Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Isla Mujeres in front of Cancun.   Rich in the lore of Mayan goddesses, European pirate escapades and Spanish conquistadors. Isla Mujeres is the perfect place fo those looking for relaxation, fun and passion. It has the freshest seafood and quality jewelry at bargain prices. Isla Mujeres is also very well known for its drift driving & terrific snorkeling. Actually, one of the top dive destinations in the world since visibility is exceptional, normally 80 – 100 ft. There are over 50 local dive sites, most can be reached in less than 25 minutes. Reef shadows the coast from Isla Contoy, north of Cancun, to the Chinchorro bank in southern Quintana Roo. This barrier and fringe reef system is part of the Grest Mayan reef, the second largest in the world.   The coast of isla mujeres is an ideal snorkeling and diving spot. The warm, clear, turquoise, cal waters of the west coast are the perfect place for beginners to get a taste of the underwater wonders, while diving at the Manchones reef, south of the island, is an amazing experience for even the most demanding divers. The extraordinary variety of sea life offers an exiting dive for the beginners and advanced divers.   Reefs support more living organisms that any other ecosystem. Among the estimated 500 fish species inhabiting the waters of the Mexican Caribbean, one may find angelfish, parrot fish and groupers coexisting with a huge variety of other marine creatures such as lobster, octopus and the occasional sea turtle. Reef formations vary in shape and size according to many factors like their depth, the types of coral, the local ocean currents and wave action. Multicolored sponges, delicate sea fans, anemones, and seaweed adorn the local reef systems, and some feature huge brain end elkhorn coral.