The birds of Yucatan

Yucatan Bird Festival   Five years since its founding, the Yucatan Festival of Birds has become a regular annual event. In this time it has developed into a highly competitive tourist product and positioned Yucatan in local, national and international markets as the perfect destination for nature-relates activities.   The festival’s name “T’oh” derives from the local name for the clock bird Eumomota Superciliosa, which is associated with the ancient Mayan archeological sites. Yucatan’s biodiversity has been vital to the festival’s success. Over 40% of the bird species recoded in Mexico have been recorded in the state of Yucatan, meaning of the 1054 bird species identified in Mexico, 430 are found in Yucatan. Given the importance of communities and visitors in the state’s bird life, various preservation and awareness activities are organized to promote sustainable tourism development. Help us promote bird habitat preservation by participating in the T’oh Yucatan Festival of Birds.