From Riviera Maya to Cancun

Cancun   If you have been enjoying many days of beautiful quietude, peace and privacy in the Riviera Maya but you feel like changing the scene to enjoy a contrasting place for a bit and then continue to enjoy the serenity, we recommend for you to escape to Cancun. Try it of at least a day, as it is only 50 minutes away from Playa del Carmen. We know that you probably did not come to the Riviera Maya to keep on listening to noise, but if you really feel like going to an ultra modern disco or your hands are asking for the most exquisite and elegant shopping in the Caribbean, the admit it and go look around Cancun.   Lately, Cancun has been renovated, and has become a very glamorous spot with many discos, aquatic parks, theaters, amazing avant-garde shopping malls offering luxury brands such as Luis Vuitton, Cartier, Fendi, Montblanc, Tous, Swarovski, Lladro, Boss, Mango, Rolex, Baccarat among others. Enjoy shopping in Cancun.