Dive Riviera Maya and Cozumel

DIVE experience at Riviera Maya

Immerse in one of the most beautiful and cleanest water bodies of the world; the Mexican Caribbean.
Scuba diving is the action in which men immerses in water bodies. like the sea. a lake. a river. a flooded Site or a swimming pool, with the purpose of developing a professional. recreational. scientilic research of military activity with or without special equipment
Emile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau perfected the first autonomous equipment of underwater breathing strictly speaking from then on there have been many improvements and innovations in the design as well as in the scuba diving equipment quality but the basic principle remains.

dive cozumel
According to different schools and regulations. scuba diving is limited   at 65 to 130 feet  of depth.

Recreational scuba have two forms: free scuba dving   or apnea mean without breathing.

Apnea  inmersions is do it  breath after a deep inhalation. It can be practiced without any special equipment. but the current recreational equipment
configuration consists of an a  mask. flippers. breathing tube and snorkel, ballast and if necesary an insulating material suit.

In the autonomous scuba diving the dlver use compresed  bottle of air . The security standards require a safe instruments that  allow you to know under water the depth you are  and how much air pressure you have left.
it is a safe activity  but it has specific risks  therefore  needs knowledge  and responsability.