Open Air Museum in Merida

Paseo de Montejo, Open air museum   Over 50 sculptures are on show in the city of Merida as part of the Sculptural Fraternities 2006 international art exhibition. Spain is the year’s guest country. Organized by the Fundacion Cultural Macay and the city of Merida, the exhibition includes a selection of contemporary sculpture by Spanish and Mexican sculptors, the latter from the state of Jalisco. The Spanish embassy also supports the exhibition. The artistic community responded positively to the invitation by sending over 100 proposals. In an effort to provide space for all creative expressions, a selection was made of works that most represent the artists’ styles, be they young or established sculptors.   For the fourth year running the exhibition is based along the Paseo Montejo. Participants from Spain include 45 artists from Madrid, the Canaries, Salamanca, Toledo, Truel, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Alicante, Murcia, Pontevedra, Girona and Almeria. Preparation for the exhibition took over a year of making contacts and choosing art work in Spain. Raquel Ponce, owner of the Galeria Ponce in Madrid, assisted in this work.   The Mexican participants are all from the state of Jalisco. For years this state has been home for a group of sculptors dedicated to promotion and supporting sculpture in Mexico, which is why works bye these artistes were considered for this exhibition. Overall 15 pieces were chosen, by both young and established sculptors: Adriana Dorantes, Blu, Carlos Rodal, David Agredano, Dolores Ortiz, Estela Hidalgo, Francisco San Miguel, Ipens, Javier Malo, Jorge Jurado, Jorge Vite, Marco Hernandez, Saul Hernandez, Tijelino and Victor Andrade. Selection fo the pieces was done collaboratively by the painter Tony Guerra and the Fundacion Cultural Mancay. The Sculptural Fraternities program has been functioning for four years and, thanks to the support of the Fundacion Cultural Mancay and the city of Merida, has become a meeting place for international art and true Open Air Museum that takes art into the public sphere for the general public to enjoy.

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