Fun in Cancun

Lights and Color in Cancun   In addition to spending pleasant afternoons by the turquoise sea swinging in a hammock while I watched the passing families and couples, my trip to Cancun turned out to be a culinary and recreational exploration. Nature’s beauty is part of the inspiration for the artists of the kitchen. Cancun has become very cosmopolitan, with chefs from all over the world directing kitchens in both hotels and restaurants. I was lucky that my visit coincided with the Third Gastronomy Festival of the Mexican Caribbean – celebrated every other year during the first two weeks of November – which is recognized both nationally and internationally. About 30 restaurants participated in this delicious competition: Professional Chefs, Up-and-Coming young chefs and Bartenders.   I couldn’t miss the Beer Festival, which took place in a huge nightclub, or the Wine Festival, in one of the most luxurious hotels in Cancun. I have to confess that half way through my vacation my clothes started to feel a little tighter than usual, but nothing I couldn’t counter by taking healthy walks along the beach. I had to discipline myself of I wanted to enjoy the Paella Festival, prepared by both professional and amateur chefs, and Expo Tequila, in which an expert tequilier gave a presentation on the most popular drink in Mexico, its history, the principal producing regions, the distillation process and the differences between the various types of tequila.   Nightlife is an adventure in Cancun; you find very famous nightclubs, with modern, sophisticated sound and light systems, different shows every night, world-famous DJ’s live music, performances, etc. The streets are filled with light and color, as well as artisans, photographers, street performers and people coming and going, trying not to miss a thing. After a night of dancing, the lounges were waiting for us with gourmet snacks and mellower music. Cancun is a world-class destination for gastronomy and entertainment. Its not surprising that this should be the case in the number one tourist hotspot in Mexico and Latin America. As far as restaurants are concerned, there’s always something new and exiting. And the nightlife of Cancun is without a doubt one of its greatest attractions. And why not, since every year Cancun receives more than 3 million visitors from all over the world who want to be pampered and have fun like nowhere else!