Fiesta Americana new year party and lodge

Fiesta Americana Cancun with a Mexican Party to receive 2009 at mexican Style
dance, enjoy and taste all mexican color flavor and music at
5 star hotel and place
Fiesta americana Cancun phone +52 998 881-4200New Year’s Eve “Traveling through Mexico”
Dinner Buffet
Salads & Appetizers:
Shredded venison “Ticul” style
Bell peppers in walnut sauce with pomegranate
Guacamole with pomegranate
Mixed Ceviche “Acapulqueño”
Fish brine
Fried corn cob with chili and epazote
Tomato salad
Jicama salad
Caesar salad
Shrimp salad
Cactus leaf salad
Beans salad
Potato salad
Beetroot salad
with apple, pear and orange
Variety of fine cheeses and cold meats
Soup & Cream Soup:
Mushrooms soup
Shrimp cream soup with spicy chipotle chili
From Veracruz:
Fish filet “Veracruz” style
Shrimp with chilpaya chili sauce
Black beans with Mexican herbs and dough balls
Mexican rice
From Yucatan:
“Cochinita Pibil”
Stuffed Hollandaise cheese
Beef filet “Yucatan” style
Baked suckling pig
From Puebla:
Turkey with mole sauce
Pork filet with red pumpkin seed sauce
Macaroni in Poblana sauce
Shredded chicken “Puebla” style
From Jalisco:
Chicken “Valentina” style
Shrimp with tequila and sangrita sauce
Beef filet with black sauce
Fish filet with coriander
Mexican Appetizers:
Sopes “Garibaldi” style
Molotes with zucchini flower and pork rinds
Ground beef and vegetables turn-overs
Fried chicken “Tacos”
Corn mushroom with Oaxaca Cheese
Custard with vanilla
Sweet fritters with syrup
Rice pudding
Neapolitan cheese
Meringue “Valladolid” style
Three milks cake
Chocolate cake with tequila liqueur
Crepes with milk caramel
Pumpkin sweet
Papaya with hollandaise cheese
Assorted Mexican candy
Traditional 12 grapes

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