Accomodations in Belize

Accommodations in BelizeTravelers with a penchant for personalized service and attention to detail will find themselves enchanted with the myriad of places to stay. There’s a room to suit any budget or style. Belize’s variety of accommodations enhances a unique travel experience. When it comes to selecting vacation resorts, please don’t be misled by the term “small”. We mean resort properties in terms of rooms, not size or spaciousness. Although most small properties may have a limited number of rooms, they are big on comfort and personal service. High on the list of other advantages are things like variety, location, ambiance and price – all primary considerations when planning a vacation.For visitors looking to discover the cultural and ecological diversity throughout the country, there are several campgrounds and you can participate in the Maya Home Stay program.Much of the fun in Belize is found off the beaten track. Many visitors spend their days exploring and discovering the non-stop excitement. In such an antractive destination, flexibility and extra cash to spend may be more important that the size of the resort. Tranquil seaside resorts painted with soft or bright pastel colors dot the shoreline. Several of the offshore cayes are home to premier dive resorts and exclusive fishing lodges lying peacefully along the seafront. Isolated from the tourist hustle and bustle, these properties offer many of the comforts of a hotel “in town”. Some inns and resorts are situated along narrow roads and sandy streets. Others are tucked away between clusters od coconut palms. They are all special in their own ways, each deserving of consideration.Regardless where you come from, chances are you’ll find the place that’s right for you. When you visit Belize, thing small but have a grand time.

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