No Travel Restrictions to Cancun Riviera Maya influenza SIV swine flu

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About Tourism Committee of Quintana Roo
This Committee aims to collect information from health authorities and the tourism industry in order to keep properly updated to the media, business partners and members of industry on the state that holds the activity state’s tourism in a systematic way against the possible health risk.
The Tourism Committee is headed by the Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, and is formed by the Ministry of Health, the City Mayors of the municipalities of the State, as well as Hotels Associations, Chambers, Airport Authorities, National Institute of Immigration Taxi drivers’ Unions, Consulates and the State Destinations Tourism Promotion Boards. The State Health Department reported that to date, Cancun, Riviera Maya and the various tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean are free from the contagion of the outbreak of human influenza that has been presented in the center of the country.
The various preventive measures implemented in recent days are: The tourism industry, including hotels, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, marinas, buses and taxis are used for prevention and sanitation measures to prevent this serious virus affecting the general population and tourists. Green Angels and delegations of the Red Cross throughout the state distribute information related to influenza, which includes a list of symptoms, what to do and whom to go in case of any of these symptoms.
The destinations of the Mexican Caribbean have all the medical personnel, hospital facilities and medicines appropriate for providing timely care in the event of specific symptoms in a tourist or a citizen.
The hotels associations of the state reports submitted their occupation, to be held in percentages above 50 per cent general, occupancy is projected to remain next week. Similarly, reported that all accommodation establishments and tourist services are operating normally, including all restaurants.
Cancun International Airport reported at the close of the day April 30 that a total of 276 airport operations, of which 183 were international flights to 93 domestic flights, reported only the cancellation of 6 flights.
Following instructions issued by the authorities have established procedures for medical review to be followed by all passengers at the airport in Cancun. In the case of domestic passengers must fill out a form before taking the approach of their flights. For all the passengers with international destinations, the procedures involve filling in a form, review your body temperature and a medical evaluation. A call is made to all passengers at the airport as early as possible so they can have sufficient time to implement these procedures before check in to their flights.
Xcaret, Xel Ha and all the theme parks across the state are operating as normal and usual schedule. By federal authorities dispositions all archaeological sites and museums are closed and are expected to reopen soon. All restaurants in the tourist destinations in Quintana Roo are open to the condition of operating at 50 percent of its capacity to prevent agglomeration and following the highest hygiene measures. Bars and clubs are installed outdoors may operate under these same conditions, while those that are located in closed spaces will remain closed until further notice.
In the next couple of days at the Cancun International Airport, four thermographic scanners to detect people arriving or
leaving with a temperature greater than 37.8 Celsius (100 F) will be installed.
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Lizzie Cole Ana Mari C. Irabien
PR Director PR Coordinador
Tourism Ministry of Quintana Roo Riviera Maya DMO
Ministry of Tourism General Direction of Social Communication Mexico City, Mexico, April 26, 2009 No Travel Restrictions to Mexico Tourism to Mexico is flowing as normal and as of now, there are no restrictions or travel alerts from any foreign country to visit Riviera Maya or Cancun area in Mexico. This was confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) after eliminating the possibility of issuing quarantine, therefore transit into and out of the country has and will continue flowing as normal. In the case of the United States, which is the most important international market for Mexico, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga., confirmed that there are no restrictions whatsoever for Americans visiting Mexico. The Federal Government has activated a mechanism called Border Group, in which the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Institute of Immigration and the Customs Agency are working together to provide specific information about any outbreaks in Mexico. Likewise, all Mexican ports, consular institutions and embassies abroad are offering information about the risks, forms of transmission, symptoms and preventive measures that should be taken to avoid the spreading of this ailment. update:
April 28th, no cases of flu was registered in Quintana Roo Cancun Riviera Maya Cozumel at this time

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