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Fly Fishing Isla Blanca Isla Contoy Bay Cancun
The well recognized town of Cancun is a great setting for warm weather and the visitor can enjoy it all year around. Not so well known are the wonderful fishing flats at north of Cancun. The visiting angler can experience a wide variety of shallow water and flat species. The fishing area is quite pristine and including rarely seen species. Anglers have a very good chance of getting a super grand slam (Tarpon, Snook, Permit, and Bone fish) in a few days of fishing can be found any of this fish for both the fly and conventional angler. This adventure will be unforgettable
The fishing area it’s located at Isla Blanca, just 45-50 minute drive north of Cancun. The tour guide will pick you up and drive you to the fishing grounds. Our guides are the only guides for flatting tours in the area. The flats are quite diverse. With only few days of fishing the anglers will get the experience to fish in shallow sandy flats, lagoons, channels, holes in flats, grassy flats, that may be waded. The bottom is mostly soft mud, not good for the angler who solely wishes to walk the flats.
Fly Fishing Isla Blanca:
    Is a  distinct and ancient angling method, most renowned as a method for catching trout and salmon, but employed today for a wide variety of species including pike, bass, panfish, and carp, as well as marine species, such as redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish and striped bass.  Is a type of fishing that involves using an artificial fly. It is different from traditional fishing methods in  that fly anglesr cast a hook that generally has bits of feather, fur, foam, yarn or other similar material attached using thread to form what is refered to as a “fly”, as opposed to using worms or other bait.
Grand Slam or Super Grand Slam: In professional fly fishing it is to catch in one day one specimen of the most wanted species by these anglers. 
    The area is calm, without pressure of fishing and with a nature that even today is in pure state. It is a destiny where it is not rare to make a Grand Slam and Super Grand Slam (to fish “Permit”, “Bonefish”, “Tarpon” and “Snook”) in the day 
Fishing Zones
FISH SPECIES: Targeted species are: Tarpon, (10-40 pounds), Snook (5-25 p), Bonefish (1-5 p), Permit (3-20 p), Barracuda (1-15 p) and sea Trout (1-4 p).
SEASONS: The fishing area produces fish year around, but the winter months (december-march), due to bad weather in those months, flats sparse for bonefish and permit. All other species are present throughout the year though. Peak months all fish species are may through August.
Accessories     Fish Seasons
 FLY TACKLE . All of the fishing can be done with light fly fishing tackle and encouraged by the guides. Anglers must bring their own gear. Fly fishermen need to have at least 1/8. Reels should be high quality and saltwater proof. Floating lines are the most practical. Use of sinking line is not necessary as the waters are shallow. Popular fly patters for tarpon, shook , barracuda, snapper and sea trout include, deceivers in various colors, cock roach, tarpon glow and poppers (sizes 2/0-4 for all patterns). Bone fish and permit fly selections should include: crazy Charlie’s (root beer, pink, gold, pear), sizes 2/8 crab patterns (mottled brown and green) sizes 4-6.
 CONVENTIONAL TACKLE: Light tackle is the best for this area. Light spinning rods 7 with marching reel loaded with 8-10 lbs test (200 yds), work best for bonefish and permit. Live crabs and small jigs with saltwater hooks work best for 10-15 lb yards, test should be used on tarpon, shook and barracuda, etc…….

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