Hotel Playa Media Luna Isla Mujeres

Media Luna hotel is a wonderful hotel, located west (erratum: east) of the convention center right on the rocky (eastern) beach just south of North Beach. You enter from the , on a road between the center and the bull arena. Media Luna hotelis at the end, right next to Secreto. From the street, one block to town and the first restaurants (Alexia y Giovannis and Jammin), 2 blocks to Hidalgo (the strip), one block to North Beach (or you can walk the rocks along the water to North Beach), but it is quiet at the hotel.
The façade of Media Luna hotelis stunning, with the outside wall being a waterfall. The lobby is tasteful and has an eating room attached to it and a bathroom. Each of the three floors has a water cooler and a north wing and a south wing.The rooms are a tad small, but beautiful. The standard rooms have 2 double beds. We had a king room, which has a king bed, TV(remote cable), AC(remote), telephone (dial 10 and the room #), safe and frig, along with a balcony with chairs and a hammock. The king bed has a canopy over it and the ceiling is recessed with dim lighting for that romantic feel. Great! Standard rooms have a mixture – some have TVs some do not. The bathooms need more hooks 0 – bring some clothespin hangers. The picture above is from our second floor room. The pool is really nice and blends into the beach. The pool has a shallow area with 4 steps to a deeper area; the deeper area is ringed with a ledge. There are lounges around the pool, on the beach and on a poolside, common deck, which also has a table. There is also a little covered area by the pool with chairs and a table. Very, very nice. No bar or restaurant, but you can order from Buhos beach bar (Maria del Mar) for delivery of food and drink. Never did order, but beers were 20p I believe – reasonable.The staff is friendly but not intrusive and Kin, the owner (??), is a lovely hostess.Now, some quibbles – which by no means ruin ML’s beauty. We shall go back, for sure!The ground floor rooms are fine since you can just walk from your room, across your patio to the pool and beach – 2nd and 3rd floor rooms have to exit by the main door and use the lobby for pool access. But the first floor rooms are right there for everyone to see you on your patio. Upstairs, your balcony has some privacy and you can leave your door open at night. BTW, all rooms have a sliding window facing the ocean.Media Luna hotel is built like the beach, as a half moon. Picture yourself with outstretched arms about to embrace someone – that is what Media Luna hotelis like, half moon The lobby and 2nd and third floors balconies are in the middle, like your torso. Your right outstretched arm is the south wing and your left arm, the north. Now, the rooms of each wing closest to the lobby are situated only a few feet apart, sort of on your shoulders in my embracing analogy. A bit too close. Also, the ocean view from these rooms is partially obstructed by the outer rooms. The outer rooms, in my analogy, on your elbows and hands, are not only further apart from each other, but also have wider vistas, as there are fewer rooms to obstruct them. The end rooms are best, ours was in the middle. Also, from the outer rooms, if you look back to the building, you see into the room behind you.Therefore, the best rooms in my estimation are the outer rooms on the second and third floors. In the south wing, that would be rooms, 5 and 8; both are Jacuzzi suites. 5, on the second floor, being the best room overall. Both jacuzzi suites have a second, larger balcony with a jacuzzi. In the north wing, 16 and 13 are the outer rooms. PLEASE, remember, these are quibbles – I’d stay in any of the rooms at this wonderful hotel.The ocean breeze is great and sometime brisk. If you leave you louver bathroom window open a crack, you get great cross ventilation I mean the drapes at 90 degree angles. Really nice. HOWEVER, that same breeze will slam you door shut right out of your hands. And that happens a lot. Dozens of times a day, BOOM – a slammed door. The door have kick bucks at the bottom, but if not all the way down, the wind will slam your room and/or balcony and/or bathroom door really hard. The tile floors are beautiful, but have a low friction co-efficient – they are slippery when dry, much less wet. Be careful.And one last bad thing – we had to leave. We warned Kin we’d be back.