A piece of the Mayan culture

Ruins of Chacchoben   It’s located 85 kilometers from Chetumal city and 75 kilometes from Mahahual, nearby the modern cruise ship terminal “Costa Maya”. This site is considerate the largest seatlement reported in the area known as “The region of the Lakes” until now. This site is distinguished bye the distribution of the structures in different ranks, where the Grat Foundation, The Vias and the Second Group which contains the biggest building stand out.   Its architectural characteristics and some pieces of ceramic found in the area suggest that the essential function of the buildings had civic and religious meaning. Chacchoben has a restaurant, a shopping area and pottery shops. A few kilometers far from Chacchoben, you will be able to visit a small town where gum is produces. It looks like a replica of the ancient camps, which were used as home places for the natives who went into the jungle to extract latex from the Chicozapote tree. In the site of Chacchoben it’s possible to observe different sorts of plants and endemic birds, plenty of mammals including the jaguar.

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