Nature in the Mexican Caribbean

Getting Back to Nature in the Mexican Caribbean
The practice of ecotourism and adventure tourism is a return to the original state of man in the natural world, getting re-acquainted with nature. All human activities have an impact on the environment, and for this reason hosts and gust in the Mexican Caribbean make and effort to find a balance between the enjoyment of nature and its conservation, so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean, both in and out of the water.
From Cancun, the gateway to the Mexican Caribbean, you can explore the largest system of subterranean rivers, caves and cenotes (natural wells) in the world, or the enigmatic jungle full of Mayan communities and barely explores archeological remains. You can also swim with dolphins, observe the beautiful flora and fauna both on land an underwater, watch birds such as the pajaro pendulo, or flamingoes which paint the sky pink at sunset, be awed in the presence of a whale shark, kayak by starlight looking for crocodiles in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an, walk down trails lined with bromelias and orchids, snorkel in the second largest barrier reef on the planet, scuba dive or snorkel  in the islands of Holbox, Contoy, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Banco Chinchorro. But this is only the beginning of the adventure. Further south, you can take boat trips to see manatees, crocodiles, iguanas and beautiful water lilies, or glide suspended over the turquoise water of the Caribbean.
Don’t miss the opportunity to open the door to the natural beauty and the wonderful experiences of ecotourism and adventure travel offered in the Mexican Caribbean. You will quickly realize that we offer a new and unexplored world. At the end of the day you will discover that you too have evolved along with Mother Nature and all her marvels.
We recommend rent a boat to take a day trip between islands and enjoy the trip and many times you find dolphins. turtles, whales and spend time snorkeling and fishing, you can do it all year every day.