Holbox Island

The meaning of Holbox is lost in the legend of the infamous pirate Francisco Molas and the navigational charts of Spain army as well as fantastic stories of the ancient Mayas, from whom the word Holbox meant “Black Hole”.

The islanders descendants of pirates, mestizos of several races. Fishermen by trade have kept their simple lifestyle unaffected by technology or the ambitions of a greedy modern world, which is why the island has retained its special simple atmosphere that invite visitors to stroll bare-foot along the white sand roads and relax in the bohemian ambiance.

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There is no no written history about this beautiful bare foot Holbox island.
It is in the voice of the elders that we find the legend of the island’s first inhabitants.
Long time ago, around 1800, the ships of the Spanish Armada came to recharge fresh water from Yalahau, a beautiful crystalline water-eye also known as the fountain of youth, that today offers its beauty as a tourist destination.
Far from large cities, several European emigrants settled on the island, where forgotten by history, founded the town that we know today as Holbox.
Holbox Island view

Holbox is a paradise amongst mangroves and white sandy beaches; it is a perfect refuge for temptations of the soul, far from the contamination of the main land. Thanks to this continual purity and isolation, a large variety of birds and other species had chosen the island as a refuge and breeding ground. All of this enriches the natural wonder and beauty of the environment offering us a completely different experience full of life.

Holbox Island taxis  Holbox is about 27 miles long island, with tourist attractions based on its natural surroundings its beaches, birds, deep sea and fly fishing, and the famous whale shark, who in summer comes to feed in the nearby waters. This unique experience is highlighted by kayak rides through he mangroves, diving ancient shipwrecks, not to mention a pleasant stay in the island’s quaint inns and small hotels.

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Holbox Island
Unforgettable, Holbox will leave a mark that will make you want to come back again and again. We will always be waiting fro you.
Rent a yacht to do a trip to Holbox Island , complete tour is 8hrs long from Cancun and a cost of 3600 usd by a boat of 6 people