A journey through the history of Yucatan

The convent Route, Yucatan.   More enticing than ever, the Convent Route is a day trip that will take you somewhat off the beaten path and into the heart of Yucatan. Meandering through the countryside of the central west part of Yucatan, you will visit Mayan villages and ruins, colonial churches, cathedrals and convents, courtyards and cenotes dating back centuries. The best way to do this rout is by driving and by leaving early. Twenty two kilometers from Kanasin, is Acanceh (moan of the deer) where you will see an interesting combination of the Great Pyramid, colonial church and modern-day church, all on the plaza. Ask around for the Temple of the Stuccoes. Tecoh, eight kms. down the road has a market and a very ornate church and convent dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption. The carved stones and altar along with the statues and paintings are impressive. Notice this complex is built on the base of a large Mayan pyramid.   Next is Telchaquillo, a small village that has a small austere chapel and a wonderful cenote in the plaza that you can visit. Next are the ruins of Mayapan, this walled city has 4000 mounds in which six are in different stages of advanced restoration. Next stops are Tekit, Mama, Chumayel, Teabo, Tipikal, Mani. The last in the convent route is the San Francisco de Asis in Oxkutzcab; the wooden altar piece in this church is unique in this region. You can stop here and do the Puuc Route the next day. Enjoy your trip around the state of Yucatan.