Kitesurf in Holbox

Kitesurf Paradise   One of the amazing and funniest activities you can practice at Holbox is the famous and new sport Kitesurf, flying with the rhythm of innovative kites the people who cut through the waves and winds of this paradise enjoy the fantastic conditions of the shallow waters combined with the positive wind currents that make it easier to success on the magnificent tricks the develop. For a while, Holbox has been promoted as a perfect place to kite surf not just because of its conditions as well as the youthful beach ambiance that compliment the full experience. If you didn’t try it before, there are some experts and world famous instructors who have the full best quality equipment to teach everybody who want to start flying the waves. Pay attention to the schedules and world events because soon we can take a huge international competition. Come and fly with us, don’t forget to book you room; there are not many hotels and plenty of tourists.

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