Fly Fishing Spinning

It was started along time ago, when most of the fishing was in rivers and
They saw that some of the fish liked a kind of fly that stays at the top of
the water for a short time.
So they made some hooks that imitated that fly to attract them and catch
At the beginning they used some light wood to make the rods, but after
Bamboo got to Europe, they used it to make them even lighter, making it
easier to imitate the fly on top of the water.
In our particular case, “Fly fishing” or “Spinning” (Light Tackle) is only in the
Lagoon side (“Laguna Nichupte”) in Cancun and we only have one boat for
this service (It’s a Boston Whaler 15′ foot) for 2 people maximum.

Fly Fishing Prices and reserve:
4 hrs – $350.00 USD
6 hrs – $450.00 USD
Everything we catch on this service will be “catch & Release”, but you will
have a chance to take a picture of your fish before we have to release it.
We usually fish for Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Bone fish, Barracudas, etc. (Fly
fishing and Spinning).

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