Attractions and Tours of Belize

Attractions and Tours of Belize
Just for starters you can explore over 2000 years of history, walk through the Garden of Eden and see what may the world’s largest outdoor zoo. One trip to some destinations is enough to satisfy your curiosity. Belize is one of those wonderfully strange part of the world that lures repeat visitors with an exotic surprise in store at every corner.
Picture an open-air wonderland packed with action and off the beaten path adventure. Jaguars roam the wilds. Rare birds dart in and out of the treetops and creatures of the deep glide through pristine waters. Lush rainforest shelters secrets of ancient civilizations. Rivers, jungle, mountains, coral reefs, expansive underground caves and glorious waterfalls larger-than-life playgrounds for all ages. The country is a kaleidoscope of exiting natural wonders and an incredible diversity of wildlife, all living in harmony.
Climb the ruins at Altun Ha in the morning and glide down the Belize River in the afternoon. See the animals of the Belize Zoo and explore the vestiges of the ancient Maya and mighty Xunantunich, or watch for manatees at Swallow Caye, all in the same day. A host of different half, full day, overnight and extended tours combine trips to different attractions. When it comes to excursions, Belize mixes the best of Central American rainforest with offshore pursuits of the Caribbean.
Inland options are varied and exiting. Maya archeological sites take you to a trip back trough time. Parks and nature preserves teeming with birds and other wildlife are an invitation to explore Belize’s natural beauty. Trails let you track jaguars and hike past waterfalls, while rivers give you the chance to tube or kayak your way into hidden caves. Learn about vegetation with medicinal properties, build shelters deep in the rainforests, go on a night hike for a good chance of spotting nocturnal wildlife or take an exhilarating boat ride to a place where the Maya once walked, just to scratch the surface of options available.
Trill seekers will find that this s only the beginning of a variety of outdoor recreation. Go on a nigh hike in Cayo for a good chance of spotting wildlife, as most animals are nocturnal. Mountain biking and horseback riding are great ways to explore hard-to-reach areas. Belize is a fantasyland of wild places and wild things. Jaguars roam the jungle in the preserve known as the Cookscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Howler monkeys scamper through the trees. One of Belize’s top attractions, the reserve is where you cross rustic wooden bridges following spectacular trails, or tube your way along a shimmering river. Magnificent waterfalls and sparkling rivers will enchant visitors in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the only pine forest in Central America. Just offshore, the Belize barrier reef parallels the coastline. Renowned for its marine life and coral formations the reef line is a big attraction for scuba divers and snorkelers.

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