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Chocolate museum

Its main house of the reception is in honor to the Old Hacienda Uxmal, history of the important sugar estate of the family Peón.
It is not a conventional museum, our focus goes to the interactive side, where you are the protagonist of the tour.
The concept of the museum is to rescue the history of cacao; From Mexico to the world in botanical gardens with cocoa trees along the way.

Chocolate Museum has 6 permanent rooms, each of which represents an important aspect in the history of cocoa, a timeline from fruit to chocolate today.

Chocolate museum

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Chocolate Cacao Chichen Itza

The tradicional mayan house

Chocolate museum Caco museum

The arrival of the beverage of Chocolate to Europe

Chocolate’s story From 1800 d. C to the present
· Cocoa as currency, trade.
· Cocoa as an offering of Gods was considered a drink exquisite and high privilege being used in rituals and ceremonies.
· Drink Maya (choco-ha)
· Mayan codices and vestiges copper cocoa.
· A drink of nobility (bitter)
· A new ingredient (sugar)
· Cocoa conquers Europe
· How to prepare.
· Did you know that: In the 18th century a hard chocolatier.

Produced more than 10 kilos of chocolate a day.

Where chocolate would spread to the whole world with a variety of textures, blends and flavors.

· Cultivation techniques.
· Producer Countries.
· Varieties.
· Dangers.
· Grain Preparation Processes.
· How a middle class Maya family lived.
· Clothing.
· Utensils.
· Maya Burial.
· Orchards.

Mayan Ceremony (Cha-Chaac)

One of our most special moments is the Ceremony in honor of the god Chaac.
The Mayan world is one of the most Developed by spirituality and Man with the cosmos, with the whole.
guided by a Sack’be (white path) we will connect with mother earth through the jungle at the end of the road is the altar Maya that has been built as a sacred place by our priest who
will be our guide spiritual ceremony in this Mayan ceremony times immemorial, to ask the god Chaac, regidor of the rains,his favors and thus the milpa can develop and grow.

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