Cancun and the Mayan World

Mayan world close to Cancun   It’s not difficult to imagine what daily life was like for the ancient Maya. Over 6,000,000 Maya still live in Mexico and Central America, over 500,000 right here in the Yucatan Peninsula. Thought a hectic world gains sophistication around them, they refuge themselves in the security of a proven past. They remain today the humble descendants of one of the most respected civilizations on Earth. Although their forefathers were steeped in the complexities of mathematics, astrology and astronomy, and exhibited an intellectual acumen that continues to defy the modern world, they lived uncomplicated lifestyles. Basic wooden-framed huts provided them everyday comfort and convenience. The perimeters consisted of straight young tree trunks from the neighboring jungles, and large accordion-like xa’am palm leaves provided steal-tight, lean-to roofs. Today, any structure with this kind of overhead covering is called palapa, the Maya word for roof.   The best place to acquire a sense of authentic Maya architecture is Xcaret, a family oriented ecological, archeological, cultural theme park just south of Cancun. A few of the archeological groupings within the park give a concept of the communities general layout. You can also see the stones platforms upon where many homes were built. Homes were elevated when weather or wildlife dictated. Also, in fact on one of the sites is a low wall made of narrowly stacked, uncemented stones, which oftentimes outlined and delineated family plots.   The reconstructed Mayan Village at Xcaret provides accurate visual specifics of indigenous dwellings and daily life. The multileveled village displays the gradations of Mayan architecture from sea level to mountain terrain. As you casually walk its paths, you can almost hear the bustle of feet and the murmur of hushed voices as the authentic ambiance echoes the sounds of life long ago.