Fly above the Riviera Maya

Sky Dive in the Riviera Maya   To fly, having the infinite sensation of freedom, and seeing the world from the top while suspended in the air. This is not the description of a movie scene; the dream of flying is probably as ancient as human existence. In our days this dream is possible, at least for a few seconds, thanks to skydiving or sport parachuting. We invite you to discover why this activity causes such fascination around the world.   The Riviera Maya is not only a heavenly place for vacation, but also is the perfect scenario for a successful jump, since you will be jumping a side from the coast, there are not as many obstacles such as mountains, trees or buildings, which helps accomplishing a soft landing on sand. Although there is a low risk of landing in the ocean, the instructor should be professional enough to have total control over landing spot. Skydiving is a unique sport; if you plan to dive from the sky, just make sure you pick a serious company to do so, with professionals to help you have a one of a kind experience, which we can assure you, will change your vision. We invite you o practice this activity for which you do not need wings, you just have to be willing to let yourself float in the air. You can own the sky for a few seconds, that is what skydiving is all about. A worldwide sport that has surprisingly developed new training techniques and equipment, contributing to safety, and to its amusement, that is why nowadays almost anyone have access to this magical experience.   It’s common before jumping, to be concerned about safety and physical integrity risks. However, in our days the advanced equipment makes it safe to practice this sport. A very important safety measure is that when you jump you do so with two parachutes: the principal one and a reserve. Both have the same amount of control. If the jumper for any reason faints, is unconscious or had an emergency and didn’t know how to react properly, there is now a system called “automatic opening” which consists in small computers placed inside the equipment, that are calibrated so that at a certain height and speed, the parachute will open automatically, therefore there is no possibility of the pilot landing with a closed parachute. One of the main fears of people wanting to skydive is that they will experience unpleasant sensations, like stomach churning feel, dizziness, or vertigo. However some say that it feels like leaping over an air mattress and being suspended, you will never feel any vertigo. Among everything the Riviera Maya has to offer, we strongly recommend that you dare to skydive; since it is another of the wonderful possibilities the Riviera Maya offers to live, one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. Touch the sky for a few seconds; enjoy the unique view of our beautiful Mexican Caribbean.

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