Mangrove Trips at Yucatan.

Mangrove Trips. A day in the jungle of Yucatan.If you are looking to do something different, something the whole world has not done yet, and you have already visited the Mayan ruins, the coast of the Gulf of Mexico should be you next stop. All along the Yucatecan coast of the Gulf of Mexico, you will find beaches, lazy beach towns, delicious restaurants and many different kinds of eco-tourism adventures.You should take a tour of the mangroves next to San Crisanto, a beautiful village 18 miles east of Progreso. San Crisanto is a place where there are a few tourists, no lines, no buses and only the noise of the ocean and wind. This excursion is run by a local group of fishermen in San Crisanto who wanted to share their appreciation and love of the natural resources of the area – the mangroves, the Gulf waters, the cenotes, the fresh water springs and all the beautiful birds. With machetes they have carved out miles of trails through the mangrove forests, connecting crystal clear cenotes.Paddling quietly through these light-dappled groves is like traveling through a tropical Venice. You and your friends and family can relax and enjoy the song of the birds and the sights of beautiful surroundings while your fisherman poles quietly through the shallow canals.After about 25 minutes of pleasant travel through the mangrove groves, you will get to a cenote where you will stop for a swim. There is a palapa where you can hang hammocks if you wish. Don’t forget to take water for you. Enjoy this trip in the mangroves of Yucatan.