Nightlife in Cancun

Cancun’s Nightlife   Welcome to Mexico. One of the first Spanish words you´ll probably learn here is “fiesta” and for a good reason. In Cancun, partying takes precedence over just about everything. This is a resort city that never sleeps, which means that your hotel room is just about that last place where you want to be at night. Nightlife in Cancun runs the gambit from the romantic to the outrageous; few people can resist its glamour, spontaneity and splash, which is why this island is anything but deserted when the sun starts to go down. So to help you live it up like a tourist and get around like a local, we´re going to teach you the lingo and the latest in this city´s relentless, never-ending nightlife.   Just outside you hotel lays a sparkling 22 kilometer stretch of pulsating clubs, Caribbean extravaganzas and live music bars. But perhaps the best place to begin your nightlife experience is right at you hotel. Margarita and Cerveza (beer) are useful words to learn before you start off your evening. Both are served up during hotel happy hours – usually between 5 and 7 p.m. One can witness sipping frozen tropical drink specials or puffing a fine Cuban cigar. Most resort hotels offer live lobby music ranging from rock to salsa. The rhythm of the evening sets in as the balmy breeze blows and a canopy of stars fill the night sky. Cancun is a musical hub in the Mexican Caribbean.

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