Isla Mujeres

Located opposite Cancun, 7.5 km long and 500 mts wide, Isla Mujeres or the Island of woman as it translates, was once the sanctuary of Ixchel, the goddess of fertility, abundance and medicine. Around the middle of the XVI century, the Spanish conquered the Mexican Coast and this island transformed into a fishing town. Other versions say that the island served as a refuge to the pirates. Presently Isla Mujeres hotel infrastructure includes 1 to 5-star hotels, international and regional restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

Isla Mujeres air view


It also offers ecological tours that allow people to visit Garrafón National Park, or Contoy Island also known as Birds “Island of the Turtles” Farm. If you are looking for water activities try swimming with dolphins, enter the cave to see the sleeping sharks or snorkel or dive on the Farito. You must taste the tikinxik, a typical fresh fish from the area as the Maya used to cook it. Delicious!


Isla Mujeres beach

Isla Mujeres downtown