Dive and Snorkel underwater museum MUSA

MUSA for Divers underwater

The Mexican Carib an represents a very good option for recreational scuba diving. where Cancun’s Nautical Members are found. they are the most important companies related to the aquatic sports industry of the world.
Nowadays, these waters are house of the largest underwater museums in the world, found in Cancun, Quintana R00. Mexico, museum is 9 to 30 feet depth. Visitors enjoy the beautiful sculptures to promote Cancun as artistic center in development and to continue with the project’s   inviting different well known artists to participate during the following years.

Cancun and Isla Mujeres Nautical Association along with authorities from the Marine National Park are developing this beautiful project motivated by the following objective to be eco-friendly  because these sculptures are designed to become natural reefs and are built with special materials which promote marine life and create areas for corals and marine creatures to develop.
The appearance of the sculptures will as time goes by and the colonization in it grows. Its creator gained international fame due to his unique job. his.sculptures have ecological Process while the elaborated relations between  art and nature.