Mayan Villas at archaeological sites

Mayan Villas at Cholula, Chihcen Itza, Coba and Teotihuacan
Villas Arqueológicas, a five-property portfolio containing beautiful hacienda-style boutique hotels are located adjacent to, or in some cases within, some of the most significant archaeological sites in Mexico. Three of these sites (Teotihuacan, Chichén-Itzá, and Uxmal) have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
The five Properties are known as Villa Cholula, Villa Chichén-Itzá, Villa Uxmal, Villa Cobá and Villa Teotihuacán, are strategically located within easy walking distance of major Aztec and Mayan ruins. The five Villas were constructed in 1977 and totally refurbished in 2000. They are all of similar construction, having virtually identical guestroom sizes, public areas and amenities.
Each Villa has between 42 and 45 guestrooms, which are built around a central courtyard with lush gardens, a swimming pool and a terrace restaurant.
The five Villas are in strategic locations in close proximity to major archaeological sites.
Three of the sites have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Under the current regulatory environment, it would be virtually impossible to recreate this portfolio today.

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