Bodas y Eventos con Torcedores de puros

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Wedding roller cigars or Events roller cigars service

S&H    If you are buying :
1 to 10 use S&H 10 days USPS
11 and more  use S&H 10 days USPS $78

Remember to add the S&H necesary for your order
you receive the box in orders of 25 cigars

Churchill  $9  Torpedo $9  Robusto $7
Corona $7
Panatela $5

custom rings cigars

custom rings cigars

Supremo cigars is a
mark that grow in Cancun, Quintana Roo,
Mexico. Cigars stores to shop / buy online. Our clients are a cigars aficionado.
Taste one and become in a 100% satisfied customer of supremos  Cigars,
natural or flavor cigars, Panatelas, Torpedos, Churchill, Corona, Margarita
or Robusto. 100% handmade finest tobacco.

custom box cigars

lady roller cigars

Supremo cigars, buy supremo mexican cuban cigars puros on our
hotels tobacco stores


Cancun Cigars available at Hilton tobacco shop , Omni cigars
desk, Fiesta Americana lobby Riu Cancun, Riu Playacar , Riu Riviera Maya,
Sheraton,  Melia,  Mandarin , Four Season Capri, Fairmont, Viceroy,
Grand Las Velas, Palace Resorts, Barcelo, Tobacco Shop
Store, the finest tobacco Collectibles Supremo Tobacciana

personilez cigars

If you visit us on last travel to Cancun and Riviera
Maya or Playa del Carmen you tasted us  at your hotel in this area or in
Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco, Mazatlan, Ixtapa, San

No matter where you made an event or wedding we can
send a roller to your hotel. Bridal, anniversary Meeting or Convention rollers
for you
ORDER or send  a REQUEST filling below form

Wedding or Events Personalized Cigars
Cancun Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya Hotels in Mexico Weddings

Service for weddings or events,
Our  offer a show with a duration of 2hrs taking maximum time of 3 hrs.
Cigar Roller for the cocktail hour

50 cigars (2 boxes) of Corona without personalization  include  the raw material
for manufacture of cigars at the ceremony, as well as work table and cigar
rollers (torcedores)
100 cigars corona size custom gift the legend, logo, inscriptions, or whatever
you want to carry as well as the arillo cigar.include  the raw material for
manufacture of cigars at the ceremony, as well as work table and torcedores. the
legend, logo, inscriptions, or whatever you want of legend of  in the cigar box
as well as the of Arillo  has its own cigar roller to make your cigars fresh in front of your eyes. For a
more laid back stag, this could be just the thing.
tobacco used to roll cigars  is premium quality  from  Veracruz

cigar roller show

WeddingCigars for events

buy cigars

We send our

cigars to US

cigars for gift


gift cigars

Custom label

Custom rings

Custom boxes

See our Wedding services roller and
personalized cigar

Smoking Cigars Tips,
pairing cigars with drinks and meals, learn to flavor cigars

Servicio de torcedor de puros para
eventos bodas y banquetes

the finest tobacco Collectibles Supremo Tobacciana Cigar Boxes, Buy finest tobacco cigars handmade by cuban people, we have an experience
Cuban group to make the best cigars available
outside Cuba, we have our cigar stores in the best rating hotels in Cancun Mexico and our cigar aficionado
satisfied clients are from all around the world 100% satisfied guarantee



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