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  • Cenote

    Cenotes or Dzonot

    The natural wonders of the state of Yucatan are remarkable and some of the most important and unusual are the cenotes or sinkholes. There are over 3000 cenotes, with only 1400 actually studied and registered. […]

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  • Lauros shop Playa del Carmen

    Retail Therapy on La Quinta

    While the beachfront and ocean constitute the body and soul of Playa del Carmen, the town´s sensual spirit pulses along Quinta Avenida, its main shopping street. Locals refer to this pedestrian promenade as “La Quinta” […]

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  • Mayan world

    Mayan World

    MAYAN WORLD It is a universe of cosmogony this sacred land that has been venerated for generations. A universe filled with knowledge and wisdom that never fails to surprise you with impressive buildings, its reminders […]

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  • Romance and Wedding

    Romance and Wedding

    The spellbinding atmosphere of Tulum waters and the star-filled skies, bear witness to the magic rituals by candlelight with the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and the moaning of the seashells taking […]

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  • Holbox island


    Holbox means “Blackhole” in the Maya language.  In the South part of the island, there is a lagoon with dark waters due to the vegetation on its bottom. Holbox island boasts miles of virgin beaches […]

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  • Tulum


    Arriving at the archaeological site provokes indescribable feeling, for its meaning as the main settlement on the prodigious Mayas. Visiting Tulum is a great opportunity to fully enjoy a religious and mystic place. Tulum was […]

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  • Cancun beach


    Cancún means “Snake -nest” in the Mayan language. It means nightlife and fun, but. not just that. You´ll find all you need to have fun during the day. You could rent a jet ski in […]

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  • Cozumel island


    Cozumel means Island of the Swallows in the Mayan language. It´s a paradise on earth with its incomparable beauty and the best romantic destination with magical sunsets. This island became an international tourist destination at […]

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  • Spa

    Natural Spa

    Herein are the ceremonial precincts where homage is paid to the body; where it is pampered and healed in the process. Specialized venues where exclusive natural formulas handed down from previous generations are employed, perfect […]

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  • snorkel-riviera-maya

    Water activities in Playa del Carmen

    Beautiful beaches surrounded by the warm, turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea it is quite natural to expect that the Riviera Maya will offer a wealth of nautical activities to engage the interest of visitors. […]

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  • dinner

    Mayan cuisine

    Here is where you can be seduced by an exquisite culinary tour, experiencing first hand the aromas and flavors that have emerged from the Earth as a tribute to nature in each dish of the […]

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  • Mayan Ruins


    It´s a fascinating archaeological zone not only by the historical background but also by the beauty that surrounds the ruins. This Mayan settlement had its origins around 200 B.C. The ruins are intriguing. Walking from […]

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