The Mayans in the Mexican Caribbean

The Mayans, a mysterious and enigmatic culture   Present through the Mexican Caribbean, its impressive remnants reveal architectural, astronomic and engineering achievements of this great civilization. In Quintana Roo, on a cliff above the Caribbean is Tulum, the walled city, looking toward the horizon. Coba rears the head above the jungle and its pyramid, Nohoch-Mul, is the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula. Nearby is Muyil and to the south are impressive, barely explores sites such as Kohunlich, famous for its beautiful stucco masks, Chacchoben, Kinichna and Dzibanche.   In Yucatan, Ek’ Balam is a fusion of architectural styles, with unique details such as the winged stucco statues which appear to be angels. Chichen Itza impresses all with its majesty. The Ball Game, the Snail, an astronomical observatory, and the Castle of Kukulcan, are its principal attractions. During the equinox, numerous visitors observe as Kukulcan, with plays of light and shadow, descends to fertilize the earth. Uxmal is the most beautiful example of the Mayan architectural art. Legend says it was constructed by a dwarf magician in a single night. In Cancun one can visit El Meco, with fans incrusted in facades, and El Rey, whose facades show vestiges of painted murals. In Isla Mujers, the shrine to Ixchel, goddess of the moon and fertility, rises from a cliff. In San Gervasio – on the island of Cozumel – El Alamo shows remnants of red paintings. The Mayan Culture is still present in many communities in the Mexican Caribbean, whose inhabitants conserve the traditions of this millennial culture, and await your visit to show you all of their secrets. Come and discover the past and the present in the same place!

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