Plan your meeting in Belize

Plan your Meeting in BelizeConsider scheduling your next business meeting in Belize. This unique location provides a venue for productive interaction and recreation as diverse as the country itself. When it comes to hosting conferences and conventions, Belize is gaining in popularity with business the world over. In recent years, the country has hosted international conferences for heads-of-state, business corporations, law enforcement organizations, religious groups and educators.The country attracts meeting planners because of its year round tropical climate, close proximity, easy air transport, professional travel and tour companies. Equally important is its unique assortment of accommodations, natural splendor and hassle-free environment. Accommodations range from upscale city hotels, to sun-drenched beach resorts on the cayes, to secluded jungle lodges. Let your imagination pain the picture. A small group of executives holds its annual meeting. Each morning they away to the smell of crisp, clean air scented with pine from the forest. The day starts with fresh coffee and delicious homemade breakfast. As business discussion proceed, the sparkling river below rushes over a glorious waterfall. Brightly colored birds dart in and out of towering pines. Mother Nature provides the background music, setting the stage for a productive brainstorming session. Other groups may prefer a seaside setting where Caribbean blues run into golden sand beaches; where the scent of pine is replaces by soothing breezes. Larger groups of up to 500 are easily accommodated in Belize City. Upscale hotels provide excellent housing for conventions and conferences. Those not attending meeting will find and exciting array of tours and excursions to nearby attractions. Ask us about hotels and resort that have facilities with 75+ capacity.