Cancun, the place to try boogie boarding.

Boogie boarding in Cancun.   Everybody knows that Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thought most hotels offer myriad beach activities, the hotel zone’s pubic beaches are also worth a visit. The most popular are; Langosta, Tortugas, Chac Mool, Delfines (also known as El Mirador) and Ballenas. However, something really fun to do is boogie boarding, or as it also known – bodyboarding.   If you have never been on a boogie board, this might be the pace to try. Ask at your hotel marine, they usually have them for rent by the hour or bye the day. The board is something like a short surfboard with a Velcro wristband. The vast majority of bodyboarders usually wear swim fins on both feet to aid in controlling trajectory, adjusting speed while riding, paddling out, and taking off.   Take the board and attach it to you left wrist of you are right-handed or vice versa; this is to keep you good hand free for paddling. Walk out to where the waves break, throw yourself on top of the board, and hold on; the wave will take you in to the shore, For beginners is a good idea to start off on the smaller waves and build up some confidence. As always swim with a friend and be aware of the safety flags on the beach.