Cozumel, Quintana Roo

Cozumel   Nature is wise, it is in a constant state of recovery and weather Wilma (the hurricane) had hit or not, that is a fact of life. However, it did hit and hit hard, but this Island Paradise, the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, has allot of soul and today once again it has excellent water clarity, the east coast beaches are in great shape and are even wider than before. Restaurants and stores are uo and running.   Sharks, rays, groupers, parrot fish and barracudas are still abundant in the region, and despite a fallen dock, its people and its spirit survive to make visitors ever welcome. Its famous reefs are alive and Cozumel, being a mythical island, a sanctuary to the goddess of love and fertility, a place of healing, it is healing itself. Its main life blood, the cruises, are coming back, and the island of the swallows, cleaner than ever and buzzing with life, is also buzzing to welcome visitors back to its natural beauty.