Faux Art museum Cancun Riviera Maya pelopidas

Pelopidas museum has the largest collection of Faux Art works in the world 131 pieces that gathers mainly the masters of european and american impressionism as well as works of reference from the principal current European artistic schools.
Temporary exhibitions, is the ideal stage for renowned and new national and international talents, A multidiciplinary space to delight in plastic arts. It disply temporary collections diametrically different from another that demostrate the eclectic and innovative spirit of the museum with the aim to delight art lovers.
Faux Art: original reproductions created with the same painting techniques, pigments and surfaces as the original authors, endorsed by a certificate of authenticity
painting Workshop:
It is a workshop where not only abilities are taken in account but also personal interets thus the studends of art will be able to make the works they like.
Due to this personalized character the thecniques oil acrylic gouache will be suggessted b the person taking the art  workshop.
Next events:
Picasso Suite Vollard , the Voyard suite is one of the most important artistic in las century . the complicated history of of the origin of the work its the thematic variety and diversity technique

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