Belize rivers jungle mountains caves waterfalls Maya ruins coral reefs

Welcome to Belize
In a world where smog, pollution and everyday hustle-and-bustle are commonplace, Belize is the uncommon exception. The air is fresh, the water is clear and the environment is its national treasure. The country’s warm, friendly people cherish what the have, and invite you to share it with them. Welcome to Belize, a little piece of our planet where earth is, as earth should be. Belize is truly a step back in time – a time before steel and glass and asphalt filled every corner of what used to be green. Of course there are modern hotels and industry, but it is mostly a country of innocence and charm. It’s like an outpost at the edge of our modern world. It’s where all thing wild can still live basically undisturbed. Geographically the country is small; but never underestimate Belize. In this compact area of land – as with the water of its coast – you will find incredible wonders. Above and below the waterline, the topography changes at every compass point. You will see, feel and touch a new realm of adventures. There is a bounty of rivers, jungle, mountains, caves, waterfalls, ancient Maya ruins, coral reefs and other spectacles in a world unlike any you’ve ever seen. And it is all closer than you think.
Today’s electronic era makes traveling easier than ever. Travelers looking for the ultimate in exotic getaways have easy access to information. These same adventure seeking travelers usually think exotic means far away. Well that’s not always the case. In actuality Belize is right under your nose. There’s no need to look at the other side of the globe. Just look a little south, less than two hours from the southern border of the US. You will find it tucked away between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean Coast of Central America. It’s truly one of Mother Nature’s best kept secret.
Small in size but vast in diversity, this tiny, English-speaking country is a shining example of nonstop adventure and environmental excellence. It is the essence of nature, above and below the watermark. In a world where rainforest and reefs are disappearing daily, it’s refreshing to visit a country where more than one-fifth of its land mass is dedicated to nature reserves. Like a land based on Noah’s Ark. These reserves are a refuge for the endless variety of wildlife. Some of this pristine land has never felt a human footstep, at least not for a thousand years or so. The same pristine environment may be found along the amazing offshore reefs and outer cayes. As the interior like a giant outdoor zoo, Belize’s underwater world emerges as a Technicolor aquarium. The proximity of reef and rainforest is what makes Belize so unique.