Mexican Wine in Playa del Carmen

The Mexican Wine   It is true to say that Mexico’s wine history is much shorter that European, but the wines mad in our country have the same quality and are equally recognized as the French, Spanish or Chilean. The viticulture came to Mexico through the Spanish monks, who found very fruitful land for the different grape varieties. The wines developed in our country were so good that in 1699 was made effective a real statement which prohibited the plantation of vineyards in our territory, except for the ones that were designated for the clergy. The major fear was that the beverage produced in Mexico could be more accepted than the Spanish. Casa Madero was the only house allowed to produce wine for the church. Nowadays, states like Baja California, Cohauila, Aguascalientes and Queretaro are some of the regions where the best wine stocks are produced.   Talking avbout wines, as the same for movies and food, there is a wise saying “the best wine is the one you like”; never the less, it is always convenient to have a good guide. Generally, price is related to quality, even though it would not be fare to compare certain Mexican wines like Reserva Especial Casa Grande, Shiraz, Parras Estate 2001, from Casa Madero; with a foreigner wine of the same costs, due the last one pays higher taxes. An excellent place to taste and enjoy a good wine is the Glass Bar at Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, there you will find high quality Mexican wines and delicious Italians, like the Bolgheri Rosso 2003 de Michelle Satta, or the Moscazo D’Asti Moncalvina 2004 de Coppo, which is sweet flavored, light and ideal for a tasty dessert as Pannaccota with strawberry sauce.