Cozumel means Island of the Swallows in the Mayan language. It´s a paradise on earth with its incomparable beauty and the best romantic destination with magical sunsets. This island became an international tourist destination at the end of the ’50s. It´s located in front of Playa del Carmen and to 30 minutes traveling on ferry ride away.


Cozumel has an international airport as well as a port that receives cruise ships from all over the world. It´s also home to one of the best coral reefs worldwide for snorkeling and diving. Take some time to visit the malls where you can get exquisite jewelry, perfumes and accessories.  Visit San Gervasio ruins, once an important center for politics and trade to the Mayas. Cozumel invites you to enjoy a unique place.

Cozumel Island

Cozumel island

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