Cancun downtown christmas and ney year parties

Best Downtown Cancun places to celebrate New Year Party Christmas or dance and drink to 2009  Bar Ocho downtown Cancun party for new year 2009 , byb bye 2008 party
Bar Music Disco Show Cafe el Ocho reservation phone +52 998 887 5009
Address Yaxchilan aside of Costco   El Tigre y el Toro Pizza & Wine  Italian Food el tigre y el toro restaurant Address of El Tigre y el toro restaurantt Av nader / Mero & Rubia
Phone 52-998-898-5562   Marakame Cafe, New Year Dine with wine and grappes Marakame cafe
Address of Marakame Cafe Circuito Copan SM 19 Phone +52-998 887-1010   Platton restaurant at Cancun platton hotel
to receive 2009 new year at Platton restaurant Bar
Adress of Platton Plaza Hollywood aside of Walmart
phone to reserve  52-998-898-2033 Cafe Club Cancun Downtown
A dine to serve at your house cafe club cancun
Address od Cafe Club Tankahh SM 25 Phone to order 52-998-884-1776   Mexican Cantina  really Cantina Mexicana
Cantina la Curva la curva cantina mexicana
Address Av del Sol es Quintana Roo Plaza Las hadas
Phone 52-998- 848-0458     Christmas and New Year at Los Almendros restaurant los almendros restaurant In Cancun address Parque de la Palapas phone +52 998 267-8600
Los Almendros  Merida City address Parque de la mejorada Phone +52-999-923-8135

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