Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen   The firs time I remember setting foot on Playa del Carmen, I was traveling with my parents; we spent several winter vacations at a small, rustic, and virtually-unknown camping spot called Tulum. As far as I can remember, Playa del Carmen was just a tiny fishing village where you could take a ferry to Cozumel, and slightly larger Cancun was the only place where you could find the bare essentials. Soon enough, a group of savvy investors became aware of the business potential of this highly-promising Caribbean destination. Playa del Carmen, with its long stretches of pristine beaches, cool, turquoise waters and hundreds of acres of green jungle, seemed like a windfall.   Sixteen years after my first encounter, Playa del Carmen was in full bloom, or so it seemed. Its main street, the Mexican version of the 5th avenue, shared a few commonalities with its famous namesake: many wonderful shops, an endless array of languages being spoken bye the hundreds of tourists strolling about, and an undeniably cosmopolitan feeling. Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue, however, is a pedestrian walkway set against a backdrop of the Caribbean sea.   Playa del Carmen never ceases to amaze me. Playa del Carmen is considered the heart of the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen has continually boasted the highest percentage of the entire country. Playa del Carmen’s appeal can reach out to just about anyone who is seeking to enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation.

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