Crococun, Riviera Maya

Croco Cun Zoo   Croco Cun Zoo began exclusively as a crocodile farm. Today it has become a regional interactive zoo where besides crocodiles of various sizes you will be able to find specimens of several species of Quintana Roo jungle such as snakes, iguanas, spider monkeys, land turtles, white tail deer, badgers felines, birds and our famous Xoloitzcuintle dog.   The zoo has a guided tour that will teach visitors and explain about each one of our leading characters and will make sure that everyone interacts with them in an unimaginable way. You will be able to touch, pick up and feed many of these interesting animals and be witness of the activities of a family of wild spider monkeys that have made the trees of our park, their home. The magic of this tour reaches both young and old as it is a wild experienc3 that one cannot easily go through anywhere else. Visitors learn and have fun through direct interaction and feel submerged in the heart of the jungle as that is literally where they are.

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