Isla Mujeres food restaurant and cofee

Picus. My first and last Isla meal, with a few in between. Ceviche is IMHHO, the best. I get the mixto – shrimp, squid, octopus, conch. In comes on a plate, not in a glass like the solo ceviches. It is superb. The conch and o’pus are tender too, a rarity. Lime and cilantro fragrances. And at 70p, a bargain. Lobster? 3 mediums with all the fixins – 150p. At 11:1 exchange rate, that’s what, USD .13.50. The snapper Veracruzana and the fish filets with garlic – super! Super!! Na Balam’s Zazil Ha. Wow, the lobster bisque is still awesome. One time it was a bit off, but the other times, 10+, lots of lobster and sooooo creamy smooth. Wow again. But, 115p. Expensive. The lobster tostadas were not up to par of 2 years ago – just OK. The tuna spring rolls are great. The crème brule was not brulled – soft and sort of like tapioca. Disappointment. The scorpio tequila is 60p a shot and 900p a bottle. Rip off for 1800 anejo. It seems Na Balam is keeping pace with pricing but not improving or maintaining. OK, some Jacuzzi suites went up 2 years ago, but I spoke to several people staying there that felt the lack of amenities (no phone, TV, clock, frig) were too glaring for the price of a room and the food. The crepuscule shrimp and the black pasta with squid were off too. Bottom line: we’d go for a tequila scorpio, get 2 bisques and one app and then have a latter dinner elsewhere. Too bad, but still good. Angelo’s. Now here is a fine consistent place, better than Rolandi Pizza. The menu is some apps, pizzas and pastas, but are they ever great. The pizza oven is out near the street and you see the pies being made and put in the oven. Prices 55-75p All are fine. The pastas – oh my! I had the Pacifico (linguine with shrimp in alight red sauce) and the fruiti de mari (white oil and garlic with clams and shrimp).. Both are really excellent and 70p (?). And all the garlic bread you want. Nice wine list – we always got a Spanish rioja – Paternina (?) for 220p. Angelo himself does the cooking. Café Cito. Nice for breakfast or lunch. Light yogurt, eggs, coffee, sandwiches. Sergio’s Playa del Sol. Nice place to watch the sun set and have a beer. The food – questionable. I know many here know Sergio and I did meet him briefly on Dec2, as he was having a party with a band following him around. I know he doesn’t remember. His friend Ed and he left. Next day, the waiters were all hung over, haha! Sergio seems nice and several folks I met sat he is great guy. But the food – guac OK, chicken nachos – ^&*^&*&*. I won’t say how bad they were. Two other couples, there at different times, agreed. So, just get a drink and watch the sun. Sorry. Posada del Mar. The bar in back by the pool is n ice and they make mean strong drinks – great banana-strawberry daqu with a rum float on top. The restaurant, Penguino’s, serves a very nice breakfast and if you sit right at the front facing the street, you have a show! Alexia y Giovannis, by Leonore. Wow, what a place. Shrimp soup, chile rellenos, breakfasts like eggs (huevos) rancheros and moltenos – excellent, fresh and cheap. Jammin. Across the street from Alexia y G. Nice place, indoor and a yard. Had an USD5.00 burger – 350 grams, with Lettuce and tomato, cheese and fries. Giant burger, hard to handle as is almost the size of a Frisbee!! Chiles Locos. Fine place. Drinks are 2-4-1 from 11AM until your drunk, as they say. Jorge, the owner, is a card, Okey Dokey! Fine food. The chile loco, the namesake, is a wonderful baked poblano pepper stuffed with creamy seafood. But it is small. I told Jorge to double the order or charge half. It does take prep time tho. The coconut shrimp are excellent – plump, juicy and not too sweet. I had a free drink per meal coupon from Kathryn of Travel From. I pulled it out and Jorge shrugged, but when he took it and saw Travel From, he lit up and said, My Friend Kathryn!!! We each got free drinks with our meals that night and every time we ate there. After the free drink, It’s 2-4-1 – cab me a call home, Gorje, haha! Sunday Ribs. It’s called Asadero Tino’s Costillos al Carbon. Located in a yard on Matamoros, just up from the water and Medina. Sundays only and just look for the smoke! Ribs are ready by about 10-10:30 AM USD3.00 gets you about half a rack, ensalada, rice, beans, salsa and tortilla. Scrumptuous. Take em back to the room, or the beach and have soap and water ready clean your fingers and face, haha. Super good! Sunset Grill. On North Beach. Nice guac, fish tacos; easy place to chill

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