What Do You Know About Heliskiing Adventure?

What Do You Know About Heliskiing Adventure?

Heli Ski

Amazing Facts
Contrary to the general misconception, heli skiing is more than just a form of elite skiing. In fact, instead of merely being a form of entertainment or fun, Heli-Skiing has gained the reputation of a professional sport. Many skiing enthusiasts prefer to head for snowy peaks to get a taste of heliskiing adventure during the winters. Below is everything one needs to know about taking up this thrilling adventure sport:
1. A Broad-gauged Sport
In recent times, heli-skiing has gained immense popularity among skiers, sport enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Today, the sport is not restricted to the rich or elite class of the society only. This sport is accessible to all levels of society and people of varied socio-economic backgrounds. Also, it is not necessary to be a professional- level athlete to be able to jump out from a helicopter! Even if you are an intermediate level skier, it is more than enough to attempt this sport and get a feel of heli-skiing as trainers and safety experts are always available to guide you through, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience.
2. Safe for novice skiers
Heli skiing is not as dangerous as some people think it to be. Although, it is a wonderful sport for pro skiers and athletes to showcase their skills in skiing and snowboarding, however, majority of heli-skiing tours are meant for newbie and intermediate-level skiers.
Heli skiing is completely safe for newbies as you don’t need to technically jump out of a chopper. The chopper usually sets down to allow skiers safely get out of the chopper to the ground.
3. An EconomicalHobby

Heli skiing is not an expensive hobby at all. However, if you are planning to ski across the ski glaciers of Greenland, then it will surely cost you a lot of extra bucks.
However, if you plan to go for a budget friendly ski package, then it is possible to easily heli ski in a budget of 1,000 to 2,000 dollars. Also, most of the ski packages offer complementary meals with affordable lodging and equipment.
4.Prior Planning is Essential
If you are planning for a heli skiing vacation, then this year is probably going to be the busiest years for heli skiing. The lodges have been quickly booked, therefore the options are quite limited.
Also, it is advisable to plan your trip in advance. The planning depends on several factors. You need to evaluate your skills and the number of people that going to accompany you. Many tours offer 2 to 5 number of participant whereas some cater to a larger group of people. Make sure to consider all these factors first to plan your trip in a more efficient and organization way.
5. Selecting the Right Snow
It is equally important that you select your choice of snow. You could opt for steep slopes or powder skiing. You could ski your way zigzagging through clusters of alpine trees or zoom through powder snow. You must select the type of experience that excites you the most.
Alaska is one of the best places to ski. Tordrillo Mountain is a popular Lodge that is famous for its Kings and Corn skiing program. Deplar Farm is another popular option for heli skiing in Iceland. Skiing is also a great option in Greenland and Norway.
6. Physical Fitness-an Added Bonus

There are no specific fitness requirements for heli skiing. In fact, anyone can ski. You don’t need to have those perfect abs or toned body to do heli skiing. Although, it will surely help you if you are physical fit and athletic. However, it is definitely not a prerequisite for heli skiing. Also, the use of a helicopter usually skips the need of hiking get to a particular mountain for skiing.
7. Safety Measures are Observed
Heli skiing is definitely a safe sport to indulge in. Before skiing, all participants are usually given the necessary safety training required to safely step in and out from a chopper. Make sure to listen to you instructor and to learn all the safety necessary safety practices and precautions.
8.Equipment on Rent
Since most of the heli skiing operators offers the facility to rent skiing equipment, it is not necessary to bring along your own gear and equipment to the trip. All the safety equipment, radio, snow shovels etc. are usually provided by the operators.

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