florida and Tahiti. Cancun is one of the favorite for couples to take that romantic dream vacation: among the reasons to choose this little corner of the Mexican southeast are the incomparable white beaches and turquoise waters, the exotic surroundings and the generous climate promising excellent weather nearly year-round. It's also important to mention that there are many flights available form all over Mexico and from major international cities, and the combination of all the comforts in the middle of the exuberant tropical jungle, the unequaled security and, of course, the privacy.

Couples who have chosen the soft swaying of palm trees in this romantic paradise as the stage for their wedding have returned home with the most gratifying memories of beautiful views, Mexico's renowned hospitality and the always festive joy of life in the Caribbean and Cancun.

Business in Cancun

Great Business in Cancun


There are over 26,000 hotel rooms of all categories and price options and excellent services available along the 22 km that comprise the island of Cancun and downtown area. They have modern business centers, high speed and wireless internet access, audiovisual and office services – including secretary and hostess services – meeting rooms and dividable rooms off all dimensions that can be adapted for any number of participants.

The modern convention center have rooms, areas fro expos, conferences, fairs, business meetings and gatherings of all kinds, everything with the latest technology and facing the Caribbean Sea or beautiful tropical landscapes. Fro example, the Cancun Center Conventions & Exhibitions – with room for 8,000 participants – offers rooms that accommodate large groups. Its meeting rooms can be adapted as needed, with soundproof walls and independent sound and air conditioning systems. Its location is a privileged one, in the heart of the Hotel Zone of Cancun, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and only a few steps away from the Caribbean Sea.


Cancun is an incomparable vacation spot, because it manages to fuse two aspects that are difficult to reconcile in other destinations. On the one hand, its cosmopolitan and cutting edge just like any other metropolis around the world. But on the other, business men and women are coming to a destination they find so fascinating that they very well might arrive a few days early or stay after the event to enjoy the turquoise beach and the water sports. When it comes to cuisine there are excellent gourmet restaurants in Cancun, although there is also the option of fast food joints. There is also no questing that the mayor attraction in Cancun is the blend of history, culture and nature: the archeological sites and the nearby colonial cities, ecotourism and adventure tours, and as of it that weren't enough, the incomparable adventures available in the unequalled beauty of the islands of the Mexican Caribbean. Wonders that can be enjoyed by both conference-goers and those accompanying them.

Mayan Coast

Grand Costa Maya


In contrast to the north, the southern part of the state opens its doors to alternative tourism. There are still Mayan communities that preserve their ancient traditions. The south is also home to fascinating archeological sites such as Kuhunlich, Dzibanche, Chakanbakan and Chichanha. Neverthels it has been growing and developing its infrastructure with new highways, wharves, hotels and restaurants.

Following the highway south to through the Mexican Caribbean, one comes to Chetumal, the state capital, and the town of Bacalar. Chetumal has 42 hotels as well as restaurants and all kinds of tourist services. In addition it possesses an interesting history and monuments, museums and buildings well worth visiting. Geographically, the capital city is located in the shores of the bay of the same name, near to the borders of the neighboring state of Campeche, and the countries of Belize and Guatemala. The beautiful town of Bacalar, known for the famous 42 km long "lake of the seven colors", played an important role during the War of the Castes, which took place in the 19th century. It is an intriguing place, full of both colonial history and pirate legend. One of the representative structures is San Felipe fort, constructed in the 18th century, which now houses the Museum of Regional History.


Another place to visit is Majahual, a tourist hotspot initially designed for low density occupation, but which has become an important cruise ship port. Majahual attract the diving, water sports, and adventure travel markets. Nearby is Chinchorro Bank, a spectacular coral reef which is home to 2,500 species of live coral with a wide variety of forms and colors, as well as the Xcalac reef, in whose crystalline waters swim an infinite variety of turtles, manta-rays and much more.

Today, many Mayan traditions still survive, along with the descendants of this noble civilization. Today, they exist side by side with people from all over the world who come to visit us in order to enjoy the ancient grandeur of the region, to benefit from the amazing tourism development and high quality of services, and to appreciate all the remains exactly as it was in the time of the ancient Maya: the turquoise blue sea, the lush jungle, the cultural richness and cultural wonders.

The Islands of the Mexican Caribbean

The Charming Islands of the Mexican Caribbean Contoy Holbox Isla Blanca Isla Mujeres

The common characteristic of the islands is their peaceful beauty and their diverse flora and fauna. This is particularly true of Contoy Island , which is uninhabited as it is a National Park, and is known for its beautiful bird sanctuary.
Isla mujeres is commonly described as a peaceful island of fishermen with some alarming stories of pirates. In reality, it presents a very different image, with small boutique hotels scattered along its 7 km length, and over 975 hotel rooms. It is located 14 km from Cancun, across the Bay of Women.

Holbox, known as the rustic island home to flamingos, specializes in ecotourism. It is located off the north coast of Quintana Roo, and has only 20 hotels, mostly cottage-style, and 262 rooms. Holbox offers unique outdoor activities and unforgettable tours, suck as the whale shark and exotic bird watching.

Cozumel, only 15 minutes flight form Cancun, or 35 minutes boat ride from Playa del Carmen, is an island rich in traditions and culture that predates the Spanish arrival. It has over 4,000 hotel rooms, is 48 kilometers long, and is the largest island in Mexico. Its international fame is due to the enormous and beautiful coral reefs that surround it, and as such, it is an excellent destination for aquatic activities. Cozumel has the second best diving reef in the world, second only to Australia. The annual arrival of the cruise ships, about 1,300 of them, bearing more than 2 million passengers, makes Cozumel one of Mexico's most important ports.

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Just three decades ago, Cancun was little more than an island, bordered bye the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful lagoon. Visionary investors dreamed up and ambitious tourism project, and proceeded to fill in parts of the lagoon, construct the two bridges that join the island to the mainland, and provide the necessary tourism infrastructure. Today Cancun has more than 26,000 hotel rooms. The most luxurious hotel chains play an important role in this resort destination, but there are also hotels of every type and price range, located both in the hotel zone and the center of the city.

Cancun boasts a wide range of services and attractions, as well as restaurants excelling in cuisines and fusions from around the world, many recognized with international awards. The vibrant nightlife, with shows both inside and outside the hotels, and dance clubs with the latest lights, sounds and special effects has made Cancun famous.

By day, popular activities include sun tanning or swimming at the white sand beaches, day trips to theme parks or archeological sites, land and water sports, and of course, shopping. The shopping malls and boutiques in the hotel zone and the city are filled with famous international brand names and excellent prices.


Another market that has gained much ground in Cancun is that of business events, conferences, conventions, incentive trips and corporate meetings. For this type of traveler, there are convention centers, as well as meeting and boardrooms with multiple capacities located in most hotels. Many hotels offer office equipment, in-room internet connections, and any other facilities required. Cancun International Airport is the first in southwest to provide high-speed wireless internet connections and has made three explosive, full equipped lounges available for business-class passengers.

To nurture the body and spirit, we have spas with the most sophisticated equipment and treatments available. There is also an interesting selection of golf courses designed by famous golfers, with more to open soon, bringing the total to 14 golf courses. In the very near future, Cancun will host the Formula 1 racing circle, as soon as construction is completed in the Mantarraya Autodrome.

Cancun's constant renovation makes it a leading tourist destination in Mexico. It continues reinventing itself season after season.

The Mexican Caribbean

The best of the Mexican Caribbean


Without any doubt the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean has made it one of the world's unique locations. Twenty-five percent of this area is classifies as ecological reserve and it possess the second largest reef system on the planet. There are over 5,000 archeological sites that witness its cultural richness that remains the 2,600 year-old ancient Mayan civilization. In addition it is home to one of the most important tourism infrastructures in the Caribbean, with over 58,000 hotel rooms.


The Mexican Caribbean is located on the coast of the state fo Quintana Roo, in the southeast of México. For the fifth consecutive year, this area has experienced a steady increase in tourism renew. The area comprises diverse destinations: Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Holbox, Isla Mujeres and the Grand Costa Maya; each one with its own particular charm to offer the tourist: water sports, fine dining and entertainment, ecotourism and adventure, Mayan culture, weddings and romance, spas, fashion and shopping, nightlife, business and golf. All of this surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the emerald jungle, crystal clear lakes, mangrove forest, coral reefs, and the mysterious cenotes, or natural wells, in a unique Mexican-Mayan-Caribbean environment.


Our guests from around the world marvel at the turquoise sea, the lush jungle, the colorful folklore and traditional Mexican hospitality. The growing numbers of tourists has ensured that services are undergoing constant renovation. Many visitors return time and time again to revisit what they know about this destination, and look forward to the new things they will discover: hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, and new roads to travel. This is what makes the Mexican Caribbean a leading, and constantly changing, tourist destination.

The geographic location of the myriad destinations of Quintana Roo encourages exploration, as all are located along an easily accessible corridor, with modern, well-signposted highways. To travel them, there is an abundance of car rental agencies, as well as various bus routes that travel this corridor daily, visiting all popular destinations. We have tree international airports: Cozumel, Chetumal and the one in Cancun, which receives the most international air traffic of any airport in the country, home to nearly 50 national and international airlines. Quintana Roo has 15 ports, most dedicated to tourism, although there are also ports reserved for industry and fishing. Departin from the wharves are ferries with multiple trips each day and from the islands of Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

Things to do in Holbox

What to do in Holbox


The best thing to do in Holbox is nothing at all! When you get hungry, take a stroll through the small town square, here you will find a delicious lobster pizza or a cup of coffee at Quimbaya, a romantic dinner on Viva Zapata terrace or a Mexican snack that just hits the spot. Holbos is not a bar plaza, so near eleven in the night, when the stars just wake up, the nigh people organize some parties or just meet in some place to dance and enjoy the excellent musical group of Holbos "Pie Desnudo" that plays all musical genres that lands with the warm tropical and joins all the visitors in a one huge, happy fiesta that you will never forget.

Holbox is a paradise full of artists and handicrafts, visit Sandra Tomson shop and find exclusive handicrafts from a lot of exotic places or just find a special jewel made for you at Noa Walson place.

Sea Turtles in Holbox

Sea Turtles


Sea turtles, air-breathing reptiles with streamlined bodies and large flippers, are well adapted to life in the marine environment. They inhabit tropical and subtropical ocean waters throughout the world. There are seven species of sea turtles; although sea turtles live most of their lives in the ocean, adult females must return to the beaches on land to lay their eggs. That's why we need to protect their possible nesting areas as natural as we can, to not interrupt this cycle. There's a huge effort from the local people of Holbox and international eco-corporations in charge of it, to protect the ecosystem and those beautiful species. There are many potential nesting beaches at the Mexican coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula where at least three of the seven species come to deposit their eggs, one of them is the Loggerhead, the most threatened specie because of its commercial value, and also because in this region it was part of the inhabitants diet.

In the actuality there is more conscience about it and the government is working through some organizations to educate the population about the subject.

Kitesurf in Holbox

Kitesurf Paradise


One of the amazing and funniest activities you can practice at Holbox is the famous and new sport Kitesurf, flying with the rhythm of innovative kites the people who cut through the waves and winds of this paradise enjoy the fantastic conditions of the shallow waters combined with the positive wind currents that make it easier to success on the magnificent tricks the develop. For a while, Holbox has been promoted as a perfect place to kite surf not just because of its conditions as well as the youthful beach ambiance that compliment the full experience. If you didn't try it before, there are some experts and world famous instructors who have the full best quality equipment to teach everybody who want to start flying the waves. Pay attention to the schedules and world events because soon we can take a huge international competition. Come and fly with us, don't forget to book you room; there are not many hotels and plenty of tourists.


Chiquila Yucatan Ecotours 

We present you Chiquila, from this place you can go swim with the biggest fish in the world, The Whaleshark, but not just that! In Chiquila we have comfortable boats that will take you to the most special ecosystem of the coast. After knowing bird island, where corvette, pelicans, carmoranes among others, we can take you to Yalikin River, a unique place where there are archeological remains of an ancient Mayan city. Here you can be surprised by a crocodile, prepare your adrenaline!
After a sunny beach day you might like to swamp in a sweet and fresh Eye of Water of Yalahau, where crystal water springs form the earth and not only that, if you want to see a very special sunset, climb to the viewpoint to appreciate the jungle, lagoon and the marvelous sea, 360 degrees of beauty to conclude an unforgettable experience.

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The Island of Holbox

Holbox Island

There is no no written history about this beautiful bare-foot island. It is in the voice of the elders that we find the legend of the island's first inhabitants. Long time ago, around 1800, the ships of the Spanish Armada came to recharge fresh water from Yalahau, a beautiful crystalline water-eye also known as the fountain of youth, that today offers its beauty as a tourist destination. Far from large cities, several European emigrants settled on the island, where forgotten by history, founded the town that we know today as Holbox. The meaning of Holbox is lost in the legend of the infamous pirate Francisco Molas and the navigational charts of Spain army as well as fantastic stories of the ancient Mayas, from whom the word Holbox meant "Black Hole".
The islanders descendants of pirates, mestizos of several races. Fishermen by trade have kept their simple lifestyle unaffected by technology or the ambitions of a greedy modern world, which is why the island has retained its special simple atmosphere that invite visitors to stroll bare-foot along the white sand roads and relax in the bohemian ambiance.

Holbox is a paradise amongst mangroves and white sandy beaches; it is a perfect refuge for temptations of the soul, far from the contamination of the main land. Thanks to this continual purity and isolation, a large variety of birds and other species had chosen the island as a refuge and breeding ground. All of this enriches the natural wonder and beauty of the environment offering us a completely different experience full of life.

Holbox is about 27 miles long island, with tourist attractions based on its natural surroundings its beaches, birds, deep sea and fly fishing, and the famous whale shark, who in summer comes to feed in the nearby waters. This unique experience is highlighted by kayak rides through he mangroves, diving ancient shipwrecks, not to mention a pleasant stay in the island's quaint inns and small hotels.
Unforgettable, Holbox will leave a mark that will make you want to come back again and again. We will always be waiting fro you.

Rent a yacht to do a trip to Holbox Island , complete tour is 8hrs long from Cancun and a cost of 1200 usd by a boat of 6 people 

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The birds of Yucatan

Yucatan Bird Festival


Five years since its founding, the Yucatan Festival of Birds has become a regular annual event. In this time it has developed into a highly competitive tourist product and positioned Yucatan in local, national and international markets as the perfect destination for nature-relates activities.


The festival's name "T'oh" derives from the local name for the clock bird Eumomota Superciliosa, which is associated with the ancient Mayan archeological sites.

Yucatan's biodiversity has been vital to the festival's success. Over 40% of the bird species recoded in Mexico have been recorded in the state of Yucatan, meaning of the 1054 bird species identified in Mexico, 430 are found in Yucatan.

Given the importance of communities and visitors in the state's bird life, various preservation and awareness activities are organized to promote sustainable tourism development.

Help us promote bird habitat preservation by participating in the T'oh Yucatan Festival of Birds.

Cuzama, Yucatan

Cuzama, Railway adventure


Just 45 minutes east of Merida is Cuzama, a newly popular attraction thanks to its beautiful cenotes and the special way you can visit en enjoy them. Horse drawn, narrow-gauge rail carts leave from near the town church. Once used to transport henequen from the plantations to the haciendas for processing, they now serve to take visitors on the 9 km tour along century-old rails to the town's tree cenotes. Yucatan has almost three thousand cenotes that provide visitors the chance to swim in cool, crystalline waters, or even explore their depths by scuba diving.


Cuzama's tree cenotes are special in their own way: Chelentun (means "reclining stone" in Maya) is a water hole with cement stairs and a balustrade for easier access to this natural wonder. Chansinic'che is not so easy to access; entrance is by an 8 meter long ladder made of the same narrow-gauge rails the cart on. Bolonchoojol is also entered by a rail ladder and small hole, but is well worth the effort. A natural dome arches over transparent turquoise waters with amazing stalactites visible underneath.

Merida at Night

Merida at Night


Autumn is the most enjoyable season to visit Merida. The afternoons and evenings are cool and the city offers a varied and attractive nightlife that includes regional dance, open air serenades and dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Merida is a rarity among tourist destinations in Mexico because its nightlife is surrounded by a friendly, safe atmosphere provided by amiable locals and its efficient police force. No matter the hour or the place, you can safely and calmly stroll the streets and enjoy nighttime entertainment of your choice.

Nighttime activities in Merida start early and many are free. Every Monday there are local dancer at the City Hall, Thursday nights are for serenades and ballads in Santa Lucia Park and Saturday evenings are Mexican Night on Paseo de Montejo.


Don't miss a chance to take a ride down to the avenues in a horse drawn carriage or to enjoy the many cafes, restaurants, bars and nightspots downtown and in the hotels on Paseo de Montejo and Colon Avenue.

The options also extend north along the Prolongacion de Montejo, where you can find restaurants of all kinds, bars, karaoke bars, open-air cafes, discos with every imaginable kind of music, etc. Merida's nightlife is especially rich during the Fall, when the Yucatan Culture Institute produces a number of cultural events. It includes artistic and cultural events for ages and tastes, including theater, dance, music, literature, visual arts and the now traditional exhibition of Hanal Pixan altars.

The Cultural Autumn is yet another fantastic reason to come visit Merida at night.

Sabor adult only Cozumel Resort Spa

All-Inclusive Sabor adult only spa Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa

SABOR, is a uniquely designed adult-only all inclusive section at Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa, ideal for: couples, friends, and honeymooners. SABOR is located at Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa on the south side of Cozumel, only 15 minutes from downtown, 20 minutes from the airport and just a few minutes by boat from Cozumel main reefs. With 2000 feet of white sand beach this complex is an excellent choice to enjoy your next Cozumel vacations. SABOR offers an environment where adults may enjoy privacy without the presence of minors, features four spectacular swimming pools that surrounds and interconnect the various residence blocks, allowing direct access to the pool from the room terraces at lower levels. It has a private check in and concierge area, private restaurant, bar, and access to all Wyndham Cozumel facilities and services. Accommodations are arranged in 5 three-story buildings, 500 sq ft of space, equipped with one "king-size" or two "queen-size" beds, balcony or ground floor terrace, sofa-bed, deluxe natural-finish furniture, mini-split air conditioning unit, ceiling fan, 26" flat screen TV with cable, over 30 channels Spanish and English programming, two-seat dining set, bedside digital alarm clock-radio, smoke detector, international direct dial phone ($), voltage 110/120, closet, electronic card-locks, electronic in-room safe ($), coffeemaker, mini fridge, hair blower, iron and iron board, signature shampoo, hair conditioner, soap and body lotion, bath/shower and easy access to the beach. Guests also receive preferential rates at Cozumel Country Club. Shopping is easy at the REEF PLAZA shopping center with ATM for your convenience, and introducing the biggest spa on the island: ISLANDER SPA which incorporates its own signature products for treatments. The all-inclusive rate includes accommodations, all meals and snacks, unlimited alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, available at its exclusive restaurant MOSAIQUE with "oriental international fusion cuisine", a nice lounge CACAO and a refreshing swim-up bar SABORES.

Regency Club The Regency Vacation Club exclusive for members has its independent entrance, concierge, check in/out area, restaurants, bars and gift shop. A total of 90 Suites and Studios with the following characteristics: Regency Studios With pool or ocean view are equipped with king size and double sofa bed in each unit Decorated in deluxe natural-finish furniture Mini split air conditioning unit Ceiling fan 21'' TV set with cable, over 30 channels Spanish and English programming Bedside digital alarm clock-radio International direct dial phone ($) Voltage 110/120 Closet Electronic card-locks Electronic safety deposit box Kitchenette with coffeemaker Mini refrigerator Dining table and chairs Living area Hair blower Iron and iron board Signature shampoo, hair conditioner Signature soap and body lotion Bath/shower Easy access to the beach. Regency Jr. Suites Suites own private Jacuzzi in a large terrace with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Equipped with king size and double sofa bed in each unit Decorated in deluxe natural-finish furniture Mini split air conditioning unit Ceiling fan 21'' TV set with cable, over 30 channels Spanish and English programming Bedside digital alarm clock-radio International direct dial phone ($) Voltage 110/120 Closet Electronic card-locks Electronic safety deposit box Partial kitchen with coffeemaker Mini refrigerator Hotplate Toaster and blender Dining table and chairs Living area Hair blower Iron and iron board Signature shampoo, hair conditioner Signature soap and body lotion Bath/shower Easy access to the beach. The Regency Club is located next to Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa on the south side of Cozumel, only 15 minutes from downtown, 20 minutes from the airport and just a few minutes by boat from Cozumel main reefs. With 2000 feet of white sand beach the Regency Club is an excellent choice to get a time share accommodation at Cozumel for every vacation. SABOR ISLANDER RESORT Cozumel Video Islander SPA has much more for you than just massages. Enjoy the experience of a unique treatment, customized sensations and specific massage techniques. Pick out your sensations Aroma Sampler Choose the aroma that fits your SPA experience. These aromas are the ritualfoundations of aromatherapy, a technique that turns to smell and skin's receptivity modifying emotions and enhancing well-beingness, as well as increasing skin endorphins. Anti-stress sensation Exotic decongestive synergy rooted on ylang-ylang, vetiver and sandalwood essential oils, inviting relaxation and peacefulness. Aids circulation, fights cellulitis and soothes the skin. Regenerative Sensation A healthy combination of palmarosa, rosewood and vetiver essential oils, an ideal solution for dry, dehydrated, dense and sensitive skins. Vital Sensation A spicy stimulating blend of cardamom, clove, myrrh and incense. Its intense power heals muscle stress, providing energy and vitality. Purifying Sensation An exquisite herbal and citrus mix of orange, lavender, rosemary, cypress and sage essential oils. Blended with mango and shea butter, regenerating the skin, an antioxidant and detoxifying action. Pick out your technique… For a customized treatment, Islander SPA offers the best professional techniques according to your preference and specific needs. Choose 60 or 90 minutes and live an incredible experience which stretch beyond a massage

Aura Cozumel Wyndham Grand Bay

Aura Cozumel Wyndham Grand Bay – All Inclusive Resort
Experience the pinnacle of life in the tropics surrounded by a distinctive atmosphere that is synonymous with luxurios pampering. Aura is more than a place to unwind. It is a unique concept created to deliver a superior standard of service, accommodations, cuisine and entertainment. The foundation of our philosophy is based on creating a unique contemporary environment that caters to uncompromising guests, seeking the ultimate vacation escape. Aura is themed according to its location. Exclusive in the richest sense of the word, Aura are enchanted worlds where virtually every detail is attended to, and every wish is fulfilled. Whether you select a beach property or one of our magnificent golf and spa destinations, the level of quality you will experience is an emerging revolution in hospitality consisting of design, service, functionality and lifestyle. Those who are fortunate enough to sense Aura will capture its glowing radiance forever. Aura Cozumel Wyndham Grand Bay is a tribute to the senses, to the surreal. A storybook setting in the Cozumel jungle by the Caribbean sea, surrounded by sacred Maya Ceiba trees and lavish gardens.
At Aura Cozumel you're the main character in a journey through legends and myths. As part of an exclusive collection of "Boutique Hotels" managed by Islander Properties Aura has been recently incorporated to "Preferred Hotel Group", a distinguished group of hotels recognized for its high standards of quality and service world-wide. Aura is the first hotel in Cozumel with this important distinction.
96 exclusive Suites with incomparable views of the Caribbean Sea. Elegantly decorated by "Interiorismo", internationally recognized design consultants, with a warm innovating tendency that simultaneously looks for the comfort and functionality, being generous with the use of the light and spaces.
Each unit has an ample terrace set in harmony with the natural surroundings. The living area is equipped with: Flat screen high definition plasma TV set, wireless high speed Internet connection, Bosé audio system, DVD/CD or iPod player, unique controlled illumination system, the bedrooms provide a "Comfort Line" king size or two queen size beds. All elements of wood, stone and tapestry were carefully and harmoniously selected, international spa brand amenities in bathrooms, minibar and safe deposit boxes. Also: Infinity swimming pool, solarium with jacuzzi, priority service golf at "Cozumel Country Club", spa access, and exercise fitness center.
Aura Cozumel offers the main restaurant international - Italian fusion cuisine "Isola" which means island in Italian, its principal bar "Luna Lounge" means moon in Spanish, the pool restaurant "Hava Grill" which means atmosphere in Turk, solarium bar "Brisas", breezes in Spanish, and a pool bar.
For meetings Aura Cozumel has a close meeting room called "Inti" which means essence and a large meeting room "Udara", atmosphere, both in Turk.
Aura Resort Cozumel Video

Vacation Residences at Cozumel

Islander Properties is a new company that started operations back in October 01, 2006 in Mexico with a full experienced team, due to the background of the board members, represented by Mr. Carlos Del Pino as the Managing Director. With a very busy schedule, taking over the operation of Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa formerly Reef Club Cozumel, Sabor exclusive adults only section, Regency Club, Aura Cozumel Wyndham Grand Bay and dealing with several projects under construction.
Now Islander Properties is proud in present its exclusive "Islander Collection" created to satisfy all the needs for a wide variety of fine clientele… in addition you will find some unique services such as: Islander Spa with over 8,000 sq ft of surface is the most complete SPA on the Island, with 11 cabins for singles and couples, beauty parlor and an extensive variety of health products for different treatments and Reef Plaza with convenient store, jewelry, boutique, ATM, and tequila factory among others.
Today "Islander Properties" is beginning its first year of full operation of the biggest and most complete resort of Cozumel and starts planning in different developments in other destinations:
Islander Vacation Residences at Cozumel
Islander Vacation Residences is a first class company dedicated to providing our clients with quality home services. We change and improve the way you spend a vacation rental in the Caribbean delivering an unrivaled guest experience complemented with our All Inclusive Resorts.
Escape to your own private Caribbean hideaway at Islander Vacation Residences. We have a finest selection of residences available for your choice in Cozumel, the island of pristine coral reefs and white sands. Choose from one to three bedroom Condos or Villas, each with a soft, tropical décor and elegant furnishings. Marvel at breathtaking ocean, sunrise and sunset views, from your secluded balcony.
Get your adrenaline pumping with sailing, diving, motorized water sports, wind surfing, snorkeling or be stress less testing your swing on the Cozumel Country Club a 18th hole Caribbean golf course, fishing or just reading a book and enjoying the magnificent turquoise ocean from your balcony.
Diving at Cozumel is a great experience, named Scuba Diving Capital of the Americas and home of the world's second-largest coral reef system,

Mayan Villas at archaeological sites

Mayan Villas at Cholula, Chihcen Itza, Coba and Teotihuacan
Villas Arqueológicas, a five-property portfolio containing beautiful hacienda-style boutique hotels are located adjacent to, or in some cases within, some of the most significant archaeological sites in Mexico. Three of these sites (Teotihuacan, Chichén-Itzá, and Uxmal) have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
The five Properties are known as Villa Cholula, Villa Chichén-Itzá, Villa Uxmal, Villa Cobá and Villa Teotihuacán, are strategically located within easy walking distance of major Aztec and Mayan ruins. The five Villas were constructed in 1977 and totally refurbished in 2000. They are all of similar construction, having virtually identical guestroom sizes, public areas and amenities.
Each Villa has between 42 and 45 guestrooms, which are built around a central courtyard with lush gardens, a swimming pool and a terrace restaurant.
The five Villas are in strategic locations in close proximity to major archaeological sites.
Three of the sites have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Under the current regulatory environment, it would be virtually impossible to recreate this portfolio today.

Ultrajewels Cancun

Ultrajewels in Luxury Avenue Cancun


Ultrajewels is the name Group UltraFemme has given to its jewelry stores in the Mexican Caribbean and Los Cabos, all of which are dedicated to fine international brands. To mention that Ultrajewels is the official and exclusive Rolex distributor is a reflection of the caliber and prestige of this establishment, on a par with the top jewelry stores around the world. At Ultrajewls you will find other prestigious brands from the world of watches and jewelry, such as Cartier, Mont Blanc, Choppard, Tiffany & Co., David Yurman and Roberto Coin, and for gifts, the much loved brands Christofle, Lalique, Lladro and Swarovski. If you find yourself drawn to the quantity and vari3ety of watches and jewelry they carry, you will find it even harder to resist buying. Because at Ultrajewels they offer Caribbean prices.


This means you will make saving with your purchase compared to the other retailers, thanks to the special tax zone in Mexico. Your trip to the Mexican Caribbean or southern Baja California will not be complete until you have visited Ultrajewels.

Forum by the Sea, Cancun

Forum by the Sea Cancun


Forum by the Sea Cancun is the only shopping and entertainment center situated on the shore of the ocean. It is a modern shopping center of 3 levels which offers comfortable spaces, great variety of handy-crafts, jewelry, perfume shops and more than 80 stores with the finest fashion.

Forum by the Sea Cancun also houses some of the most highly renowned restaurants in the world suck as the Hard Rock Café, Carlos and Charlies, Rainforest Café, Puerto Nuevo, Cambalache and Johnny Rockets. Restaurants where you palate will be enriched in flavors so diverse, from a classic cheese burger, to the juiciest and most exquisite steak, not to mention succulent seafood platters.


Daytime fun and evening to dawn entertainment are guaranteed singe Forum by the Sea Cancun counts with some of the most visited and important clubs in the world such as Coco Bongo, which make for an unforgettable night. While during the day, you can take in the perfect suntan at our sun and beach club.

Without doubt and entertainment center which must be visited and lived to enjoy fully; ideal for shopping and eating in Cancun!

La Isla Shopping Village, Cancun

La Isla Shopping Village


The newest and most important shopping center in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, La Isla Shopping Village is more that just a mall. It is a state of the art project which marks the evolution of the traditionally closed in shopping center, to a nature respecting beautiful and esthetically attractive one.

La Isla Shopping Village is a tiny village within itself carrying over 180 shops, boutiques and brand name designer stores which simulates Caribbean villa, using the most advanced technology to bring comfort to its visitors. Some of the brands, stores and restaurants are: Liverpool, Sunglass Island, NineWest, Facconable, Soho, Hertz, Massimo Dutti, Chili's, Cinemark, Donnina, Avis, Marti, Lacoste, Fruits & Passion, Plaza La Fiesta, Mc Donald's, Facconable, Hooters, Neoskin, Come'n Eat, Maraf, Tycoon Store, Tommy Hilfiger, Taco Inn, Thai Lounge, Zingara, Starbucks, Nike Store, La Madonna, Johnny Rockets, Bvlgari, Ultrafemme Perfumes, Interactive Aquarium, Planet Hollywood, Crabtree & Evelyn, Zara, Diamonds Internationals, Glazz, DKNY, Hertz, La Casa de las Margaritas, Paul & Shark.


This luxurious shopping and entertainment center sits above the salt water lagoon which connects to a river that crosses within the land of the shopping center. Housing some of the worlds best jewelry boutiques, brand clothing stores of international name, select world wide restaurants. La Isla Shopping Village is unique for having cinemas, in-house interactive aquarium with sharks, dolphins and fauna of all sorts, family entertainment center "El Dilema" and Aqua World marine with its fantastic water sports activities available.

La Isla Shopping Village opens its doors from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. Our clubs, lounges and restaurants won't close until last guest departs.

Luxury Yachts in Cancun

The art of Yachting


The admiral Yacht Club Cancun was founder in January 2003. Its mission is to create a yacht club that let's you the experience cruising across the Caribbean waters on a private yacht, for a fraction of the cost of owning one.

We've created an affordable membership package that combines the comfort of deluxe condominiums with the usage of a luxury yacht. The Admiral Yacht Club Cancun crew is ready to provide the best cruising, weather it's fishing, snorkeling or just relaxing; we guarantee that this will be an unforgettable experience.


Admiral Yacht Club Cancun makes all your dreams come true when you charter one of your private yachts. Go cruising or fishing in the Caribbean waters while in Mexico visiting Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and other exiting parts of the Riviera Maya.

Why rent a wave runner for two when you can rent a yacht for the whole family? Live the good life, you and your family deserve it. No matter what type of boat you want or which you had, in Cancun we have what you need to full fill your dreams.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Cancun

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Cancun


Welcome to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Cancun! Look around, have a seat. If this is your first visit, prepare to taste the greatest steak you've ever eaten. As founder Ruth Fertel used to say "If you have ever had a filet this good, welcome back". We take steak seriously but we are also serious abut making sure you have a good time. So you won't find the stodgy, uptight attitude you might find at another steak house. Feel free to laugh out loud and stay a while. Experience the sizzle and above all, enjoy yourself.


This is the place that showed the world how great a steak can be. Carefully selected and aged for tenderness. Cut thick to ensure juiciness. Seared to perfection at 1800 degrees. Seasoned simply with salt, black pepper and a touch of parsley, because a steak like this needs nothing else. Topped with fresh butter that sizzles seductively on your plate, announcing the arrival of a great steak.


At Ruth's Chris Cancun, sizzle is more than the mouthwatering sound that accompanies you steak from the broiler on the table. Here, sizzle is a taste of mind, and attitude, a personality that could have been born only in New Orleans. As Ruth Fertel once said "It's the sizzle that sets us apart from the stuffy, stodgy, old-line steak houses. You have a great steak at Ruth's Chris Cancun, but you also have a great time, and you always leave with great memories."

At Ruth's Chris Steak House Cancun, the experience involves more than great décor and comfortable surroundings. From the moment you enter, you're treated like a friend. It was the way Ruth treated her guests, and that spirit of genuine hospitality was contagious. You'll find this atmosphere makes everything better, from the handshake with you favorite manager or server on the way in, to you favorite cocktail or wine, to the familiar sizzle that announces the arrival of you steak.

Fly above the Riviera Maya

Sky Dive in the Riviera Maya


To fly, having the infinite sensation of freedom, and seeing the world from the top while suspended in the air. This is not the description of a movie scene; the dream of flying is probably as ancient as human existence. In our days this dream is possible, at least for a few seconds, thanks to skydiving or sport parachuting. We invite you to discover why this activity causes such fascination around the world.


The Riviera Maya is not only a heavenly place for vacation, but also is the perfect scenario for a successful jump, since you will be jumping a side from the coast, there are not as many obstacles such as mountains, trees or buildings, which helps accomplishing a soft landing on sand.

Although there is a low risk of landing in the ocean, the instructor should be professional enough to have total control over landing spot.

Skydiving is a unique sport; if you plan to dive from the sky, just make sure you pick a serious company to do so, with professionals to help you have a one of a kind experience, which we can assure you, will change your vision. We invite you o practice this activity for which you do not need wings, you just have to be willing to let yourself float in the air.

You can own the sky for a few seconds, that is what skydiving is all about. A worldwide sport that has surprisingly developed new training techniques and equipment, contributing to safety, and to its amusement, that is why nowadays almost anyone have access to this magical experience.


It's common before jumping, to be concerned about safety and physical integrity risks. However, in our days the advanced equipment makes it safe to practice this sport. A very important safety measure is that when you jump you do so with two parachutes: the principal one and a reserve. Both have the same amount of control. If the jumper for any reason faints, is unconscious or had an emergency and didn't know how to react properly, there is now a system called "automatic opening" which consists in small computers placed inside the equipment, that are calibrated so that at a certain height and speed, the parachute will open automatically, therefore there is no possibility of the pilot landing with a closed parachute.

One of the main fears of people wanting to skydive is that they will experience unpleasant sensations, like stomach churning feel, dizziness, or vertigo. However some say that it feels like leaping over an air mattress and being suspended, you will never feel any vertigo.

Among everything the Riviera Maya has to offer, we strongly recommend that you dare to skydive; since it is another of the wonderful possibilities the Riviera Maya offers to live, one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. Touch the sky for a few seconds; enjoy the unique view of our beautiful Mexican Caribbean.

The Mayan Legacy in Architecture

The Mayan Legacy in Architecture


The legacy of the Mayans is finally being discovered in its entire splendor. Through excavations, the deciphering of their ancient tongue and continuous research, archeologists know increasingly more about a people that not only developed a calendar as accurate as the one we use today, but were also highly skilled astronomers, architects and mathematicians. Without using metal instruments, they built large cities and monumental temple. Each urban area was carefully planed with temples and palaces in the center and nearby ball court of the famous Pre Hispanic team sport. The thatched roofs and plaster or adobe walled homes of inhabitants were short distance form the center.


The most important Mayan contribution to the world of architecture is the Korbel arch, also called Mayan Arch, which was formed by projecting stone blocks out from each side of a wall until they met forming a peak. This structure was substitute fore a true arch. In order to understand a bit more about the ancient Mayans and their civilization, a visit to the archeological sites that dot the landscape is almost obligatory. For example in the Yucatan Penenisula, travelers can visit Chichen Itza, where they will se the Kukulcan Pyramid and the mysterious Sacred Well.

Chiapas is home to the ancient city of Palenque, which must have been a funeral center for royalty; Bonampak known for its murals on which the life of the court, battles and religious ceremonies were portrayed two thousand years ago; and Yaxchilan, a beautiful city beside the Usimacinta river deep in the Lacandon jungle. In the State of Quintana Roo the fortress of Tulum rises above a cliff, an important point of exchange on the lucrative commercial routes and Coba rises from the center o a network of ancient roads called Sacbes.


When the Spaniards conquered the Mayan world, they began to establish cities throughout the region. In addition to the European architectural style and urban planning, they introduced Christianity, Spanish customs, and new types of crops and animals to the region. Since the Formative period, they began to build some edifications that had architectural influences from other cultures, specially the Olmec. Later, Mayan architecture was formed by mythical and religious ideas. That is why temples and palaces, cities and ball courts were built in the center of the cities, while the houses of the people were built in the surrounding area.

Today, and above all in our city, we can see many examples of the influence of the Mayan architectural legacy in buildings, homes, hotels and restaurants, which does honor to the marvelous civilization.

Try Mayan food in the Riviera Maya

Mayan Food


The crops grown by the agricultural society of the ancient Mayans were maize, bean, pumpkin, manioc and sweet potato. Maize was considerer of great value and the god of this important element was even venerated. The Mayans created warm beverages from maize which they called "Atole" and drank for breakfast. They also used it to prepare the dough for tortillas and tamales, which they filled with some ingredients that came from fishing or hunting. Among the most plentiful animals were wild turkey, duck, pheasant and deer, whose illegal hunting has been forbidden in Mexico.

Thanks to the fact that the Mayans inhabited an extensive area that included diverse climates, tropical fruits like guanabana, mango, mamey, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and guava were plentiful and were used to prepare preserved and make honeyed liqueurs.


By law, only the nobility has the luxury of drinking the "beverage of the gods" which was prepared with chocolate derived from the seed of the cacao tree. However, with the arrival of the Spaniards, this beverage lost its divine hierarchy and its consumption became more generalized.

Different Central American and southern North American countries still enjoy the cuisine of the Mayan world, among with are Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and also southern Mexico. However, it is the Yucatan Peninsula that has the greatest variety of Mayan dishes.


One of the most representative is Cochinita Piblil. It is made from pork which was imported from Cuba by the Spaniard, and is marinated in sour orange and seasoned with Achiote, which has a flavor similar to praprika. Tabasco is the only place in the world where you can taste "Pejelagarto" (a fish with a crocodile head) seasoned with amashito chili and lime.

Gastronomy, like so many other lessons from this wise culture, has transcended time and space. Throughout the world today you can taste different types of ceviche, either traditional or with exotic touches from other cultures, innovate fusions based upon the ancient recipes of magical worlds from Mayan times.

Entertainment in Tulum

Entertainment in Tulum


In Tulum town you can enjoy a walk along the main avenue where there is a variety of handicrafts like coconut lamps, traditional local dresses and the famous hand-made Mayan hammocks. The handcrafted jewelry is made with natural materials like coral, seashells, water seeds, which are combined with semi precious stones such as jade, amber and quartz.

Visitors will find different kind of restaurants that gives a homelike and pleasant atmosphere. Each one offers a specialty. Don Cafeto (town) is popular among the locals for its traditional Mexican food with dishes from different parts of the country. In an exotic garden, Il Giardino offers excellent pastas followed by an exquisite Italian wine, we recommend tasting its famous tiramisu dessert.


If you preferred to eat by the sea shore and have dinner under the moonlight, you can choose between different kinds of restaurants like Don Cafeto (beach) with a typical Mexican and seafood open from breakfast. It is on Playa Pescadores where you can see arrive the fishermen boats with the fresh catch of the day. Playa Kin Ha offers a wide selection of Italian and Mexican cuisine. Luna Maya authentic Spanish cuisine with paellas and tapas, fresh fishes, salads, cold soup and a wide selection of Spanish wine, open from midday to 11pm.

And for the night lovers, seems like Tulum is sleeping but there is always something to do like a party on the beach or town, live music groups or traditional festivity but always will find bars like Acabar, in the town where you can have fun till late, enjoy delicious cocktails with the international DJ's music, play pool or table football, enjoy a movie.

A classic through the years has been Zazil Kin on the beach; it's been open from the 70's for those who like to dance with DJ music or local music groups in a Caribbean ambiance.

The town of Tulum

The town of Tulum


Tulum is a perfect destination to rest and relax out of the crowds and the day by day stress; perfect for those who enjoy not pretentious but comfortable vacation with the nature contact, let yourself experience the alluring magic that imbues this prodigious Mayan land.

Quaint, ecologically-friendly and rustic is how Tulum's hotel zone may be defined: its cabanas and hotels offer 1 to 4-star lodging. They offer they gusts a personalized and friendly services that is only possible in small hotels.


True to Tulum's ecological spirit, most hotels have been constructed with regional materials such as limestone and sascab, as well as exotic woods and palapa fronds for their thatched roofs. Their design blends harmoniously with the nature, they use solar energy systems, which is why tourist have a limited use of this resource instead is created a candle light ambiance.

The hotels that are located in the town of Tulum, in contrast to those on the beach, have all the basic services: 24 hour electricity, fans or air conditioning, all-day hot water and parking. The advantage of in-town accommodations is the comfort and the ease of going anywhere you wish, since all public transportation means like the bus station, buses and taxis are located there. Also available are restaurants, stores, drugstores, doctors and more.

The Mayan Ruins of Muyil in the Riviera Maya

Muyil, Riviera Maya


Is a recommended site seeing for the Tulum visitors, a combination of history and adventure, includes 40 minutes trekking through the jungle passing by a couple of cenotes till arriving to a lagoon where you can rent kayaks or take a ride in a small boat through the lagoon to jump in the fresh water and let you float in the water channel created by the ancient Mayans.


Muyil or Chunyaxche are the modern names of this archeological site because of the lagoons that are near the area; is the most notorious pre-Hispanic construction in the side of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve in the south of Tulum.

This site is divided in two areas and just one is open for the general public. It's known that it was a high population density in the pre-Hispanic periods from the year 300 b.C. till the first decades of the XVI c; this is known because of the many civic religious constructions.

Boca Paila and Punta Allen, Riviera Maya

Boca Paila and Punta Allen


Boca Paila is where the ocean meets the lagoons of Chumkopo and Muyil, located approximately 25 km south of Tulum within the boundaries of the Sian Ka'an Biophere Reserve on a 20 meter-wide peninsula, which then stretches for another 25 km towards Punta Allen at Ascension Bay.

Nature lovers may enjoy the tropical vegetation and wildlife; bird-watchers are in for a treat, as they may find some very rare feathered creatures among the 339 species that live in the area.

Fishing enthusiasts will find themselves in a true paradise at both the Caribbean Sea an the extensive protected lagoon; after the 1986 creation of the Sian Ka'an reserve, the local restrictions and regulations implemented to protect the area, have kept the environment virtually untouched; with the banning of the commercial fishing, the area became 5000 square km of pure sport fishing pleasure.


Boca Paila has staked its reputation as one of the premier permit fisheries, and its success rates for bonefish, nook, barracuda, yellow tail jack and tarpon are nothing to scoff at. Other attraction offers the first in the area include the authentic jungle tours abroad small boats or kayaks, which sail through the ancient canals that were once used by the Mayans; this magnificent tours offer a first hand experience of watching birds, crocodiles and other types of wildlife in they natural habitat; a small Mayan temple can also be spotted.

Punta Allen is a quaint fishing village where you can spend the night at one of its rustic lodging options and enjoy a magnificent meal including freshly-caught fish and scrumptious home-style lobster; the latter is the cornerstone of the local economy.

Yhi Spa by Me, Cancun

Yhi Spa at Me by Melia Cancun


The legend has it that at one time the world was in total darkness but when the Great Spirit woke a young girl, Yhi, who was sleeping deep in a cavern, the light from her eyes illuminated the world and then wherever she walked, that light caused flowers and beautiful foliage to grow and waters to be created. It is that concept of giving life that serves as the guiding spirit of the Yhi Spa at the Me by Melia Hotel in Cancun hotel Zone. It is a place where everything is focused on reviving, restoring energy and life to the body and the spirit. From the beautiful contours of the Spa, including the outdoor section right on the beach, to the soothing background music, the tantalizing aromas floating through the air and the professional service of the highly trained personnel contributes to that end.


A basic ingredient that has contributed to the world-renowned reputation of the Yhi Spas that are located throughout the world is the use of the most prestigious products in the various treatments offered. And the treatments are all designed to restore and invigorate mind, body and spirit.

Facials, body treatments, massages, wraps, exfoliations, in short, all that you would expect to find in a world-class spa can be found in the Yhi Spa at the Me bye Melia, Cancun's newest happening hotel.

Hyatt Regency Cancun

Hyatt Regency Cancun


The beautiful renovated Hyatt Regency Cancun could easily paraphrase the old movie title "A Room with a View" to reflect the ambiance at its lobby-level The lounge and Terraces bar, calling it "A Drink with a View".

The is because of the extraordinary view of the Caribbean Sea from both the interior section of this bar as well as the multi-level terraces that completes its configuration. Its attractive minimalist décor contributes to the enjoyment of the refreshing, latino cocktails by day and night. Comfortable lounge-like chairs both in the Lounge and on the lower two levels of the terraces and beds suitable for two or more persons on the upper terrace level contribute to the sense of intimacy created by the Lounge & Terraces.


This bar, just steps away from the main lobby of the hotel, offers delicious latino drinks as well as 50 different tequilas from which to choose. Add to that Arab-style hors d'oeuvres to go along with your drinks and you have the perfect recipe for a romantic experience with your significant other or the chance to enjoy pleasant conversation among friends. The Lounge & Terrace bar at the Hyatt Regency Cancun is a great place to spend the afternoon or evening.

The Royal Hideaway, Playacar

A royal experience and more at the Royal Hideaway.


There is no way to more fully enjoy and benefit from a vacation that to ensure that you relive your body of the effects of the stress in your life, banish those negative thoughts from your mind and just let your soul soar away. At the Royal Hideaway in the Riviera Maya, the way to do all of that is to book the Royal Experience Massage at the Spa. You will be pampered with a combination of techniques and come to understand that the word really is made up of four basic elements, the ones we have always heard of, air, water, fire and earth but that there is fifth and that is what you yourself bring to it. While youe face is being relaxed by precious stones, you feet are being massaged bye thermal clay and mixture of marine algae.


There are a couple of other truly great massages available at the Royal Hideaway Spa, its famous Diamond massage and the exotic Lomi lomi massage. The first is one perfectly suitable to celebrate that special occasion in your life. It has been created by the Royal Hideaway Spa team specially to prepare you for that celebration. It is the utmost of luxurious indulgence.

The Lomi lomi is more than a massage. It steams from the Hawaiian tradition in generations in which there is a rhythmic movement of the arms and upper body. This massage is followed by a fresh exfoliation and, also as a part of the tradition, a delicious tropical tea. Three great massages designed to restore mind, body and soul, right at you fingertips.

Mexican Mole

Mexico's Mole


Mole is considered a party dish in Mexico. The word comes from the root word "Imolli", which means ground, as in ground beef, so that in truth, any dish with ground ingredients as a basic aspect could be called a "mole".

There are some mistaken beliefs with respect to mole, such as that it is a sauce that, as its principal base uses chilies, spices, dry fruits and chocolate. In reality, that means of preparation only refers to a limited variety within Mexico. Another incorrect concept is that because it is a dish that chock full of spices and condiments it falls heavy on the stomach and is hard to digest. That simply is not true.

The world of moles in Mexico is as varied as its different regions. The "Mole Poblano" is one of its best known versions, sweet and delicious with complex flavors including a touch of chocolate.

In the state of Oaxaca, because of its diverse regional tastes and its rich culture, we find some of the best moles. The king of all them is the "black mole" and if we cook it for seven days it becomes the magnificent "ashes mole" that is eaten best, only with the finest champagne.


One of the most unusual of the moles in Mexico is the "black chichilo" made with chilhuacles chillies, the hardest to find in mexico, only to be found in the central valleys of Oaxaca. And don't forget the "Amarillo" (yellow) or "Coloradito" (pink), simple moles that add a variety of colors when combined to form the joy of the Oaxacan Guelaguetza. Among the lightest moles are three exquisite green versiong whose herbal flavors and freshness make it difficult to decide which is the best, whether the one from the State of Mexico, the one form Michoacan or the one from Oaxaca. They do not compare at all with the dark sauce moles.


If we take a tour through the Sierra of Veracruz we will find a very special mole that is the "Mole de Xico", delicious because of its mix of flavors; prunes, dry fruits and ancho, mulato and pasilla chilies.

In the Yucatan Peninsula and southeast Mexico in genera, we find the "chimole", a dish based on achiote, pumpkin seeds, burnt tortilla, ancho and sweet chilies.

The moles, because of their variety, complexity and spiciness assure that their marriages with wines are as varied as each dish. The marriage gives the dish an added intensity with relation to the wine.

Sea Ray Company and the 55 Sundancer

The 55 Sundancer


The Sea Ray Company has well-earned reputation for creating a line of luxury yachts that meet all of the wishes and requirements of the most demanding yachting enthusiasts. Its latest creation, the 55 Sundancer adds to that reputation.

The basic design concept of all Sea Ray boats is that of "harmonious flow"; whether applied to the very shape or sweeping profile or in the placement of entertainment spaces that allow conversation to flow as effortlessly as its bow through the waters ahead. The luxurious surroundings of the 55 Sundancer are equaled by how its mettle is tested in the open water.


The 55 Sundancer, combining the most advanced technology with first-in-the industry innovations, features a cockpit with two huge sunroofs and two over-sized, adjustable side windows. The most technologically advanced electronics have been installed in its impressive helm.

Both the master stateroom and the guest stateroom continue the concept of harmonious flow, creating spaces roomy enough for true live-board excursions of any length. The automatic, fully adjustable island bed provides all the comfort one expect from a Sea Roy boat. And the guest stateroom offers impressive touches designed to meet the needs of friends or family such as a queen-size innerspring mattress and flat screen TV.

The 55 Sundancer now is available in Cancun from Performance Boats and is sure to be a popular addition to the fleet of ocean-going yachts to be found in the local marines.

Puerto Cancun

World Class Nautical Development in Cancun


Aimed at improving the nautical services offered in the destinations and satisfying the wishes of the most demanding visitors, who can afford it, extremely luxurious services have been created for tourist of the highest income level.

As an example we cite the nautical project, Puerto Cancun, one of the largest in its type in Latin America. Conceived with a great entrepreneurial vision, the development contains a wealth of attractions: residential areas, golf course, shopping center, hotels, restaurants, theaters and night clubs. It expects to be the emblematic development of the Mayan Gold Coast and contain the fist world-class marina. In Puerto Cancun the marina will be able to dock more than three hundred 200-ft vessels, which will allow to receive the largest of ocean-going yachts. That will mean that it will be the best, most attractive and most influential nautical service of this tourist corner.


For those visitors who do not own their own yacht but who wish to enjoy the experience and share it with family and friends, Cancun and the Riviera Maya today has several companies that rent luxurious yachts, making in quite competitive with other destinations.

There is also a company that specializes in luxurious services, that offers a fleet of yachts of up to 100 feet long, catamarans, helicopters, light planes and even bullet-proof automobiles, complete with chauffer. There also are companies that specialize in deep sea fishing for another aspect of fun.

With these new services, the investors have demonstrated their confidence in the future of Cancun by ensuring that its offerings continue to improve. It marks the start of a new phase of growth and development for Cancun, and indeed, for Mexico.

The Mayan coast at the Riviera Maya

Costa Maya


This very charming Peninsula in the south end of Mexican Caribbean has become very well known for ecological tourism, as it can always boast beautiful clear blue waters and unending activities. It is a region that holds some of the best samples of the kind of wild fauna and flora only the Caribbean has to offer. Snorkeling and diving are favourites of the areas as well as trekking and bike riding, bird and monkey watching and all sorts of wild activities for the young and the young at heart.


This region could be considered spared by nature's full force and after Wilma's passing, some cruises call at Costa Maya, bypassing Cozumel, and has become a regular port of call for some or just a replacement port for others.

Its tranquil towns turn tourists towns at the arrival of cruises with people looking for wondrous ruins in process of excavation, beautiful landscapes, great activities and real adventure. Protected by a reef and not as much in the hustle and bustle of things, it is fast becoming Mexico's best loved cruise ship destination and is not a surprise.

Arive in a cruise to Puerto Costa Maya

Puerto Costa Maya


Puerto Costa Maya, the fastest growing port in Mexico, continues to expand its unique excursion program offerings with the addition of the Dolphin Dream Experience and various cultural tours in partnership with some of the region's touristic attractions.

The Dolphin Dream Experience is part of a joint venture with the Riviera Maya's world renowned eco-park Xcaret, and is featured in facility right next to Puerto Costa Maya in the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. The tour, led bye bilingual naturalists, allows visitors the rare opportunity to swim and learn about dolphins in their natural habitat. Expert trainers provide a complete explanation about dolphin anatomy, psychology, nature and their unique ways of communicating under water. The dolphins also perform incredible clips and jumps with visitors in the water and guest will be allowed to seal their connection to the dolphins with a kiss.


With an expanded selection of cultural tours, Puerto Costa Maya now offers visitors a even close look into the ancient Mayan history that surrounds the port., The excursions are designed to uncover the natural beauty and rich history of the land while guests explore the ruins of the Mayan cities, trek trough sub-tropical rain forests and discover prehistoric waterways.

Puerto Costa Maya is the Caribbean's first port designed exclusively for the cruise industry. The once ancient Mayan port of call now attracts all of the industry's major cruise slip operators including: Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, Princesa Cruises, Holland America, Norweigan Cruise Line, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Sun Cruises, P&O Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Windstar Cruises, Seabourn and MSC Cruises.

The Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya


The ancient Mayans said that hurricanes and storms clean up negative energy, they renovate, and that is how it feels in this breathtaking coastline.

It is fabulous as always and it was the biggest winner after Wilma, as it was a region far less affected by its fury although it did leave footprints. Emily has left a limping but after this more recent strike of nature it is soaking our tourists who are enjoying larger beaches.


The Riviera Maya is unique in its abundance of possibilities. Some areas of the coastline have a vagabond traveller ambiance but it also boasts a variety from rustic cabanas to luxury spas, something to offer all sots of budgets and styles. Culture, colours and adventure can be found at every turn in this paradise that emerged from the jungle, always a warrior, a survivor. The talcum powder beaches are better that ever in some areas and the locals are willing to restore their beloved paradise to what they and visitors are used to, the best.

Cozumel, Quintana Roo



Nature is wise, it is in a constant state of recovery and weather Wilma (the hurricane) had hit or not, that is a fact of life. However, it did hit and hit hard, but this Island Paradise, the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, has allot of soul and today once again it has excellent water clarity, the east coast beaches are in great shape and are even wider than before. Restaurants and stores are uo and running.


Sharks, rays, groupers, parrot fish and barracudas are still abundant in the region, and despite a fallen dock, its people and its spirit survive to make visitors ever welcome. Its famous reefs are alive and Cozumel, being a mythical island, a sanctuary to the goddess of love and fertility, a place of healing, it is healing itself. Its main life blood, the cruises, are coming back, and the island of the swallows, cleaner than ever and buzzing with life, is also buzzing to welcome visitors back to its natural beauty.

Crococun, Riviera Maya

Croco Cun Zoo


Croco Cun Zoo began exclusively as a crocodile farm. Today it has become a regional interactive zoo where besides crocodiles of various sizes you will be able to find specimens of several species of Quintana Roo jungle such as snakes, iguanas, spider monkeys, land turtles, white tail deer, badgers felines, birds and our famous Xoloitzcuintle dog.


The zoo has a guided tour that will teach visitors and explain about each one of our leading characters and will make sure that everyone interacts with them in an unimaginable way. You will be able to touch, pick up and feed many of these interesting animals and be witness of the activities of a family of wild spider monkeys that have made the trees of our park, their home.

The magic of this tour reaches both young and old as it is a wild experienc3 that one cannot easily go through anywhere else. Visitors learn and have fun through direct interaction and feel submerged in the heart of the jungle as that is literally where they are.

Boulevard Kukulcan in Cancun



Cancun is a heaven on earth where nature manifests in multiple ways: beaches of white sands, transparent waters, coral reefs and relentless sun tirelessly giving away its warm rays. A place plagues with adventure: swimming with dolphins, diving in search of colorful beings, surfing or shedding some of that adrenaline in a jet-ski. Man has also put his creativity and inventiveness into work in this extraordinary place in order to embellish the region. First were the Mayans who built precious cities on cliffs and swampy zones; then in modern times, building and installations were built for the use of tourists, which architectonic features match harmoniously with nature.


Cancun is divided urbanely in two areas defined clearly: the Hotel Zone and Downtown. The Hotel zone is linked by the Boulevard Kukulcan Avenue, which is the most important commercial route. Along the Boulevard Kukulcan, the bets hotels, restaurants, discos, bars and malls of the city are located. When crossing it you may admire the amazing masterpieces of Mayan sculptures that give an historical and cultural shade to this important avenue.

In the Boulevard Kukulcan, specifically in Kukulcan Plaza, a prestigious shopping mall, it is possible to know the Mayan culture more closely, thanks to the Mayan thematic vitral, which is located in the central zone of the mall. Here you can appreciate the Mayan idols like Kukulcan, the serpent with pens, as well as the jaguar, divined and feared, symbol of the power and the vital renovation; or Itzamna, the supreme deity; Xaman Ek, God of the north and polestar, as well as other rites and Mayan customs.

This Mayan thematic vitral is a fascinating spectacle of light and sound based on fragments of Popol Vuh, the sacred Mayan book. The entrance is free.

Quintana Roo, Mexico

Quintana Roo and Cancun


Cancun is the Mexico's main tourist destination and is located in one of the youngest states in the Mexican Republic: the State of Quintana Roo, in the southeast of Mexico. It forms part of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and is bordered bye the states of Yucatan and Campeche as well as the neighboring countries of Beliza and Guatemala to the south and west. Cancun is a fabulous spot for outdoor activities such as diving and snorkeling in the coral reefs and cenotes, visiting a number of ecological reserves and scouting in the Mayan ruins of the area. Its annual temperature is 30°C. Its capital is the city of Chetumal, near the Belize border is the Mexico's main tourist destination and is located in one of the youngest states.

Quintana Roo has a very historical tradition, and it is even known as the door of the Mayan world. According to the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, the present territory of Quintana Roo was the first establishment of Itzaes, that coming from the south, founded on year 435 a.C. the city of Siyancaan Bakhalal, and years later with the mixture of Tolteca and Chichimeca cultures, would found Chichen Itza.


In the lapse of 987 to 1007 a.C., coming from Nonhual, the Indian head Ah Mekat Tutul settled down in Uxmal and founded the League of Confederation on Mayapan.

The Mayan Zone is mainly rural and indigenous, splashed of small communities that conserve with fervor their customs, traditions and forms of life since two centuries ago. The zone is mainly made up of small farm communities inhabited by descendants of surviving rebels cruzoob of the War of Chaste, whose language is basically the Mayan.

But there's also Cancun, this great paradise that welcomes the tourists from all around the world.

Mexican Cuisine and the Riviera Maya

Mexican Cuisine


Mexican Cuisine is known for its intense and varied flavors, colorful decorations and the variety of spices that it has. Mexican gastronomy, in terms of diversity of appealing taste and textures, is one of the richest in the world, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, though some people unaccustomed to eating it characterize it as excessively spicy.

Mexico has a very diverse cuisine culture. Each region serves up their own specialties from Mole Poblano in Puebla to Huevos Rancheros in Sonora to Cochinita Pibil in Yucatan. It is also pertinent to point out that the fundamental Mexican food is based on corn, black beans and Chile.


In Mexico there are great regions which have their own gastronomic art. Due to their variety and deliciousness in the cuisine of Puebla, Oaxaca and Yucatan, stand out, however one must not forget the recipes from Bajio or the cuisine of the border states.

Mexican food is popular throughout the world, but the kind you are probably used to – tacos with guacamole, quesadillas, enchiladas and carnitas – is only a small part of this country's culinary repertoire. With its variety of indigenous civilizations, each region in Mexico is marked by a distinct aroma, taste and texture.


In central Mexico you will find a blend of Aztec and Spanish. Typical is the centuries old Mole Poblano, a thick dark sauce made with dried chiles, nuts, seeds, spices, cocoa and other ingredients.

Southern Mexico, with its variety of dried peppers, its famous for its savory herbed stews and sauces. Seafood, garnished with tomatoes and herbs followed by rich coffee is the basic meal along the Pacific coast. And in the Yucatan Peninsula, dinner is likely to be a Mayan delicacy like "pork pibil" cooked in banana leaves with the fames achiote sauce.

In food, as in everything else, the Mexican people have found a way to raise the everyday basics to an art form.

The Mayans and the Spring Equinox

The Mayans and the Spring Equinox


The ancient Maya weren't disposed to simply living their lives but to taking it further and thus left an important legacy for mankind. Naturally great observers, not only did they dedicate their attention to the stars but also to the change of seasons. Understanding such phenomena through observation wasn't sufficient, they were also registered and the number of days between them calculated so that a chronological rhythm could be determined. The upshot of this as the need to invent signs to represent celestial bodies, periods of time to count them These early signs formed the basis of what would become their writing system, numerical system, mathematics and finally the calendar. Although it sounds incredible, the Mayan calendar is more accurate that the Gregorian calendar we use today.


Generally speaking, the Mayan construction was dictated by the cardinal points and the trajectory of the sun, moon and the stars and formed part of their cosmological conception. This was the case with other developed Mesoamerican cultures. Archeological evidence leaved in places highlighted by Uxmal, Chichen Itza, and Tulum, just two hours from Cancun, faithfully show their great ingenuity for designing and constructiong buildings that coincide exactly with natural phenomena as is the case of the equinoxes.


The equinoxes occur when the sun is located exactly above the equator thus making day and night last exactly the same amount of time. This occurs twice a year, on March 21st and on September 23rd. The days of the equinox were the most important for the Mayans as the spring equinox would signal the circle for preparing the ground in readiness for the rain deity Chac to impart their gift so the maize seeds, planted bye the men, could germinate; and in September when the maize had matured and was ready for harvesting.


The best example of a building combination their knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, chronology, geometry and relifion is the Kukulcan Pyramid or Castillo de Chichen Itza; where each 21st of March thousands of people meet bare witness to the world of the grandeur that we have inherited. It's here at the start of the equinox where the fusion of heaven and earth, science and magic, in the phenomenon known as light and shadow takes place. From the northern stairway of the pyramid a serpent-like projection of seven inverted triangles of light are produced by the shadow of the nine platforms of the buildings.

The vision is of a serpent, the most important of the Mayan deities, their god Kukulcan, which descends form the top of the pyramid to its base. It takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes for the figure of Kukulcan to descend the stairs making a unique moment in time in which those present hope to receive the energy emanating from Kukulcan to take with them.

Maroma, Riviera Maya

El Restaurante, Maroma, Riviera Maya.


El Restaurante reflects the homemade hospitality of Maroma in the Riviera Maya. Offering casually elegant surrounding complemented by original oil  paintings by resident artist Bertrand Castelli; indoor and outdoor setting provide spectacular views of the white sand beach, which was named by Travel Channel "The best beach in the world".

Offering all day dining, the restaurant is renowned for their breakfasts, which feature an abundance of fresh fruit, pastries and regional specialties.


For lunch the chef serves Yucatan inspired cuisine including guacamole made table-side, Yucatan lime soup and cochinita pibil, a traditional Yucatecan pork dish prepared with achiote, peppercorns and garlic, all wrapped in banana leaves and gently baked with chopped chilies and onions.

Sunday through Thursday evenings, El Restaurante is transformed into "Caribbean Steakhouse" featuring the finest meats and fish available in the Yucatan Peninsula.

On Friday evenings, experience the Chef's Caribbean Parrillada, when tables are set in the sand and a Mexican trio serenades you while the chef cooks up a beachfront feast spiny lobster, fresh fish and best cuts of meat.

Las Brisas. Fine Dining at the Riviera Maya

Las Brisas, delicious in every way.


Dining at the Fairmont Mayakoba, with its stunning views , superior service and authentically local flavors is an experience in awakening all senses. At Las Brisas, the resort's premier restaurant, there's a magnificent Palapa that captures the charm, color and energy of the region gibing it an aura reminiscent of a modern dining palace.


With its luxurious rich woods, iron and stone interiors, Las Brisas completes its fine dinning appeal with silver service, fine crystal, bone china and Egyptian linens. Las Brisas is open nightly for dinner from 6 p.m. to midnight.

For enjoying the Oceanside lunch or cocktail, Las Brisas Terrace holds the prefect appeal. The Terrace serves up favorite cocktails and light bites. Enjoy fresh salads, overstuffed sandwiches, grilled burgers or regional specialties.

At the Fairmont Mayakoba dining is an experience not to be missed. The choices are endless as possibilities, divinely delicious.

La Cava restaurant at the Riviera Maya

La Cava, Riviera Maya


Dinner in La Cava at the Paraiso de la Bonita hotel in the Riviera Maya, results a unique gastronomic experience that few with good taste get to enjoy. Spoil you palate and other senses in a beautiful cordial atmosphere while receiving service second to none


Dinner is served on luxurious tableware exclusively designed for the hotel by Emilia Castillo. A true work of art, each palate is enriches with silver inlays depicting butterfly motives for ladies and jaguars for gentlemen.

The chef's choice of dishes, combination of flavors and the unforgettable aromas makes this a special dinning experience. A cut-cold and French cheese tasting is also offered. Wines are selected by the chef on trips to California and to some 40 vineyards located in the Guadalupe Valley in North Baja California. Some of these wines are produces exclusively for the Paraiso de la Bonita Hotel in the Riviera Maya.

Ritz-Carlton Cancun and the Culinary Center

Ritz-Carlton Cancun


The Ritz Carlton Cancun is considered as one of the most elegant and exclusive resort in the world. After the passing of the Hurricane Wilma and the completion of an extensive renovation, the resort reopened its doors on September 27th, 2006 with its traditional residential style and incorporating totally innovative services, giving its guests an unparalleled experience.

The Ritz Carlton Cancun is the only hotel in Mexico and the Caribbean with the AAA Triple Five Diamonds rating. The resort has received the impressive 15 Diamond evaluation for its services and its two fine dining restaurants, Fantino and The Club Grill. Awarded annually, this recognition is given exclusively to those establishments that consistently offer world class services, facilities and amenities.


For lovers of gourmet cuisine, the Ritz Carlton Cancun recently inaugurated the Culinary Center, bringing you closer to the world of gastronomy. The Culinary Center has a sea view and is equipped with a residential style Viking range kitchen where a diverse range of classes and tasting are an offer. Chef Rory Dunaway shares his experience as a renowned chef giving personalized attention according to the culinary knowledge of each participant. Fabulous wine and tequila tasting are held in the afternoon. Participants can learn about the history and sophistication of tequila or about the vineyard of Baja California.

The Culinary Center offers extreme cuisine classes with exotic techniques that leaves participants well and truly impressed. There are also Gastronomy and Wine sessions with fascination insights on their union.

Open Air Museum in Merida

Paseo de Montejo, Open air museum


Over 50 sculptures are on show in the city of Merida as part of the Sculptural Fraternities 2006 international art exhibition. Spain is the year's guest country.

Organized by the Fundacion Cultural Macay and the city of Merida, the exhibition includes a selection of contemporary sculpture by Spanish and Mexican sculptors, the latter from the state of Jalisco. The Spanish embassy also supports the exhibition. The artistic community responded positively to the invitation by sending over 100 proposals. In an effort to provide space for all creative expressions, a selection was made of works that most represent the artists' styles, be they young or established sculptors.


For the fourth year running the exhibition is based along the Paseo Montejo. Participants from Spain include 45 artists from Madrid, the Canaries, Salamanca, Toledo, Truel, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Alicante, Murcia, Pontevedra, Girona and Almeria.

Preparation for the exhibition took over a year of making contacts and choosing art work in Spain. Raquel Ponce, owner of the Galeria Ponce in Madrid, assisted in this work.


The Mexican participants are all from the state of Jalisco. For years this state has been home for a group of sculptors dedicated to promotion and supporting sculpture in Mexico, which is why works bye these artistes were considered for this exhibition. Overall 15 pieces were chosen, by both young and established sculptors: Adriana Dorantes, Blu, Carlos Rodal, David Agredano, Dolores Ortiz, Estela Hidalgo, Francisco San Miguel, Ipens, Javier Malo, Jorge Jurado, Jorge Vite, Marco Hernandez, Saul Hernandez, Tijelino and Victor Andrade. Selection fo the pieces was done collaboratively by the painter Tony Guerra and the Fundacion Cultural Mancay.

The Sculptural Fraternities program has been functioning for four years and, thanks to the support of the Fundacion Cultural Mancay and the city of Merida, has become a meeting place for international art and true Open Air Museum that takes art into the public sphere for the general public to enjoy.

What to do in Merida, Yucatan

Merida, Yucatan.


Dear Visitor, on behalf of the people of Yucatan, I would like to welcome you to the State of Yucatan. Yucatan proudly receives thousands of visitors every year who are attracted by Yucatan's culture, natural beauty and its people characteristically warm manner.

We would like to thank you for choosing Yucatan for your vacations. You'll find endless number of attractions, including archeological sites, cenotes, caves, colonial monuments, haciendas, beaches, natural protected areas, and above all, the hospitality of the people and their pride in their roots.

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy everything we can offer and that you take with you warm memories of our traditions, culture and cordiality. We will always be waiting for you with open arms to share the magic experience of discovering and living in Yucatan.


Merida, founded on January 6th, 1542, by Francisco de Montejo el Mozo over the ancient Maya city of T'ho. Its 700,000 inhabitants, beautiful buildings, streets and parks all make it a welcoming city.

Plaza Grande in Merida's heart is surrounded by historic and modern buildings. Teatro Merida, an "art deco" beauty used for major cultural events. Nuevo Olimpo, a gem of modern traditional architecture also for cultural events. City hall, with a façade that complements its surroundings. House of Montejo the most beautiful example of Mexican Plateresque architecture; designed by conquistadors and sculpted by Mayans. Macay: colonial building now housing a contemporary art museum. Cathedral: oldest on the American mainland, its imposing façade fronts a somber nave housing an impressive carved wooden cross, altar and the venerated blistered Christ.


60th Street, heavily visited, with cobblestone – style streets, streetlamps and multicolored facades. Hidalgo park: troubadours and coffee al fresco.

State Capitol: traditional architecture with murals by the famous Yucatecan painter Fernando Castro Pacheco. Paseo de Montejo: impresses all with its promenades, sidewalks and sumptuous masions, like Palacio Canton.

Mexican Wine in Playa del Carmen

The Mexican Wine


It is true to say that Mexico's wine history is much shorter that European, but the wines mad in our country have the same quality and are equally recognized as the French, Spanish or Chilean.

The viticulture came to Mexico through the Spanish monks, who found very fruitful land for the different grape varieties. The wines developed in our country were so good that in 1699 was made effective a real statement which prohibited the plantation of vineyards in our territory, except for the ones that were designated for the clergy. The major fear was that the beverage produced in Mexico could be more accepted than the Spanish. Casa Madero was the only house allowed to produce wine for the church. Nowadays, states like Baja California, Cohauila, Aguascalientes and Queretaro are some of the regions where the best wine stocks are produced.


Talking avbout wines, as the same for movies and food, there is a wise saying "the best wine is the one you like"; never the less, it is always convenient to have a good guide. Generally, price is related to quality, even though it would not be fare to compare certain Mexican wines like Reserva Especial Casa Grande, Shiraz, Parras Estate 2001, from Casa Madero; with a foreigner wine of the same costs, due the last one pays higher taxes.

An excellent place to taste and enjoy a good wine is the Glass Bar at Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, there you will find high quality Mexican wines and delicious Italians, like the Bolgheri Rosso 2003 de Michelle Satta, or the Moscazo D'Asti Moncalvina 2004 de Coppo, which is sweet flavored, light and ideal for a tasty dessert as Pannaccota with strawberry sauce.

The Scarlet Macaw in the Riviera Maya

The Scarlet Macaw


The Scarlet Macaw, called "moo" or "xkandzuloop" in Maya, "caquis" in Quiche and "xcchc pan" in Tzeltal, was thought to be the encarnation of the solar fire spreading out from the sky to the Earth. It is an outstanding bird because of its unique biological features: it is the largest species of macaw in Mexico and is brightly colored – scarlet feathers on the head, body, tail and upper edge of the wings; blue feathers on the base of the tail and wings and transverse yellow stripe across them. Its beak is ivory on top and black below.


Its territory used to spread over a large area, from the north of Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, the east of Peru, Venezuela, French Guyana, Surinam, Bolivia to the south of Brazil. In Mexico it lives in Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Chiapas and Campeche.

Its natural habitat is riverside evergreen forests on higher elevations. It nests in secondary holes, that is, it depends on other birds which bore their own nests in trees. It lays one or two eggs with hatch in 28 to 33 days. In Mexico breading starts when the location of the nest is chosen, from December to February, and finishes when the young birds fly away, from April to June.

If you want to appreciate the wonderful world of the birds, visit Xaman-Ha Aviary in Playacar, where several native endangered species are exhibited, preserved and bread. Birds fly freely; you can hear their sing and their shapes and colors can be seen throughout the green foliage in an oasis to rejoice the peace of nature.

Mayatulum Spa in the Riviera Maya

Mayatulum Spa


Just walk into Mayatulum hotel and let yourself go into an oasis of calm. It's located in a perfect site, the gorgeous Tulum beaches, where the peace and quiet blend with intimacy and magnificent environment. In spite of being now one of the favorite rest spots for a high number of local and foreign tourists, Tulum always remains the same delightful perfect place for those who want to get away from stress, relax and indulge themselves.


Not many people know about he numerous benefitial effects, both of the mind and the body, a good massage has: Mayatulum Hotel & Spa provides an extensive variety for physical, mental and emotional balance, essential to face today's challenges.

Aromatherapy with essential oils, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu, thai massage or "the house special": Maya Clay massage and Sobada Maya, exfoliations, body treatments with Nopal and Aloe Vera or mud, facials, waxing are some of the superb therapies provided by the hotel. Enjoy yourself at the Riviera Maya!

Playa del Carmen and the Beach

Beach Life at Playa del Carmen


With 129 km of white sandy beaches surrounded by the shimmering ocean, along the Riviera Maya, one can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the heat of the sun, having a relaxing vacation in paradise. The most crowded beaches in Playa del Carmen stretch from the pier to the end of Coco Beach, where you will find beach clubs that offer all kinds of services.

One nautical sport that you should not miss out on is Sali navigation.

To move on the waves at the speed of the wind, in full freedom, is an incredible experience. A one hour excursion is available which includes snorkeling in a reef with the equipment provided; there are also basic courses that can be taken to become and independent navigator.


The richness of the Mesoamerican reef, that frames this region, includes hundreds of species of marine fauna, multicolored tropical fish, sponges, starfish and several kinds of corals, really a natural kaleidoscope which makes a visit almost a must. The most well-known reef in Playa del Carmen for snorkeling is the Zubul Reef at Coco Beach. If you don't have equipment you will find several diving shops along the coasts where you can rent it or take a professionally guided tour in a motorboat.


For a day of adventure rent a Harley-Davidson from Harley Adventures in Playa del Carmen. Explore the Riviera Maya and the Tulum or Coba zone, including a refreshing cenote (sinkhole) swim. Stop being a curious wannabe biker and be a part of the adventure. Get on a Harley and ride!

Airshop Airport Shopping Mall in Cancun

Airport Shopping Mall


Because of its location at Cancun International Airport, Airshop Shopping Mall is the best option to make your purchases just before you end your trip to Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Airshop is the only mall that offers a wide range of products at duty-free prices like perfumes, jewelry, tequilas, cosmetics and boutiques with the prestige of international brands. You can complete your shopping with beautiful handcrafts and aouvenirs with the quality of Mexico's best craftsmen.


Before boarding your flight back home, we recommend that you enjoy our delicious range of cuisine, which is guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Airshop Airport Shopping Mall, enjoy your holidays and shop at the Airport.

Valentine's Day at the Riviera Maya

Valentine's Day in the Riviera Maya


Enjoy a romantic getaway with your couple at the magnificent Riviera Maya. Stay at the luxurious resorts and have dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

The Glass Bar is a restaurant with a modern Indian style with a Mediterranean influence. Besides their exquisite kitchen, that always offers the best section of fresh and light products, the characteristic element of this place is the wine. They have over 200 labels in storage and their wine bar has a daily suggestion of 12 wines by the glass. This restaurant is located in the 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. It has 2 outside terraces, and 3 inner rooms.


The Alux is the only restaurant in the world that offers and incredible visual impact; you become shocked just by looking at it. With its personalized service satisfying even tho most demanding customers, its food gathers ingredients of the highest quality, in wich fish, poultry, seafood and fine meat cuts can be highlighted, this pace has differet areas, with a VIP area, bar and a special event room. It all creates the romantic ambience you need for this day.


Rent a yacht to oversea with your love one, accompanied with a crew. Go fishing and then eat your recently fished meal at a white sand beach, looking at the turquoise ocean right in front of you.

Buy a delicious wine at Winery in Playa del Carmen, there is such a wine diversity, the gastronomy so extended and so diverse the threshold pf individual perception; that in matters of pairing it would be to arrogant to recommend a specific wine with a particular dish. That is why in Winery & Plus they work every day to place in your table part of their feelings, thoughts and wishes.


Experience the incomparable home-style living of the exclusive THE FIVES Private Residence Club. Offering large and luxurious two and three bedroom serviced condos and villas with private pool areas, underground river and luscious tropical gardens. Located in Xcalacoco Beach, at only 4 km from Playa del Carmen. Each residence surrounds you in furnishings as comfortable as they are elegant; it's a perfect place for a romantic getaway in the Riviera Maya.

Real Estate in the Mexican Caribbean

Real Estate in Riviera Maya


The Riviera Maya represents one of the most attractive real estate markets in the world doe to the constant growth this tourism has maintained for many years. We offer an enviable stability and guarantee compared to other markets thanks to the diverse macro projects in steady development, our ideal geographic location, the climate, and our natural beauty and resources.


Our boom and increase of value provide investors a real opportunity to develop their capital. For these reasons some magazines and web pages are present in this important sector to introduce to all the Riviera Maya visitors the many options this market has to offer.

From Riviera Maya to Cancun



If you have been enjoying many days of beautiful quietude, peace and privacy in the Riviera Maya but you feel like changing the scene to enjoy a contrasting place for a bit and then continue to enjoy the serenity, we recommend for you to escape to Cancun. Try it of at least a day, as it is only 50 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.

We know that you probably did not come to the Riviera Maya to keep on listening to noise, but if you really feel like going to an ultra modern disco or your hands are asking for the most exquisite and elegant shopping in the Caribbean, the admit it and go look around Cancun.


Lately, Cancun has been renovated, and has become a very glamorous spot with many discos, aquatic parks, theaters, amazing avant-garde shopping malls offering luxury brands such as Luis Vuitton, Cartier, Fendi, Montblanc, Tous, Swarovski, Lladro, Boss, Mango, Rolex, Baccarat among others. Enjoy shopping in Cancun.

Entertainment in Playa del Carmen

Entertainment in Playa del Carmen


Mamitas Beach Club offers different ambients at the same time and has everything you need to create the atmosphere you desire with a familiar and youthful vibe. You will find ample parking, a beach bar and pool, changing rooms, beach umbrellas and cots, showers volleyball courts and a bar-restaurant. The Lounge Club is the only day lounge where you can enjoy a natural scenery of sun, sand and the beach in a lively mix with DJs, exotic drinks and much more; all this in Playa del Carmen.


Blue Parrot, Playa del Carmen's original beach club, is a "must do" for anyone visiting Playa del Carmen. Right on the beach in the heart of Playa del Carmen, the 3,500 square meter club boasts three unique outdoor environments with separate DJs catering to a broad international cross-section of customers. The club transitions from a tranquil spot to languish the sun or lunch at the classic beach front palapa, to happy hour (7-9pm) and into the high energy late night format which includes the legendary Blue Parrot fire show. Ladies night Monday and Thursday.

Tulum, in the Riviera Maya



The present-day Mayan world has preserved the cultural characteristics of its ancestors and, like them; it's made use of the natural resources of the region in a respectful way. The little hotels in Tulum focus principally on ecotourism, sustainable development and the nature preservation.


Weather you decide to stay at a luxurious or rustic bungalow, you will always be coexisting with the nature. You can enjoy by candlelight the delicious vegetarian cuisine and to take a nap in hammocks that hang between the pal trees. Tulum offers an experience unique in peace and tranquility for those that need to rediscover themselves.

Art festival in Playa del Carmen

Arts on 5th Avenue


Art is one of the greatest expressions of man which searches for many paths so be revealed to a public and surprise it with its intensity. Nothing is more sublime and pure of any form of art when it comes from the deepest corner of our being. And there is no one more in love of art that those who support that passion.

On May 3rd, 2007 the natural wonder Xel-Ha found the perfect place to show the harmony and originality of a group of artist that included painters, dancers, musicians, singers, photographers and theater presentations that delighted the 5tha Avenue of Playa del Carmen with their art.


The natural wonder of Xel-Ha offered three exciting evenings to present the outstanding art of painters such as Rodolfo Pacheco, Martha Fernandez, Vuctor Aburto, Alberto Sada, Enrique Sortes, as well as an authentic participation of the Dance School "Talulah", a performance by Coco Bongo Disco, guitar player Oscar Castro and puppeteer Oscar Landeta, who all together created a marvelous show.

Thanks to the support of many people, the first free cultural forum of the natural wonder Xel-Ha was a complete success for our local and tourist public and hopes to make this cultural space a splendid opportunity to reunite true art lovers on the 5th Avenue, the heart of Playa del Carmen.

The Riviera Maya, a paradise for shopping

Shopping at the Riviera Maya


Paradise can be found at the Riviera Maya no thanks to our beautiful beaches, variety of water sports, spectacular cuisine, and the most unique pedestrian in walkway in Mexico, but also because this is shopping heaven.

The Riviera Maya is located in the state of Quintana Roo, This is one of only two states in Mexico that have been declared a special low tax zone borderline heaven. This is good news for us shoppers since the most exclusive fashion brands and jewelers invest a great deal in cities around the world that offer this particular benefit.

Thanks to the fact that the Riviera Maya is a low tax zone, shop owners pay much low tax fees. This translates into lower price high quality items and objects of desire.


The ambiance at the Riviera Maya can easily be described as artistic and bohemian, in part due to the many incredible designers and retired artists that have made this town their home. Lucky for us, they have opened quaint boutiques all over 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, where they offer high quality and unique designs.

The Riviera Maya is an international gateway where a wide and eclectic variety of nationalities visit and live. This cultural diversity has evolved into an opening of a global market right here in our street with numerous well known brads from all over the world.

Relax at the Riviera Maya

Spas in the Riviera Maya


The Riviera Maya has been blessed bye the nature with one of the most beautiful and peaceful coasts. Here the richness abound in the water, the air, the ground ans the energy in general. The elements dance as a whole to create a relaxed, wealth-producing and magic environment. The Mayan history persists clearly in the pyramids, vibrates, finely in the hands and the spirit of the land. The Riviera Maya is the perfect destination to relax of the tensions of the big cities and the devil stress. Most of the recognized Spas offer many ways of consenting your body, mind and soul.


Try the thermotherapy at the Riviera Maya's spas. The physiotherapy thermic bed gradually corrects the misalignment of the vertebral column caused by posture errors and puts back on its place the vertebras with no secondary effect. It is perfect ofr specific problems such as lordosis, scoliosis, sciatic nerve, disc hernias. In addition it helps with all kind of problems related to the vertebral column. The continuous use of the bed leads to gradually eliminating insomnia, gastritis, colitis, among others, as well as improving circulation and mental clarity.

Dive in the Mesoamerican Reef System

Coral Reef in the Riviera Maya


Below the water of the Caribbean sea and the running parallel along the coasts of our Riviera Maya, wind a unique natural marvel our coral reef, or more specifically, the famous Mesoamerican Reef System.

Second in longitude only to the Great Australian Barrier Reef, it extends along the eastern Mexican coastline of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.


The Mesoamerican Reef system is comprised of an ecosystem of enormous fragility yet provides nourishment and refuge to a many different species of marine life, which is why its protection and conservation deserve close attention.

A coral reef is a limestone that provides refuge to almost a quarter of all the marine life in the sea. As one of the biggest and most complex ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs are home to more than 4000 species of fish, 700 species of coral and thousands of plants and animals.


Often mistaken as plants or rock, coral is composed of tiny, fragile animals and their skeletons known as polyps. There are two types of coral: hard coral and soft coral. Coral reefs are one of the most biodiversity resources that have conservational and economic value in the tropical and subtropical regions. However, they are seriously affected and threatened by indefensible human activity and by factories linked to world climate change.

The seas of the Mexican Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico possess an estimated of 1350 square km of coral reef. These reefs sustain an excellent quality of marine life for fishing ad diving, and the demand for this natural resource fuels our tourism industry.

If we want healthier reefs full of marine life, responsible development and flourishing tourism, preventive methods must be applied for the good of the Riviera Maya, the country and all humanity.

Ecotourism in the Riviera Maya

Ecotourism in the Mexican Caribbean


Ecotourism, also known as ecological tourism, is a focus on those tourist activities that benefit the preservation and appreciation of nature and culture.

Ecotourism is defined as "that environmentally responsible tourists modality that consist of traveling to or visiting natural areas in order to enjoy, appreciate and study the natural attractions of these areas, as well as any cultural manifestation that can be found there, through a process that promotes the conservation and care of these areas, and propitiates and active participation that is both socially and economically beneficial for the local populations".


The Mexican Caribbean is known for its archeological wealth and its beautiful beaches and reefs. It is almost unknown, however, in regard to its variety and the elevated scientific and tourist interest in its natural heritage. Tourism, professionally organized and efficiently oriented, can contribute decisively in the preservation of the natural environment, allowing the visitor to enjoy the natural surroundings that are as varied as they are attractive.

There is a great deal of interests on the part of public and private institutes in preserving our Mexican Caribbean's flora and fauna. The fragility of coral reef, the mangroves, the tropical jungle, and the quality of its ocean, cenote and lake waters, demand a coordinated effort.


Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Aktun-Chen, Dolphin Discovery, Punta Venado, Altournative, are some of the companies responsible for caring and promoting the eco tourist activities of the Riviera Maya such as horse back riding, swimming with dolphins, diving in reefs and cenotes, jungle walks, visit the subterranean rivers, and contact with the Mayan communities, among may other activities. Come and enjoy the Riviera Maya ecotourism!

The secret of the sand in the Riviera Maya

Parrot Fish and Sand


As we walk along the Riviera Maya beaches, we feel fine, cool white sand under our feet. This sensation is what makes us unique in the Caribbean. It is the result of a process that is not without interest.

The beaches are the result of de-fragmented rocks. Beach sand goes through two erosion processes. One is from dry land material, suck as rocks. On its part, the reactive agents that usually act upon rocks are carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. Furthermore, some combined minerals can form soluble carbonates which mean that they play a part in the oxidation and dissolution of rocks making them more porous and facilitation fragmentation.


The region of the Mexican Caribbean is the best example of the second erosion process. Here we find a large number of coral reefs, accompanied bye limestone rocks, shells and the very important collaboration of the Parrot Fish.

The parrot fish has specialized in a feeding system to which few have access. It feeds on coral. Because of its sharp beak, similar that of a parrot, it can bite small pieces of coral that are as hard as rock. But since the coral pieces cannot pass whole through its digestive tube, it solves this problem bye chewing its hard food with a group of pharyngeal teeth located in the back of its throat. It is normal for the scuba divers visiting the area to clearly hear the sound of teeth breaking coral produced by the parrot fish feeding in the area.


After chewing the limestone and reducing it to dust, the parrot fish digests it after filtering the sand.

Thanks to these natural marvelous processes we have the fortune of walking along the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean beaches without being afraid of burning out feet, so off with your shoes and enjoy a long walk in the Riviera Maya.

Sacred Mayan Beverages at the Riviera Maya

Sacred Mayan Beverages


The Mayan culture because they look for what can't be explained, what be can't touch. Symbolic messages hidden in the religious and social things, and their food were a merely sacred thing.

Among the symbolic ceremonial drinks that they used to use, two were the most important ones: the Balche, which was the one used the most, and that even in these days they drink in their ceremonies and the Saka. These two liquors were considered symbolic for its pure and natural contents.


The legend says that the Balche was created thanks to a love story about a young girl called Sak-Nicte (white flower) and a young warrior from the same tribe, both of them hid in the Mayab jungle, running away from an old cacique that wanted to separate them. They, looking for something to eat, found a honeycomb; they took the honey out and left it inside a tree called Balche. Early in the morning started to rain, the water got mixed with the honey, and this exquisite beverage was formed.

Days went bye and the cacique found them, when the young warrior saw that his days were about to end, he offered him great food and this beverage was served, the ecstatic cacique accepted to let them live only if they told him the recipe of the sweet and delicious liquor.


Since then, this liquor has two basic uses among Mayans; purify the person in order to be able to participate in the ceremony, and produce specific feelings that may let the person walk into sacred world.

The second representative beverage of the Mayans is the Saka (corn), it is made of not well cooked nixtamal and used specially to be offered to the gods of the mountain during milpa phases that symbolize life, youth, immortality and wisdom.

This offer to the gods is very important so man may be protected of dangerous animals, or those that eat the corn, and among all, it is important to make rain fall and water the corn, because if there were a lack of water and not corn could be produced men would die because they wouldn't be able to reproduce, because corn was known as a fertility symbol.

To try these drinks for the first time is really a ritual, but once you try them, for sure you will ask for a little bit more.

Riviera Maya and water therapies

Water Therapies in the Riviera Maya


Water in combination with other elements, has been used since ancient times in multiple therapeutic treatments that in these days are administered in spas, health centers and ayurvedic and holistic centers all around the world, because they have relaxing, calming purifying, cleaning and rejuvenating properties that make mental, physical and spiritual treatments better.


Water heals, and combined with salts and other elements and used in internal and external treatments it is recommended in the therapies to deal with joints', and muscles' injuries, and people with dermatological problems and cancer patients. Animals that live in harmony with the element are also used to help kids with different abilities or people with psychological problems.

Water is a powerful element that has been of huge importance for the alternative healing techniques in the ancient Ayurveda documents, they talk about water as a nectar, a nectar that eliminates fatigue, encourages and benefits digestion and among all, cleans and renews the body from inside to outside.


There are some therapeutic techniques from which water is a part of: massage under a shower or in a bathtub, treatments with warm water rich in mineral salts, baths or infusions with herbs, plants, leaves and wild flowers, warm sea water baths and hydro massage in bathtubs full of sea water.

As we can see, all of us that live close to the sea, can enjoy the benefits that this huge pool in the Mexican Caribbean offers to us, but if what we want is a specialized therapy or massage that helps us be in harmony with our body, mind and spirit, don't hesitate to visit one of the specialized centers in the Riviera Maya.

Skimboarding in Playa del Carmen

Skimboardingin the Riviera Maya


Yet when Playa del Carmen's waves are not big enough for surfing, young people have found a way to enjoy the ocean, and take advantage of the fine sand of the Riviera Maya practicing a different sport, skimboarding.

The sport consist in throwing the board on the sand when there's still a thin layer of water, run, and jump on it, keep your balance and continue, if possible until you get to the waves that break close to the shore, and try to perform a trick, similar to the ones that can be done either with skates or skateboards. It sound really easy, but it requires practice and balance to accomplish it.


Boards are usually shaped as teardrops or ovals and some nose lift at the very end, though some people prefer circular boards. Skimboards are made of several thin layers of wood, plastic and other materials, they are rigid and relatively dense, and it's rare to see a board of more than 2.5 cm thick.

When the surface is not a little rough, it will be needed to put some board wax, in order to have more traction and make it easier to stay on it.


According to experts, it's difficult to define the best technique, the best wave, or the best board to practice this sport, all depends in which is the best for you and the beach where you will use it. Most of the people agree that the best place to practice it is where waves break close to the shore, because it's easier to get them and perform a trick or take a longer ride.

Mexico is the best place to slide; Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination to practice this sport.

Riviera Maya, trouble in paradise.

Hurricanes in the Riviera Maya


The Yucatan Peninsula and specially the Riviera Maya, have been called in the last few years as one of the most paradisiacal touristic destinations in the world. A weekend to rest, business or convention, honey moons, expeditions or a very well planned trip can be reasons to enjoy this natural paradise.

It may be the color of the sea, the white sand or the magic that can be felt on the streets when you listen to varied languages, different accents, or when you see skin colors that urn red with the sun, it's a multicultural environment that reminds you hoe changing and surprising Mexico can be. But unfortunately as everything in this world, it is not a perfect paradise, year by year it is threatened by the giants and advance shaking it; strong winds and non stopping rains that leave on its way chaos and destruction.


The word "hurricane" comes from the Mayan term "hurakan" that means one legged, according to the Mayans, when the gods got mad with the first human being, Hurakan unleashed the flood that destroyed them. And it seems that even now, the creator god turns furious during some months every year and scatters it breath over the Riviera Maya. Even though it is possible to get information out of the oceanic and meteorological instrument that tell us about the probable route that the hurricane may take, this information doesn't guarantee the specific route of the storm, that is why it is important to be prepared and not to take any risk, because the god Hurakan can at any time blow its fury on another direction.

The ocean in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Ocean's waves in the Caribbean


The beach and the sea have always been considered fascinating and inspiring settings, full of magic, dreams, legends,. Its attractive may be in the sand, the horizon, the sun or the waves the whisper something every time they break in the shore.

May the waves be big or small, they all have a few fundamental characteristics in common, and they play an important role in the ocean's operation.


Ocean waves are physically an energy manifestation that moves through a medium, in this case this medium is the water and this physical phenomenon can not only be seen in the sea, but also in lakes, a puddle or even a cup of coffee.

Wind really comes from an imbalance in air pressure and waves come from wind, air continues to move as wind, as long as a difference between temperature and pressure exists. These changes in the air temperature are produced when the sun heats the zones close to the equator more than the poles. So, in general ocean waves' main source of energy is the sun.


Explained in an easier way, the sun heats the air, the different temperatures come together, and the air turn into wind that transfers energy into the waves, pushes them and makes the water move in a circular way, that's why when an object floats on the surface, it simply goes up and down, when the wave passes below it.

In the beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya you will find big waves for those who enjoy swimming in a rough sea or small waves for those who enjoy a calm vacation. Don't miss the opportunity and come to Cancun.

Whale Shark in the Riviera Maya

Dive with the whale shark at the Riviera Maya

To think of a fish that can be 18 meters long sounds a little prehistorical, even more when we are told that it is herbivorous and it lives in these days distributed among the warm waters of the world. It's fascinating to think that the same water where swimmers enjoy summer, this gigantic animal lives.

This creature is really a fish but people include the name whale because his enormous size.
Whale sharks are essential animals in the ocean. According to experts, to catch these animals could produce terrible disasters in the ocean's balance. This is why every place this creature visits, ecotourism program that protect it and inform to the people about the characteristics and situation that this huge animal is facing are developed.

Whale shark turn out to be great tourist attraction that let divers get close enough to touch them, and is an awesome unique experience the takes them even to cross the word only to touch their rough skin.
The local community of Holbox Island developed conduct codes that let you enjoy this fascinating experience at the same time you preserve this natural wonder.

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Five Mexican beers to try in Cancun

Five great Mexican Beers.


Americans are enjoying Mexican beer more and more these days. Here are short descriptions of each Mexican brand from the Cerveceria Cuahutemoc Moctezuma Brewery.

Tecate, first brewed in 1944 in the small Mexican town of Tecate is the #3 imported beer in the U.S. A refreshing, authentic Mexican beer, Tecate is consumed with salt and lime and is favorite among Mexican-Americans.

Dos Equis is an authentic Mexican beer with a bold and adventurous character available in two distinct flavors, lager and ambar. First brewed in 1897 at the Moctezuma Brewery in Monterrey, Dos Equis was created to commemorate the approach of the 20th century and was awarded its original name Siglo XX that later become known as Dos Equis.


Sol, the Spanish word for "sun", is Mexico's refreshing golden lager beer with a smooth and refreshing taste. The beer was first brewed in 1899 in a village not far from Mexico City. Like the sun, Sol is full of life and is one of the fastest growing brands in Mexico.


Carta Blanca has been brewed in Mexico since 1893 and was the first Mexican beer exported to the U.S Carta Blanca has won numerous gold medals and international taste competitions and is the second largest brand in Mexico.

Bohemia is brewed with only premium ingredients and imported European hops. Bohemia is a rich-tasting golden lager. Regarded by many beer connoisseurs as Mexico's finest beer, the brand has won several competitions and taste test worldwide.

We hope you can visit Cancun and the Riviera Maya and try these Mexican beers.

Xcaret and the Maya Culture

About the Mayan Culture.


Water assumed great importance to the Maya. The ocen, sinkwholes, and surface rivers provided means for purification, ceremony, crop irrigation, transportation and trade. The exterior of homes built at sea level consisted primarily of bamboo. Xcaret's replica of lowland homes is blessed with an abundance of fresh produce and sits picturesquely along the river's edge. A canoe filled with fruitful overflow stand ready for departure to destinations along a designated route for trade.

As architecture evolved at slightly higher elevations, the bamboo was replaced with a harder wood. The palapas at Xcaret show a variety of creative constructions: homes where the wall posts and other where they are horizontal. Still other constructions portray more artistic woven pattern with the long hard wood posts. Because the Maya had no nails, joints were bound together with bejuco, a supple tropical vine.


The Maya were not without a sense of humor: the intermediate horizontal wooden beam supporting the roof was called the beelcho, which literally translated means "the mouse path".

Where stone platform were unnecessary, homes rested on the ground. Floors consisted of limestone gravel covered with compacted layers of white sascab sand; or simply hard compacted earth.

As the Mayan Village path at Xcaret reaches even higher elevations, the homes are constructed of stone and blocks of sand, similar to those found in the mountain communities of Chiapas and San Cristobal. The Village's uppermost replica reflects the colonial influence with the introduction of red tile, rather that the more traditional palm roofs.


We hope you can visit Cancun and the Riviera Maya, don't miss the opportunity to learn more about this ancient culture.

Cancun and the Mayan World

Mayan world close to Cancun


It's not difficult to imagine what daily life was like for the ancient Maya. Over 6,000,000 Maya still live in Mexico and Central America, over 500,000 right here in the Yucatan Peninsula. Thought a hectic world gains sophistication around them, they refuge themselves in the security of a proven past. They remain today the humble descendants of one of the most respected civilizations on Earth.

Although their forefathers were steeped in the complexities of mathematics, astrology and astronomy, and exhibited an intellectual acumen that continues to defy the modern world, they lived uncomplicated lifestyles. Basic wooden-framed huts provided them everyday comfort and convenience. The perimeters consisted of straight young tree trunks from the neighboring jungles, and large accordion-like xa'am palm leaves provided steal-tight, lean-to roofs. Today, any structure with this kind of overhead covering is called palapa, the Maya word for roof.


The best place to acquire a sense of authentic Maya architecture is Xcaret, a family oriented ecological, archeological, cultural theme park just south of Cancun. A few of the archeological groupings within the park give a concept of the communities general layout. You can also see the stones platforms upon where many homes were built. Homes were elevated when weather or wildlife dictated. Also, in fact on one of the sites is a low wall made of narrowly stacked, uncemented stones, which oftentimes outlined and delineated family plots.


The reconstructed Mayan Village at Xcaret provides accurate visual specifics of indigenous dwellings and daily life. The multileveled village displays the gradations of Mayan architecture from sea level to mountain terrain. As you casually walk its paths, you can almost hear the bustle of feet and the murmur of hushed voices as the authentic ambiance echoes the sounds of life long ago.

Cancun, the place to try boogie boarding.

Boogie boarding in Cancun.


Everybody knows that Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thought most hotels offer myriad beach activities, the hotel zone's pubic beaches are also worth a visit. The most popular are; Langosta, Tortugas, Chac Mool, Delfines (also known as El Mirador) and Ballenas. However, something really fun to do is boogie boarding, or as it also known – bodyboarding.


If you have never been on a boogie board, this might be the pace to try. Ask at your hotel marine, they usually have them for rent by the hour or bye the day. The board is something like a short surfboard with a Velcro wristband.

The vast majority of bodyboarders usually wear swim fins on both feet to aid in controlling trajectory, adjusting speed while riding, paddling out, and taking off.


Take the board and attach it to you left wrist of you are right-handed or vice versa; this is to keep you good hand free for paddling. Walk out to where the waves break, throw yourself on top of the board, and hold on; the wave will take you in to the shore, For beginners is a good idea to start off on the smaller waves and build up some confidence. As always swim with a friend and be aware of the safety flags on the beach.

The Mayan World, Riviera Maya.

The Mayan World


The Maya civilization was developed over tree thousand years on the 500 thousand square km now occupied bye the Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo; as well as the Central American countries of: Honduras, Guatemana, Belize and El Salvador.

This region, known as the mundo Maya, encompasses many attractions like archeological sites, colonial cities, native communities, ecological reserves and diverse scenery.

This section describes many sites that have been discovered relatively close to, or within, Cancun, one of them is the Hole Zone. In addition the archeological museum is next to Cancun Center.


Ruinas el Rey

The largest archeological site in Cancun is located ant km 19 on Kukulcan Blvd; its name is El Rey. It includes plazas outlines by buildings and platforms that connect with a 200m path. The sites boom was from 1250 to 1500 a.d.



The main building is the Sun Temple, which 2m high masks have human characteristics and attributes of people from the history, such as fantastical features representing the Maya mythology. The anthropomorphic faces decorated with animal faces, which together, compliment the symbolism of the building.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka'an


The Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve (85mi south from Cancun) is the habitat of an extensive fauna: more that 325 species of fowls and 101 different mammals have been classified.


Inside its lagoons, which are maintained with underground rivers and surrounded by mangroves, it's common to see manatees, along the 74 mi of beach. White and Howksbill turtles arrive during May and December to lay their eggs. The coral reefs are part of the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest reef on the planet.

The group Amigos de Sian Ka'an, has office in Cancun, it offers several departure times with previous booking.


Akumal, Riviera Maya.



Akumal, located 102km south of Cancun, is right on the shore of a tranquil bay with clear, shallow water that is perfect for snorkeling. There are several hotels of different categories as well as restaurants and many shops.


Snorkeling and diving trips to the offshore reefs (considered some of the finest in the area) are offered by many waterfront operations, Fishing trips are also available.

Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya.

Puerto Aventuras


Nestles beside a lovely stretch of white beach is Puerto Aventuras, 60 miles south of Cancun. Its sea is clear, calm and perfect for swimming. Deserted stretches easily reached on foot. This 900-acre development features hotels, condominiums, restaurants, shops, full service marina, dive center, nautical museum and 18-hole golf course.

Aktun Chen, Riviera Maya.

Aktun Chen


Aktun Chen is a natural park located 66 miles away from Cancun, in the heart of Riviera Maya consisting of a spectacular 5,000,000 year-old cave with a magnificent vault, discreet illumination and easy walk paths making the visitors comfortable.


The caves contain thousands of stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations, sculpted by the water along with a 12m depth sinkhole with clear blue water and abundant wildlife. It name means "cave with an underground river inside". There are no set schedules for tour and there are guides available to take you when you arrive.

Moving to Mexico from US or Canada

Moving to Mexico, to be aware of before shipping your furniture from the USA or Canada to Mexico.
  • If the furniture is new, you will need an invoice from the store where you bought the furniture, NOT a slip but an invoice and a Certificate of Origin for the furniture, which the store has to provide.
  • Used furniture for your home in Cancun DO NOT require to pay taxes. For more information on this matter, contact us.
  • Port of exit of all goods should be from Miami, Florida this would ensure that the port of entry is Puerto Morelos (25 minutes from Cancun). This does not mean that the goods cannot be shipped from any port whether it is Canada or the United States the importance of this is that if the shipping leaves any other port the goods will go to Veracruz another state 12 hours away from Cancun or to Progreso in the state of Yucatan 4 hours away from Cancun. Shipping out of Miami, Florida is less expensive, faster, and ultimately convenient.
  • Once you have your invoice and certificates of origin, we will give you a quote of the entire cost, taxes, customer broker, transportation, and delivery to the condominium and our fees.
  • The Certificate of Origin must have the name, signature, and logo of the manufacturer or store where the goods were purchased.
  • The invoice must contain description of the items, unitary price, total price, origin, the physical address of the manufacturer or store (not a P.O. Box), and tax ID.
  • Do not ship ceramic, textiles (beddings, towels, clothes, etc.) alcohol, shoes or toys made in China. The tariff on these items can be up to 500% of the original cost
  • Other items that are NOT to be shipped along with the furniture are food, medicine, medical instruments, shoes, and alcohol.
  • Avoid sending personal items that are not documented, these can be shipped but require special treatment and are exempt of taxes.
  • What is the Certificate of Origin? Said document certifies where the goods were manufactured. As you know, Mexico has a National Free Trade Association (NAFTA) with 42 countries in three continents.
  • Countries in the NAFTA treaty have much lower taxes. This does not mean that you cannot ship goods manufactured in other countries that are not in the treaty, it means that if the goods come from countries NOT in the treaty taxes and tariffs apply making the import value higher.
  • Once the goods arrive at the Puerto Morelos port we take over and our job is finished when the container is at your home or business to be unloaded.
  • We can also recommend the shipping company we work with in Miami, Florida. The ship leaves on Monday morning and arrives on Wednesday afternoon and it takes five working days to liberate the goods from customs.
  • The countries in the NAFTA treaty with Mexico are:
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Colombia
    • Venezuela
    • Costa Rica
    • Bolivia
    • Nicaragua
    • Chile
    • European Community (25 countries)
    • El Salvador
    • Guatemala
    • Honduras
    • Iceland
    • Israel
    • Norway
    • Liechtenstein
    • Switzerland
    • Uruguay

Swim with whale sharks at north of Cancun

Whale shark swiming at Isla Holbox  2hrs north of Cancun

Whale-Shark Expedition (May to September) - a boat trip along the virgin cost of Holbox Island to meet the majestic and friendly Whale-Sharks (more than 10 meters long). A worldwide unique experience.  Reserve a whaleshark  tour here

He found that the Whale Sharks tend to aggregate every year around Holbox and the Campeche bank. They are still not sure why, but they do know that the main reason is the nutrient rich water that comes into the basin at this time of year. This is now a protected park but the problem is that now they know that the Whale Sharks go way out of this range and they need more protection. The Mexican government has been very strict thus far but will need to do more soon. Holbox has changed from a sleepy fishy village, (island), to an Ecotourism
Island. The fisherman have turned into guides and have done a  great job of
setting rules and guidelines that the tourist that come to see the Whales sharks must follow

The team has made many observations with two types of tagging, photographs, sightings, etc. With the satellite tags, they get information once the tag pops off the Whale Shark which is usually in about one month
Holbox will need to make sure that they only allow a certain amount of tourists and boats out in the park waters at one time. They are worried that too many boats will affect the Whale Sharks in general. Hurricane Wilma did put quite a damper on this island but the tourism and people have brought it back. The Mexican government and the Whale Shark team are very concerned that boats may come from as far away as Cancun. Once the Whale Sharks leave Holbox, some go towards Texas, some towards the western gulf, some down past Cozumel, some towards Cuba, but they don't know where all of them go. They don't know at what age exactly they are mature enough for mating. They don't know where the pupping grounds are or when and where they mate. There are a few fisherman stories about the Whale Sharks thrashing around, like fighting and then the water turns white. Hopefully this will be documented and then they will know that the Whale Sharks come to Holbox for something beside food. It's usually also timed around the snapper spawn

Each year many Whale Sharks visit isla de Holbox, from 500 - 1500, May - Sept.
Whale Sharks come when the water is nutrient rich. 
Whale Sharks can eat up to 9 pounds per hour in the right conditions

Whale Sharks tend to aggregate every year at and around Holbox, both Mature males and female and Immature males and females.
Whale Sharks feed in 3 different ways, Active Ram filter feeding, Vertical feeding when the waters are nutrient rich, and Passive feeding, when they just have their mouths open and maybe get something.
Whale Sharks are very fast growing animals

Whale Sharks closest relative, the Nurse shark

Whale Shark numbers in the Caribbean are increasing.

Whale Sharks can travel up to 35 miles in one day

Whale Sharks can go as deep as 3000' which they don't know why but right now they think it has something to do with cooling off. After a full day of feeding at the surface in the hot sun, they rest and glide down and then come up in a short time. So this shows that Whale Sharks can go into very cold water, 38, but they don't stay long.

The brain of a Whale Shark can fit into the palm of your hand so they think this shows that the Whale Shark does not think as much as other sharks.
Whale Shark migration may start in Holbox, but they do not know where they all go. Somehow they find their way back to Holbox. Do they stay in and around the Caribbean or do they go all the way over to Africa and back. No one  knows this information yet.
Whale Sharks can have up to 300 pups, but they don't know where, or when.

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The Natural Wonder Xel-Ha



The Natural Wonder Xel-Ha invites us to live all the magic and adventure of nature with its most surprising concept: All Inclusive Xel-Ha. With the all inclusive entrance you obtain unlimited surprises that make you visit a fascinating one.

Enjoy a breakfast Buffet full of wonders ready for you. Recharge you energy during you day with all the snacks. Enjoy your favorite drinks and eat in restaurants all day long. Have fun choosing from a selection of International food a la carte, Mexican Buffet and International Buffet. Sweeten you taste with all the exquisite ice cream. Pamper yourself without limit.


The all inclusive Xel-Ha entrance prepares you for the best experience: snorkel equipment plus a gift snorkel tube, lockers and all the towels you need. You will also count with live-vests, bicycles, inner tubes, showers, bathrooms, dressing rooms, lounge chairs and hammocks.

All the water, adventure and land wonders await you with your All Inclusive entrance. Snorkel and amaze yourself with the most spectacular natural aquarium. Shout loud from the highest point and feel the adrenaline of the Cliff of Courage. Discover the river and let the magic current take you. Visit the Black Lagoon and row towards a new horizon of silence and peace. Explore may more wonders!

Luxury Avenue. The place to shop in Cancun.

Luxury Avenue, shop at Cancun.


Some people have always known what they want to be in life – a doctor, a lawyer, a mother, a teacher. I've always known that my true vocation in life is, simply, to shop. So it was with much anticipation that I set off on my first visit to the Mexican Caribbean's most luxurious shopping mall, Luxury Avenue.

Walking up to its fountain-lined façade, with Cartier and Luis Vuitton boutiques either side of the entrance, I geared myself up for what looked like a shopaholic's paradise. Where to begin in this designer mall devoted to some of the world's most prestigious luxury brands? I instantly spotted Ferragmo, Longchamp, Tous and Burberry, just fraction of the boutiques that can be found on the ground floor. I was planning on using this trip to stock up on presents for friends and family, with few treats for myself, naturally. My first stop was Cartier. Then I went to Ultrafemme and bought perfumes.


One year has passed since we began the intensive process of rebuilding Cancun, which was left devastated bye the passage of Hurricane Wilma. Although extension and improvement projects are still in progress, we can now say, with great pride, that we have passed the test. The beaches, which are the soul of this paradise, glisten beautifully.

Luxury Avenue bids a warm welcome to DKNY, Les Bons Enfants and Coach, the latest boutiques to stock splendid ranges of luxury brands. This continues its development into a beautiful shopping venue of world-class status of luxury items.

It's time for giving presents, so why not drop into Luxury Avenue to give pleasure to your nearest and dearest? Have lots of fun!


Wolford, Ultrajewels, Tous, Salvatore Ferragamo, Purificacion Garcia, Paul and Shark, Pineda Covalin, Ultrafemme, Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Les Bons Enfants, DKNY, Luis Vuitton, Longchamps, Montblanc, Fendi, Daniel Espinosa, Ermenegildo Zegna, Coach.



Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Isla Mujeres in front of Cancun.


Rich in the lore of Mayan goddesses, European pirate escapades and Spanish conquistadors. Isla Mujeres is the perfect place fo those looking for relaxation, fun and passion. It has the freshest seafood and quality jewelry at bargain prices. Isla Mujeres is also very well known for its drift driving & terrific snorkeling. Actually, one of the top dive destinations in the world since visibility is exceptional, normally 80 – 100 ft. There are over 50 local dive sites, most can be reached in less than 25 minutes.

Reef shadows the coast from Isla Contoy, north of Cancun, to the Chinchorro bank in southern Quintana Roo. This barrier and fringe reef system is part of the Grest Mayan reef, the second largest in the world.


The coast of isla mujeres is an ideal snorkeling and diving spot. The warm, clear, turquoise, cal waters of the west coast are the perfect place for beginners to get a taste of the underwater wonders, while diving at the Manchones reef, south of the island, is an amazing experience for even the most demanding divers. The extraordinary variety of sea life offers an exiting dive for the beginners and advanced divers.


Reefs support more living organisms that any other ecosystem. Among the estimated 500 fish species inhabiting the waters of the Mexican Caribbean, one may find angelfish, parrot fish and groupers coexisting with a huge variety of other marine creatures such as lobster, octopus and the occasional sea turtle. Reef formations vary in shape and size according to many factors like their depth, the types of coral, the local ocean currents and wave action. Multicolored sponges, delicate sea fans, anemones, and seaweed adorn the local reef systems, and some feature huge brain end elkhorn coral.

Coatlicue, Mother of Gods. Cancun.

Coatlicue – Mother of Gods


As you travel along Kukulcan Boulevard, you will notice a series of monuments set against a backdrop of palm trees and tropical shrubs. These are faithful reproductions of ancient statues, found in various archeological sites throughout Mexico and the Mayan World, reflecting the enormous cultural heritage while enhancing the beauty of the Hotel Zone.

Standing 2.57 meters tall, the original statue of Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess of both the heavens and the underworld, dominates everything around her. She gave birth to the gods and to humankind but, as she frequently ate her progeny, Coatlicue was regarded as both the great creator and destroyer of life.


In the statue, Coatlicue´s head has been cut off and instead are two serpent´s head, symbolizing the flowing of blood. Around the goddess´ neck is a necklace of human hands and hearts with a skull pendant in the middle. Her hands and feet feature claws, as a symbol of her thirst of human blood and the brutality of her nature. Coatlicue´s torso is covered with human skin and her skirt is made from writhing snakes.

Coatlicue originally stood on the Great Temple in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. The statue was buried by the Spaniards, who found this terrifying.

Nightlife in Cancun

Cancun's Nightlife


Welcome to Mexico. One of the first Spanish words you´ll probably learn here is "fiesta" and for a good reason. In Cancun, partying takes precedence over just about everything. This is a resort city that never sleeps, which means that your hotel room is just about that last place where you want to be at night.

Nightlife in Cancun runs the gambit from the romantic to the outrageous; few people can resist its glamour, spontaneity and splash, which is why this island is anything but deserted when the sun starts to go down. So to help you live it up like a tourist and get around like a local, we´re going to teach you the lingo and the latest in this city´s relentless, never-ending nightlife.


Just outside you hotel lays a sparkling 22 kilometer stretch of pulsating clubs, Caribbean extravaganzas and live music bars. But perhaps the best place to begin your nightlife experience is right at you hotel. Margarita and Cerveza (beer) are useful words to learn before you start off your evening. Both are served up during hotel happy hours – usually between 5 and 7 p.m. One can witness sipping frozen tropical drink specials or puffing a fine Cuban cigar. Most resort hotels offer live lobby music ranging from rock to salsa. The rhythm of the evening sets in as the balmy breeze blows and a canopy of stars fill the night sky. Cancun is a musical hub in the Mexican Caribbean.

Cancun, the greatest paradise on Earth.



It all came together more that 30 years ago, when a group of forward thinking Mexicans caught on the "peso potential" of the tourism. Moving to the beat of a booming Acapulco, these modern-day explorers traveled from one end of the country to the other, in search of the next perfect vacation spot. Gathering data on possible mountain top Shangri-La´s and seaside Edens, they worked their way back to their base, where the final selection would be left up to a newfangled technological tool – the computer. Feeding all their findings in the gigantic, buzzing machine, they were rewarded at last with a paper printout that read: Cancun.


And, today, this formerly deserted stretch of Caribbean coastline – the "future resort of their dreams" – is one of the most highly visited vacation destinations on the planet.

But 3000 years before no computer touted Cancun´s great potential, the mysterious ancient already Maya inhabited the land, their civilization thriving here until about A.D. 1200. Now you, too, can lay claim to this picture-perfect place where Mayan magic meets modern know-how, where luxury hotels meet jungle wilderness, where white expanses of sand meet turquoise waters, and where star-studded nights meet sun-soaked days. The sight of one sunrise in this paradise will make you a believer: the possibilities are as vast as the endless Caribbean horizon.


Cancun, situated on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is divided into two zones: The Hotel Zone, located on Cancun Island, and Downtown, on the mainland. The island is shaped like a "7" and is joined into the mainland by two bridges, each spanning less than 100 yards. The lovely Nichupte Lagoon nestles inside of the "7" to the island´s south and west, while the north and east, the Caribbean Sea caresses 22 kilometers of white sand beach. Just minutes away, downtown Cancun bustles with activity, its more than 500,000 residents and international tourists sharing the bountiful public services available in the burgeoning community. Visitors may get loose with the wide assortment of things to do here, and it´s very easy to get around.

The Mexican Charro



A charro is the quintessential Mexican figure and charreria is the most traditional and national sport. Its origins are found in the countryside, where horses introduced by the Spaniards in the 16th century where rapidly adopted for a number of chores, while their riders dressed in a manner dictated by the climate and the environment. The traditional Mexican charro is known for the colorful clothing and participation on charreadas.


The decorative trappings of his steed and the rodeo-like stunts he performs are the elements that set him apart from the rest of the world's equestrians. There are different categories of charro costume, they all have features in common. The jacket is short, so the rider does not sit on it, and its made of suede and drill cotton with solver buttons, when not worn for work. The pats, also of suede, drill, or denim-like fabric with optional silver ornaments down the outside of the leg, are tightly fitted down to where they cover the top of the foot and heel. Boots do not have laces and are of black or brown leather, or gray suede. The heel is straight in order to attach the spurs.


A charro's hat is made of dark felt and timed with a band or string. It always has chinstrap. This costume is accessorized with the addition of a belt, vest, tie, cartridge belt, and sarape.

Charreria is predominately a male sport; women perform in only one event, the skirmish where eight women cheerfully perform precision patterns while riding sidesaddle, often with musical accompaniment. You can watch the exhibitions in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Xcaret, a natural paradise.



I know Xcaret intimately, and have loved everything about its magical Mexican playground, a world-renowned cultural, ecological, and archeological park south of Cancun, which tantalizes the sense of all ages and tastes, but I've recently returned after and extended absence, only to find it better than before.


Two free archeological tours now serve as time tunnels into Mexico's past. Simulated senses accompany the imagination to envision the Maya as they once lived, as knowledgeable guides explain the ancient structures left behind. An afternoon tour meanders through original sascab caves to an authentic Mayan Village, where dancers, priests and warriors add a pulse of breath to what must have been. Five free interactive ecological tours provide memorable experiences with Mexico's wildlife from the air, land and sea.


Fascination with Mexico's coral reef is fed by a new snuba excursion five minutes outside the park.

Tlachco is the new 6,000 capacity auditorium, which hosts one of the most elaborate cultural events in Mexico. It follows Mexico's chronology, from the ancient Maya to today with over 300 performers, pok-ta-pok and fireball game exhibitions, elegant costuming, and professionally choreographed performances.

The informative jungle tour concludes with a raft trip down the newly discovered Rio Paraiso (Paradise River), offering an eye opening view of the rivers that honeycomb the Yucatan Peninsula's crust.

Xcaret is still focused on giving its visitors only the best.

Puerto Morelos, a few miles from Cancun.

Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos is just 36 km down the coast, being Cancun's closest neighbor, yet proximity is about the only things the two have in common. It's hard to believe the same coast spawned them both, but the of course it didn't.

Cancun is a matter planed resort built from scratch and blueprints, while Puerto Morelos is a true native son. And while the resort can only get bigger, Puerto Morelos – with the help of its quirky, upbeat and pan-national population is evolving.

Puerto Morelos has been fixture of the coast for over 100 years old, but the generations of projects and lots of activity are symptoms of youth, the Puerto Morelos is getting younger as we speak.


A majority of the full time beach residents run the town's many businesses. Residents include scores of clever men and women engaged in variety of activities. There's painters and artisans, marine biologists, dive masters, mariners and lots of families. Residents are also extremely interested in the environment and there's virtually no crime. In fact, Puerto Morelos is decidedly easy going and almost bohemian in the best sense of the word.

Puerto Morelos has several hotels, guest houses and some nice hotels. There are plenty of little restaurants and the water-sport operations take folks snorkeling, diving, kayaking, deep-sea fishing and sailing.

Watch the toucan at the Mexican Caribbean.

The Toucan


Undoubtedly, the keel-billed toucan is among the most popular and recognizable bird in the tropics. Its famous lime-colored beak and calypso-colored body is featured on billboards, T-shirts, book covers and souvenirs across the land. Few creatures have their distinctive-looking as the toucan; its remarkable profile is unmistakable and therein lies the secret of its success as a mascot and symbol.


The keel-billed toucan is one of the 37 species that belong to the Ramphastidae family, all of which are native to Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. It is surprisingly large, and the bird most outrageous feature is its beak, which is lime green with red, blue, black, orange and yellow highlights. It can be larger that the body, its something scientists argue about, some say it is used for defense purpose; other claim it is used to attract mates. Food gathering seems its principal function, however. The long beak allows the bird to reach fruit from trees and also comes handy for trapping insects, lizards and snakes, as well for snatching nestlings of other species; something it has been observed.

You can see many Toucans in Cancun and Playa del Carmen; and also along the Riviera Maya.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen


The firs time I remember setting foot on Playa del Carmen, I was traveling with my parents; we spent several winter vacations at a small, rustic, and virtually-unknown camping spot called Tulum. As far as I can remember, Playa del Carmen was just a tiny fishing village where you could take a ferry to Cozumel, and slightly larger Cancun was the only place where you could find the bare essentials.

Soon enough, a group of savvy investors became aware of the business potential of this highly-promising Caribbean destination. Playa del Carmen, with its long stretches of pristine beaches, cool, turquoise waters and hundreds of acres of green jungle, seemed like a windfall.


Sixteen years after my first encounter, Playa del Carmen was in full bloom, or so it seemed. Its main street, the Mexican version of the 5th avenue, shared a few commonalities with its famous namesake: many wonderful shops, an endless array of languages being spoken bye the hundreds of tourists strolling about, and an undeniably cosmopolitan feeling. Playa del Carmen's 5th Avenue, however, is a pedestrian walkway set against a backdrop of the Caribbean sea.


Playa del Carmen never ceases to amaze me. Playa del Carmen is considered the heart of the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen has continually boasted the highest percentage of the entire country. Playa del Carmen's appeal can reach out to just about anyone who is seeking to enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation.

The amazing Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya


Not very long ago, the entire eastern flank of the Yucatan Peninsula was a virgin beach, its long stretches of white sand overlooked bye nothing more ambitious than coconut palm. But times have changed and progress has touched the Riviera Maya, as the 100-mile corridor form Cancun to Tulum is now called. The Riviera Maya principal quality is its diversity.

There's something to satisfy every style or budget. If you are looking for the grand hotels with all the services, you will find these in Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Akumal.


The Mayas constructed important urban centers throughout this region. In addition to the most famous – Tulum, Coba, Xcaret and Xel-Ha – you can see others like Tankah who is practically right on the highway, a little before getting to Tulum.

Cenotes are naturally occurring wells and surface extensions of the subterranean rivers that course through the Yucatan Peninsula's limestone layers and flow towards the sea, it is the only Yucatan's source of fresh water. They were wholly to the Mayans who built important cities around them. They are very common throughout the Riviera Maya.

Hacienda Mundaca, Isla Mujeres.

Hacienda Mundaca, Isla Mujeres.


During the golden age of swashbuckling in the 17th and 18th centuries, the pirates who roamed the Caribbean would often vacation on Isla Mujeres and harbor their ships in their tranquil waters of Makax Lagoon. Locals thing that famous buccaneers Jean Lafitte and Henry Morgan buried their treasures in the powdery, white sands beneath a palm tree even nothing has been discovered.


Isla Mujeres' most notorious resident, Fermin Mundaca, was a slave trader who preferred to be regarded as a pirate; somehow a more respectable occupation. Of the countless yarns that has been spun about this colorful character, the most common is that he set a torch to his ship, renounced his lawless profession and build an enormous hacienda all for the love of an island girl, known as La Triguena, who never moved into the grand estate that Mundaca built for her, but spurned his attentions for the love of a poor, but honest islander. The self proclaimed pirate died, heartbroken and single. Mundaca's epitaph reads: "What I am, you shall be: what you are, I was". The hacienda has been partially restored and open to public.

Cozumel Island, next to Playa del Carmen.



Known as the Island of Swallows, was a Mayan holy ground dedicated to Ixchel the fertility goddess. Later in history, it was visited by pirates who hid theiur treasures.

Nowadays, Cozumel is a divers paradise discovered by Jaques Cousteau. Some enterprises offers continuos daily departures from Playa del Carmen to this peacefull refugee with astonishing natural beauties and entertaining options.


Cozumel offers wonderful places to shop for jewelry, perfumes, duty free items and handicrafts.

Encounter the paradise and take with you the best memory of the Mexican Caribbean visiting Cozumel!

Day of the Dead. A mexican tradition.

Day of the Dead


On November 1st and 2nd, the Mexican people celebrate their loved ones that have passed on. The best way to describe this Mexican holiday is to say that it is a time when Mexican families remember their dead and at the same time, the continuity of life. Two important things to know about the Mexican Day of the Dead are: it is a holiday with a complex history, and therefore its observance varies quite a bit by region and bye degree of urbanization. It is no a morbid occasion, but rather a festive time.


Generally speaking, the holiday's activities consist of families welcoming their dead back into their homes, and also visiting the graves of their departed ones. At the cemetery, family members clean up the gravesite, decorate it with flowers, and set out and enjoy a picnic while visiting with other family and community members who gather there. In both cases, celebrants believe that the soul of the dead, the animas, return and are all around them.


The meals prepared for the picnics are sumptuous, usually featuring the foods the departed love ones liked, such as the Yucatecan chicken and pork pot pie dish and a special egg-batter bread, "pan de muerto", or bread of the dead. Gravesites and family altars in the homes are profusely decorated with flowers and adorned with religious amulets and with offerings of food, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

The traditional observance calls for departed children to be remembered November 1st, the Day of the Little Angels, and for adults to be remembered on the 2nd day called All Saints Day.

Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatan. A natural reserve.

Dzilam de Bravo


The Dzilam de Brazo State Reserve offers one of the most unspoiled and spectacular bird watching areas in the Yucatan. Formerly difficult to access, a local cooperative in the busy fishing village of Dzilam de Bravo offers a wide range of boat tours into the preserve area.

A small lagoon is one of the closest stops and allows incredible viewing of hundreds of flamingos. Early morning is best for viewing the flamingos, which may disperse to other grounds later in the day.


Another shorter tour is to the fresh water spring Xbuya Ha, it is a few hundred meters offshore. You then land amidst tremendous numbers of pelicans and shorebirds to debark upon a boardwalk that takes you into the mangrove marsh, giving a spectacular close up look at this ecosystem. At the end of the walk is the cenote Elepten also teeming with fish.


Longer tours go to the lagoon of Angosta River, offshore the Bocas islands and overnight camping can also be arranged with tents and 2 person kayak included. The cooperative also offers fishing trips out of the port. The fleet of sturdy new boats can take 8 passengers each. We hope you visit this part of the Yucatan state.

Helicopter in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Helicopter in Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres

Flying Cancun to Cozumel Isla Mujeres Holbox Island
You can buy your own private air tour of Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen,
with flights available days and evenings.
Air Executive transportation
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When you demand our services our pilots and land personnel are offrering complete satisfaction in your necesities.
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Air Ambulance
Air Medical Assistance in all type of emergencies above all when time is vital.
Our Helicopters and aiplanes are at you disposal,  Specially where the ambulance can not arrive there.

Air Film and Photograph 
 The airl photographies are useful in the inspections of large extencions ofr lang in order to be used in cartography or map making, observing the greater extencion of the cities in order to plan posible urbanizations, in the discovery of the presence of ancient civilizations and to observe the fauna and flora distribution of our Earth.
Aereal photografy is vitally related with design and drawing. Verticfal focus can offer interesting information and above all present an image of graphic interest. Photographs taken from an airplane or an helicopter means a 1/500 of a second

Air Rescue
Air Ambulante Service takes complete charge and resposability of all the necessary details. Service offer is from bed to bed delivery, total safety, in short time and low price service

Air taxi, Flying Riviera Maya Tulum Cancun rent plane, aircraft

Air taxi to Fly in your private plane to main attractions on south caribbean

Rent aircraft to flying Tour to Chichen Itza
Located 115 miles west of Cancun, Chichen Itza is a bit too far for a comfortable day trip by car. But don't despair; you can reach these spectacular Mayan ruins via a small charte plane. Once at the ruins, a five-hour visit includes a private tour with guides
Fly to:






















Weddings at Playa del Carmen Akumal Tullum

 Honeymoons and Weddings at Viva Wyndham Azteca

Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by spectacular Riviera Maya ocean, tropical jungles, and the Mayan mystery of an ancient culture at the Viva Wyndham Azteca. located on the Yucatan Peninsula, along the Mayan Riviera south of Cancun airport, you and your wedding guests will be transformed by the friendliness of our people, great food, exhilarating recreation and the sheer beauty of our native village-like setting. Bright Mexican colors, Aztec murals, palm-covered walkways through beautifully preserved gardens, all add to the excitement of your wedding and honeymoon. we're the ideal caribean beach destination for wedding parties.

Between wedding events, you and your guests can relax in beautifully appointed, colonial-style guest rooms. Lounge on private balconies and terraces with breathtaking views of the ocean or tropical gardens. Unwind by our freshwater outdoor pool or earn certification at the dive center. To work up an appetite, there's snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, fishing, golf nearby, and horseback riding.
Meet family and friends at our beach bar, two cocktail lounges or three restaurants. Enjoy great cuisine seasoned by Caribbean, Mexican and European influences or your favorite American specialties. Take a sunset cruise or stroll along a secluded beach. Dance at our discotheque. Explore the exciting nightlife of Playa del Carmen or go back in time touring Mayan archaeological sites.
Our all-inclusive wedding packages make great ceremonies and receptions easy, and easily affordable. Surrounded by tropical splendor, great recreation and easy elegance, the Viva Wyndham Azteca is the perfect place for a Caribbean wedding and honeymoon in Mexico.
Fil the reservation form below or email wedding enquire here


Limos Riviera Maya Playa del Carmen limousine

Limo Transfer to Cancun Airport from Riviera Maya hotels

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Isla Mujeres food restaurant and cofee

Picus. My first and last Isla meal, with a few in between. Ceviche is IMHHO, the best. I get the mixto – shrimp, squid, octopus, conch. In comes on a plate, not in a glass like the solo ceviches. It is superb. The conch and o'pus are tender too, a rarity. Lime and cilantro fragrances. And at 70p, a bargain. Lobster? 3 mediums with all the fixins – 150p. At 11:1 exchange rate, that's what, USD .13.50. The snapper Veracruzana and the fish filets with garlic – super! Super!!

Na Balam's Zazil Ha. Wow, the lobster bisque is still awesome. One time it was a bit off, but the other times, 10+, lots of lobster and sooooo creamy smooth. Wow again. But, 115p. Expensive. The lobster tostadas were not up to par of 2 years ago – just OK. The tuna spring rolls are great. The crème brule was not brulled – soft and sort of like tapioca. Disappointment. The scorpio tequila is 60p a shot and 900p a bottle. Rip off for 1800 anejo. It seems Na Balam is keeping pace with pricing but not improving or maintaining. OK, some Jacuzzi suites went up 2 years ago, but I spoke to several people staying there that felt the lack of amenities (no phone, TV, clock, frig) were too glaring for the price of a room and the food. The crepuscule shrimp and the black pasta with squid were off too. Bottom line: we'd go for a tequila scorpio, get 2 bisques and one app and then have a latter dinner elsewhere. Too bad, but still good.

Angelo's. Now here is a fine consistent place, better than Rolandi Pizza. The menu is some apps, pizzas and pastas, but are they ever great. The pizza oven is out near the street and you see the pies being made and put in the oven. Prices 55-75p All are fine. The pastas – oh my! I had the Pacifico (linguine with shrimp in alight red sauce) and the fruiti de mari (white oil and garlic with clams and shrimp).. Both are really excellent and 70p (?). And all the garlic bread you want. Nice wine list – we always got a Spanish rioja – Paternina (?) for 220p. Angelo himself does the cooking.

Café Cito. Nice for breakfast or lunch. Light yogurt, eggs, coffee, sandwiches.

Sergio's Playa del Sol. Nice place to watch the sun set and have a beer. The food – questionable. I know many here know Sergio and I did meet him briefly on Dec2, as he was having a party with a band following him around. I know he doesn't remember. His friend Ed and he left. Next day, the waiters were all hung over, haha! Sergio seems nice and several folks I met sat he is great guy. But the food – guac OK, chicken nachos - ^&*^&*&*. I won't say how bad they were. Two other couples, there at different times, agreed. So, just get a drink and watch the sun. Sorry.

Posada del Mar. The bar in back by the pool is n ice and they make mean strong drinks – great banana-strawberry daqu with a rum float on top. The restaurant, Penguino's, serves a very nice breakfast and if you sit right at the front facing the street, you have a show!

Alexia y Giovannis, by Leonore. Wow, what a place. Shrimp soup, chile rellenos, breakfasts like eggs (huevos) rancheros and moltenos – excellent, fresh and cheap.

Jammin. Across the street from Alexia y G. Nice place, indoor and a yard. Had an USD5.00 burger – 350 grams, with Lettuce and tomato, cheese and fries. Giant burger, hard to handle as is almost the size of a Frisbee!!

Chiles Locos. Fine place. Drinks are 2-4-1 from 11AM until your drunk, as they say. Jorge, the owner, is a card, Okey Dokey! Fine food. The chile loco, the namesake, is a wonderful baked poblano pepper stuffed with creamy seafood. But it is small. I told Jorge to double the order or charge half. It does take prep time tho. The coconut shrimp are excellent – plump, juicy and not too sweet. I had a free drink per meal coupon from Kathryn of Travel From. I pulled it out and Jorge shrugged, but when he took it and saw Travel From, he lit up and said, My Friend Kathryn!!! We each got free drinks with our meals that night and every time we ate there. After the free drink, It's 2-4-1 – cab me a call home, Gorje, haha!

Sunday Ribs. It's called Asadero Tino's Costillos al Carbon. Located in a yard on Matamoros, just up from the water and Medina. Sundays only and just look for the smoke! Ribs are ready by about 10-10:30 AM USD3.00 gets you about half a rack, ensalada, rice, beans, salsa and tortilla. Scrumptuous. Take em back to the room, or the beach and have soap and water ready clean your fingers and face, haha. Super good!

Sunset Grill. On North Beach. Nice guac, fish tacos; easy place to chill


Birdwatching and jungle trips at Celestun, Yucatan.

Celestun, Yucatan.


Located 96 kilometers from Merida, this typical, quaint fishing village has a few hotels, as well as several very good seafood restaurants, small shops and a harbor. Celestun is not only famous for its seafood restaurants, but also for its river, beautiful flamingo colonies, fresh water springs, calm beaches and salt fields.


The main thing to do here is to contract a boat to go to the river and see the flamingos. There are boats located at the entrance to Celestun and another group on the beach. Please don't get too close to the flamingos. If you scare them, they will loose important energy. They can also break their necks or wings if there are frightened into fight. If we don't protect this fragile eco-system, they will not only leave, but they will die. The best time of the year to see these beautiful pink flamingos, is from March to August, the time opf the year when they leave their nests to eat the rich plankton of Rio Lagartos.


May we say there is absolutely no hunting permitted in Celestun. Part of the Boat excursion includes a visit to the fresh water springs Valdiosera and Venecia where the water is sweet, transparent and ideal for swimming.

You will also visit the Petrified Forest Tampeten, a strange place where you will see just the trunks of these trees with their roots in the water.


Mangrove Trips at Yucatan.

Mangrove Trips. A day in the jungle of Yucatan.

If you are looking to do something different, something the whole world has not done yet, and you have already visited the Mayan ruins, the coast of the Gulf of Mexico should be you next stop. All along the Yucatecan coast of the Gulf of Mexico, you will find beaches, lazy beach towns, delicious restaurants and many different kinds of eco-tourism adventures.

You should take a tour of the mangroves next to San Crisanto, a beautiful village 18 miles east of Progreso. San Crisanto is a place where there are a few tourists, no lines, no buses and only the noise of the ocean and wind.

This excursion is run by a local group of fishermen in San Crisanto who wanted to share their appreciation and love of the natural resources of the area – the mangroves, the Gulf waters, the cenotes, the fresh water springs and all the beautiful birds. With machetes they have carved out miles of trails through the mangrove forests, connecting crystal clear cenotes.

Paddling quietly through these light-dappled groves is like traveling through a tropical Venice. You and your friends and family can relax and enjoy the song of the birds and the sights of beautiful surroundings while your fisherman poles quietly through the shallow canals.

After about 25 minutes of pleasant travel through the mangrove groves, you will get to a cenote where you will stop for a swim. There is a palapa where you can hang hammocks if you wish. Don't forget to take water for you. Enjoy this trip in the mangroves of Yucatan.


The quaint fishing village of Chelem, Yucatan.

Chelem, Yucatan.

If you are looking for an authentic Mexican experience in a clean, peacefully quaint fishing village that boasts no gigantic hotels, no timeshare mongers and no razzle dazzle, then Chelem is for you.

West of Progeso, a few miles from Merida, you can get to Chelem by public transport or rented car. The Main Plaza has an arched Municipal building, church, local marked and lots of seafood restaurants and some good beaches. Chelem is a birdwatchers paradise.

Located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Cienaga lagoon, Chelem is very popular with snowbirds as private home rentals are cheaper on this side of Progreso.

Do the hour long boat ride into the sea to see the flamingos and sea turtles at the fresh water spring. Trips can be arranged with the fishermen captains south of the Main Plaza.

You can find great seafood in this part of Yucatan.


Progreso. In the heart of the Yucatan Coast.

Progreso, Yuctan.


Escape the cold of winter and the heat of summer in the heart of the Yucatan coast, Progreso. For many years, this small fishing village has been growing into a world-class retreat for people form Mexico in July and August and Canadians, Americans and Europeans in the winter.

While the temp in Merida and away from the coast is stifling in the summer, Progreso and the beaches are comfortable with cooling breezes of the Gulf of Mexico and an occasional cooling afternoon shower that creates spectacular sunsets.

Visitors appreciate the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of this part of Yucatan.


The beachfront 10-block long walkway, known as the Malecon, boasts many fine seafood restaurants. The fishermen land on the beach in the mornings ans afternoons, and at night you can see their lights bobbing on the horizon. Fishing with a local is a favorite pastime for many visitors.

Cruise ships arrive at the end of the 5 mile long pier, along with container ships and bulk products. There are private marina and repair facilities for sailboats and yachts in Yucaltepen harbor. Tour the mangroves, swim in a cenote, kayak, and canoe, enjoy!

The quiet village of Telchac, Yucatan

Telchac, Yucatan.


This port town is about 20 minutes from Uaymitun and 30 minutes from Progreso, making it just far enough from the dense population areas of Uaymitun,

Chicxulub and Tropical Riviera to maintain a social, slow,  laidback feeling. Telchac Puerto has a lot of useful services including private beach houses for rent, several seafood restaurants, a small market, harbor that has a gas pump, fried-fish stands, etc.


There is a town plaza and a park with a children's play area. There are Mayan Temples 6 kilometers inlands (Xcambo) and a light house on the small seaside promenade. For a delicious seafood lunch, don't miss all the restaurants in the mail plaza, their ceviches, fried fish, shrimp cocktails, and fish fillet are superb. During July and August the fair is in town with booths offering foods, knick knacks and mechanical rides.

Spend a day underground in the Caves of Yucatan

Caves in Yucatan


The Yucatan Peninsula is a porous limestone shelf that boasts no aboveground rivers of lakes. What we do have are underground rivers, lakes, sinkholes and caves that snake through the limestone. The caves of the Yucatan were sacred places for the Mata and are quite impressive. When visiting the caves is important to always enter with a guide.


Lol-Tun Caves

This name is derived from two Mayan words Lol (flower) and Tun (stone). Located in the Puuc region, 100 kilometers from Merida, these are the largest caves on the Yucatan Peninsula. They are also the ones that have been studied the most. The one kilometer route through the caves has been set up to make the going easy. Mamut bones have been found along with frescoes paintings on the walls. At the end of the route there is a majestic open dome.


Calcehtok Caves

These are also very large caves. These caves have a rather complicated series of tunnels, making it obligatory to use a guide. The name is derived from the Mayan words "Cal" (neck), "Ceh" (deer) and "Tok" (stone). Within the caves are a great number of pre-hispanic findings, such as intact plates, quartz hammers, arrow tips, stone sculptures and "haltunes" – stone type receptacles for water collection. Withing the chambers you will see natural formations that resemble different objects such as water walls, elephant, faces, animals, etc.


Tzabnah Caves

It is located 40 kilometers south of Merida, in the village of Tecoh. The name in Mayan means "the king's palace". There are stalactites, stalagmites, columns, deep crevices and 13 cenotes within. On the route through the caves is a huge chamber known as the Cathedral Cupula. Legend has it that a Mayan prince and a princess that he kidnapped, escaped to these caves and were lost.