Cinema independent film festival Playa del Carmen

Who visit Beach of the Carmen usually is it in search of beautiful tropical beaches and Caribbean sunny. Nevertheless, Beach of the Carmen does not mean only this, but that in addition has a great variety of cultural manifestations, since their inhabitants come from all parts of the world. Within the framework of cultural wealth that this cosmopolitan city represents, it will be carried out from the 18 to the 22 of October the first international festival of cinema of the Mayan Riviera ( the Mayan Riviera Underground Film Festival), an event without precedents in the Mexican Caribbean that will reunite to important exponents of the audio-visual art of the region, of the country and worldwide.
 The festival will give to beginning day 18 of October in the facilities of the Hollywood cinemas, located in Seat Pelicans, with the projection of the cortometraje “Milk and the Water”, winner of XXI the Festival the International of Cinema in Guadalajara. The inauguration of the event will count on the presence of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, as well as of local authorities, the Examining Jury and the Organizing Committee of the festival.
Days 19, 20 and 21 of October, in the esplanade of Seat 28 of Julio, located in front of the facilities of the City council of Solidarity, the Official Selection of Cortometrajes of the Festival will project. After the exhibition of the cortometrajes it will be counted on the commentaries of the Examining Jury, with the purpose of creating points of interaction between the producers of cortometrajes, experts in the matter and the public in general. Also, the Examining Jury will distribute conferences according to his filmic specialty. In addition numerous simultaneous activities and forums of discussion will be made, emphasizing a factory of cinema distributed by the honorable Cuban film director Jorge Pucheux, about the assembly and disassembling of a cinematographic sequence.
During those days, if You are going to the cinema to see some film, surely it will find also some of the cortometrajes of the sample of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, because these will project in the best rooms of cinema of the city. In the festival also the winning cortometrajes of the Brooklyn Underground will be exhibited Film Festival, festival of cinema that for four years has been carried out in the city of New York, as well as a sample of cortometrajes made in Spain.
 Day 22 the ceremony of premiación of the festival in the categories of documentary, fiction, experimental will be carried out and animation. In order to finalize, the Puerto Rican group of reggae Prophetic Culture will outdoors offer a concert, which will also count on the participation of the group yucateco RadioSwap to open the concert.
Either that You are an expert producer and that it wishes to participate in the festival, in which case it will have to register his cortometraje before the 25 of September, or that simply enjoys seeing a good tape, in the month of October it will be able to see some of the best and the more creative cortometrajes of the world and will live one on his the more exciting experiences like fan to the cinema. The Mayan Riviera will be hoping it to offer vacations to him full of sun, beautiful beaches and also much culture and seventh art: an event that simply cannot be lost!