Mayatulum Spa in the Riviera Maya

Mayatulum Spa   Just walk into Mayatulum hotel and let yourself go into an oasis of calm. It’s located in a perfect site, the gorgeous Tulum beaches, where the peace and quiet blend with intimacy and magnificent environment. In spite of being now one of the favorite rest spots for a high number of local and foreign tourists, Tulum always remains the same delightful perfect place for those who want to get away from stress, relax and indulge themselves.   Not many people know about he numerous benefitial effects, both of the mind and the body, a good massage has: Mayatulum Hotel & Spa provides an extensive variety for physical, mental and emotional balance, essential to face today’s challenges. Aromatherapy with essential oils, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu, thai massage or “the house special”: Maya Clay massage and Sobada Maya, exfoliations, body treatments with Nopal and Aloe Vera or mud, facials, waxing are some of the superb therapies provided by the hotel. Enjoy yourself at the Riviera Maya!