Explore Belize

Explore Belize   Belize lies on the coast of Central America and borders the Caribbean Sea to the East. While visiting don’t forget to savor the many flavors of Belize, a mix of Creole, Chinese, Indian, Mestizo, Maya and Lebanese cuisine and influences. The national dish, of Creole origin, is rice and beans, served with stewed meat, chicken or fish, potato salad and fried plantain. Seafood such as conch soup, fish ceviche, grilled lobster, garlic shrimp and crab dip can be found on restaurant menus. Taxis are available countrywide and are easily recognized by their green license plates. There are no meters in the taxis, so always inquire about the rate prior to hiring services. Many tours are available and can be arranged directly with various licensed tour operators or through the most hotels.   Discover Belize and explore our Maya history as you walk among the ancient, mysterious and once powerful archeological sites, such as magnificent Caracol, Xunantunich, Altun Ha and Cerros to name a few. Surroundings this sites are our natural forest reserves with an astounding collection of flora and fauna. You may visit the home of our majestic jaguar and four other species of wild cats. An extensive system of mangroves forests along the coastline support a great diversity of marine life, and provides a haven for the endangered manatee. The Barrier Reef, largest in the Western Hemisphere, is home to a wide variety of aquatic life. Our coral atolls, including the Great Blue Hole make Belize a diver’s paradise. Divers, snorkelers and anglers enjoy this aquatic playground, which provides adventure for the young and old.