Dzibanché and Kinichná

Located in the Savanah of the Quintana Roo lower region Dzibanché and Kinichná are two jewels awaiting our discovery. This less-visited temples offer spectacular structures and perhaps some of the most beautiful work in the region. he impressive temples are enveloped in tropical forests and will enable you to have a Maya City all by yourself.

Mayan Ruins

Boasting four of the most beautifully constructed pyramids of the region, the Dzibanché and Kinichná are an extensive 40 km. a city built during the Classic Period (400-800 A.D.).

The City built as homes as well as an area for worshiping their gods contains a large number of Plazas ringed by large Palaces, platforms and ceremonial centers.Mayan Ruins

Because the site is very extensive and not fully reconstructed it is split into two areas approximately ten minutes apart.



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