The ocean in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Ocean’s waves in the Caribbean   The beach and the sea have always been considered fascinating and inspiring settings, full of magic, dreams, legends,. Its attractive may be in the sand, the horizon, the sun or the waves the whisper something every time they break in the shore. May the waves be big or small, they all have a few fundamental characteristics in common, and they play an important role in the ocean’s operation.   Ocean waves are physically an energy manifestation that moves through a medium, in this case this medium is the water and this physical phenomenon can not only be seen in the sea, but also in lakes, a puddle or even a cup of coffee. Wind really comes from an imbalance in air pressure and waves come from wind, air continues to move as wind, as long as a difference between temperature and pressure exists. These changes in the air temperature are produced when the sun heats the zones close to the equator more than the poles. So, in general ocean waves’ main source of energy is the sun.   Explained in an easier way, the sun heats the air, the different temperatures come together, and the air turn into wind that transfers energy into the waves, pushes them and makes the water move in a circular way, that’s why when an object floats on the surface, it simply goes up and down, when the wave passes below it. In the beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya you will find big waves for those who enjoy swimming in a rough sea or small waves for those who enjoy a calm vacation. Don’t miss the opportunity and come to Cancun.