Boulevard Kukulcan in Cancun

Cancun   Cancun is a heaven on earth where nature manifests in multiple ways: beaches of white sands, transparent waters, coral reefs and relentless sun tirelessly giving away its warm rays. A place plagues with adventure: swimming with dolphins, diving in search of colorful beings, surfing or shedding some of that adrenaline in a jet-ski. Man has also put his creativity and inventiveness into work in this extraordinary place in order to embellish the region. First were the Mayans who built precious cities on cliffs and swampy zones; then in modern times, building and installations were built for the use of tourists, which architectonic features match harmoniously with nature.   Cancun is divided urbanely in two areas defined clearly: the Hotel Zone and Downtown. The Hotel zone is linked by the Boulevard Kukulcan Avenue, which is the most important commercial route. Along the Boulevard Kukulcan, the bets hotels, restaurants, discos, bars and malls of the city are located. When crossing it you may admire the amazing masterpieces of Mayan sculptures that give an historical and cultural shade to this important avenue. In the Boulevard Kukulcan, specifically in Kukulcan Plaza, a prestigious shopping mall, it is possible to know the Mayan culture more closely, thanks to the Mayan thematic vitral, which is located in the central zone of the mall. Here you can appreciate the Mayan idols like Kukulcan, the serpent with pens, as well as the jaguar, divined and feared, symbol of the power and the vital renovation; or Itzamna, the supreme deity; Xaman Ek, God of the north and polestar, as well as other rites and Mayan customs. This Mayan thematic vitral is a fascinating spectacle of light and sound based on fragments of Popol Vuh, the sacred Mayan book. The entrance is free.

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