Destination marketing activities to promote

Destination marketing relates to activities that promote a specific destination. A destination can be a city, a region. Cooperating with local resources and businesses to market your destination does three things: 1) builds a marketing network of local businesses; 2) gives potential guests more information and service; and 3) creates “buzz” about your area, all three leading vacation and business travelers to your inn.

One way to participate in destination marketing efforts in your area is to dedicate an area of your website to your area’s history, attractions, and events. Recommend local restaurants, services and shops, and provide links to these resources. Once you’ve posted links for local businesses, contact them and request that the businesses you are referring do the same by providing a link to your website as a way to build a marketing network.

Adding links to local resources gives prospective visitors a more complete picture of unique area attractions and events. Providing links to local museums, parks, venues and associations helps potential guests plan ahead, and shows your helpful service in its best light.

An additional benefit of having information about your city or region is a boost in the appeal that your site will have for search engines, which will see your site as a source of information when users search for your city or region not just your inn by name.

If you would like your destination featured on , please email us and tell us a bit about your area and what makes it so special.

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